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Chapter 177: Excellent news

Shen Rushuang had been very lucky.

Li He, who was staring at him with a dark expression, understood the significance of his gaze.

He paused for a moment.

“Thats right,” he said, spreading his hands.

“I have promised to let you go, so I will not kill you.

Otherwise, I will send you to your death for killing the Dean.”

After that, Li He turned to Wang Wen and said, “I will leave him to you.”

Shen Rushuang lacked the strength to fight back at the time.

He was disheartened as he watched Wang Wen approach him.

He had not expected to die in that manner, at the hands of his adversary.

A monstrous resentment erupted from the depths of his soul.

Not far away, Li Hes expression suddenly changed, and he cried in alarm, “Somethings wrong! Hes breaking free!”


A transparent giant hammer smashed Shen Rushuangs entire head into minced meat.

Wang Wen, who was controlling the giant hammer, asked Li He in confusion, “What”

Li He looked at the Resentful Couple Silk in his hand that shook so much that it almost flew up.

He swallowed his saliva and said, “Its… its fine.”

Some people appeared to be alive, but they were not.

Some people had died but were still alive.

Without a doubt, Wang Wen and Li He thought that Shen Rushuang had done well.

He made up for the academys loss and gave his life to apologize to those who had been harmed.

Even after he died, he left behind a super puppet with a steel body that was possibly the strongest in history.

He looked at Shen Rushuang, who was standing there with a bashed-in head.

He had forgiven him.

The tower climbers wild behavior made Li He smile and say to Wang Wen, “Look at that.

Even without his head, he still looks like a great beauty!”

Wang Wen raised his head in disbelief, looking at him.

“You have a weird taste.

He was a man, and well, now hes a corpse.”

Li He raised his chin and said, “I dont know if my taste is strong or not, but his taste must be very strong.

Look, I am not even controlling it, yet the corpse is heading towards you by itself.”

Wang Wen turned his head and looked warily at Shen Rushuang, the approaching puppet.

It hugged Wang Wens arm and continued to rub its meat-paste head on his arm, covering Wang Wen in blood.

“Is there a problem with this thing Get it away! Thats too disgusting!” Wang Wen pushed it away, but it continued to rub against him.

It did not stop until Li He got there.

He gave the order, and it stepped to the side like a lovely lady.

“Be careful.

It might turn around and bite you!” Wang Wen shook his arm, reminding him.

“Im leaving.

Im so tired.”

He no longer cared about Li He, who was excitedly studying the puppet.

He returned to the dormitory with a few bottles of water, took a quick shower, and changed into clean clothes.

Only then did he collapse on the bed, relieved.

So much had happened that night.

He was very sleepy.

He said goodnight to all the activated mechanisms in the room, closed his eyes and fell asleep quietly.

The following day, the noises in the playground woke Wang Wen up.

He was pleasantly surprised to discover that he slept soundly after defeating Shen Rushuang, who was notorious for his sneak attacks.

He did not even get up at his usual time.

No lunatic would come to disturb his sleep in the middle of the night!

He got up in a good mood, went to the bathroom, and walked out of the dormitory.

There were many people on the field.

Some members of the resource team were hurrying out of the tower.

There were also a few familiar faces.

Aside from Luo Shan and Tong Xiaolei, numerous other members were intelligence officers.

They were discussing with Gu Jianbing.

Luo Shan smiled and waved his hand at Wang Wen.

“We have come to seek refuge with you, Little Teacher Wang!”

Wang Wen moved forward, cupping his fists toward the ecstatic Luo Shan.

Then, surprised, he asked, “Whats the situation Have you all abandoned the First Consortium Did you lose your jobs”

“Chief Gu and Team Leader Mo are here,” Tong Xiaolei said with a smile.

“It is pointless for me to stay there.”

“The main reason is that I missed Chief Gu and Old Mo,” Luo Shan said.

“The secondary reason is that I dont want to serve those stupid new leaders.”

Wang Wen was overjoyed when he heard what the two of them had said.

“The intelligence departments members have all left.

The First Consortiums losses will be significant.

They will get a headache.”

In his previous life, he did not have a close relationship with the First Consortium.

He only got along well with his team members and members of the intelligence department.

He was also busy rushing toward the 900th floor.

Wang Wen did his best to reciprocate, even though he was using resources provided by the First Consortium.

There was no connection between the two parties.

It felt more like a business transaction or collaboration.

The group invested in the early stages and split the dividends later on.

The treasures Wang Wens team used without permission outside the tower were also given to Chief Gu.

The others were handed in according to the percentage of the shares.

Just that alone was enough to repay the resources that the First Consortium used to nurture them.

A rare item from the 600th or 700th floor was worth 10,000 low-level tower climbers.

Not to mention the abundance of supreme treasures!

In fact, ever since Wang Wens team went up to the 600th floor, the rest of the group had no way to deal with them.

They could not beat them in a fight, so what could they do

It was already good enough that they were willing to share some information and data for the sake of their former boss.

They were even more grateful to maintain their membership in the First Consortium.

The group would be secretly pleased if they continued handing them valuable relics.

There was no such thing as a terrorist back then, as the man in green who challenged their worldview.

All the top people exercised restraint and did nothing unusual with the various consortiums.

That made the consortiums very stupid at the time.

They would rather spend their time and energy nurturing others than allowing their own people to enter the tower and fight for their future.

In his new life, Wang Wens relationship with the First Consortium deteriorated even further.

They no longer collaborated.

They even bombarded him with missiles not too long ago.

When he learned that Chief Gu got so angry that he left the place he had guarded for half his life, he already had resentment in his heart.

At that moment, when Chief Gu realized that everyone in the intelligence department had collectively abandoned the First Consortium, he could not help but frown.

He did not gloat over their misfortune.

He was simply so happy that he did not even want to go back to his hometown.

However, he was different from Wang Wen.

Gu Jianbing did not look happy.

Even Mo Ran was frowning.

Wang Wen approached Mo Ran with curiosity, asking, “Why are you frowning Are you aware of this as well”

Mo Ran gave him a dismissive look.

He averted his gaze and continued to frown in silence.

“Leaving on such a large scale, the commotion is too big,” Gu Jianbing said to Wang Wen.

“This is bad news for you.

The First Consortium will put pressure on the academy.”

Wang Wen was perplexed.

“Everyone has legs.

Do they still need the First Consortiums permission to visit the academy”

The sounds of many vehicles could be heard outside the academys gate just as he spoke.

Groups of people in suits and leather shoes rushed in aggressively from the gate.

Their target was Gu Jianbing and the others.

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