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Chen Weier swallowed the words she wanted to say and sighed at Bi Xinduos thoughtfulness.

Such a tender relationship was like the spring breeze and rain, making you feel very comfortable.

The two of them had a cup of coffee and went shopping.

They went to a high-end shopping mall.

Shopping was a womans nature.

Chen Weier had brought her card.

Her mother had given her 6 million yuan when she got married.

After her divorce in her previous life, she had given all the money in this card to Nie Suijing to start a business.

In the end, not only did she lose all the money, but she also owed a lot.

This time, she would not be so stupid.

Chen Weier pulled Bi Xinduo into a branded store.

The shop assistant looked at the two up and down and said with a calm expression, “May I know what you need”

“Lets walk around by ourselves.” As Chen Weier spoke, she saw a dress and was about to reach out to take it when she was stopped by the shop assistant.

“Im sorry, Madam.

This dress is a lighter color.

If you dont have the intention to buy it, please dont touch it.” The shop assistant blocked Chen Weiers hand.

Chen Weier didnt say anything.

She changed her direction and took another dark-colored one.

The shop assistant then said, “This dress is a limited edition, so its quite expensive.


Chen Weier was wearing an old dress today, which was why she didnt wear it to meet Nie Suijing.

Bi Xinduo, on the other hand, was a professor and an educated person.

She didnt care about luxury goods, so she wore simple and generous clothes.

Therefore, in the eyes of the shop assistant, they were just two poor individual customers who wanted to see luxury goods.

“How do you know that we dont have the intention to buy it” Chen Weier laughed.

The shop assistant also smiled and said in a gentle tone, “Madam, our clothes are all hand-made with top-notch designs.

If you accidentally damage them, you wont be able to pay for them even if you sell all your clothes!”

Chen Weier sneered.

This shopping mall belonged to the He family, and He Xun could make her go shopping with just one word.

Now, she was naturally being looked down upon by others to buy clothes.

She took out her phone and dialed He Xuns number.

“Whats the matter” The mans voice was still cold.

“Hubby, Im shopping with my second sister-in-law, but the staff here wont let me buy clothes.

They said that if I break it, I cant afford to pay for it!”

He Xun was standing in the He Groups building, answering Chen Weiers call with a smile on his face, but no one could tell what he was thinking.

Chen Weier didnt hear He Xuns answer and felt a little embarrassed.

She wanted to keep in touch with He Xun more and share her life with him, but she didnt expect him to be completely uncooperative.

She also didnt want to lose face in front of the shop assistant, so she could only mutter to herself, “You want to clear the area No need, we still like the feeling of having more people.

Its lively!”

“What Hubby, you still want to fire her Theres simply no need for that.”

Chen Weier didnt expect He Xun to be so uncooperative.

This was the He familys shopping mall.

If she embarrassed herself here today, it would also embarrass him.

“Which store” the man finally asked.

Chen Weier said the name of the shop in an unpleasant tone.

“Alright,” he said.

The man hung up the phone.

Chen Weiers hand which was holding the cell phone tightened slightly.

She braced herself and continued to act on the phone for a while.

“Well, okay.

I know that my husband dotes on me the most.

Youre so busy with work.

Dont be angry because of a small shop assistant.

I know that you cant bear to let me suffer… Sigh, alright then.

Ill listen to you.

Ill continue shopping…”

Chen Weiers acting was very professional, and the staffs eyes were almost rolling out of their sockets.

Why was a poor person pretending to be a rich lady

“Madam, if youre not buying, please…”

Just as the shop assistant was about to drive them away, she saw the mall manager running over and panting, “Second Madam! Third Madam, we didnt know you were coming.

Our staff has neglected you.”

“Im fine.” Chen Weier was also shocked.

Just as she put down her phone, she saw a slightly chubby middle-aged man running over.

The manager kept apologizing with a bow, then he looked at the shop assistant with a fierce look.

“Call your manager over!”

The shop assistant was already breaking out in a cold sweat.

She didnt expect the rich lady to dress so casually.

Chen Weier glanced at Bi Xinduo and saw that she was smiling at her.

She suddenly felt that her face was even redder.

Bi Xinduo then said, “Forget it.

My sister-in-law and I are just strolling around.

Normally, they dont know us.

However, we still need to strengthen our on-duty training.

The He family treats every customer equally.

The He family doesnt allow people to be divided into levels.”

Bi Xinduo smiled, took Chen Weiers hand, and left.

Chen Weier truly admired Bi Xinduo.

Bi Xinduo came from a family of scholars and had a sense of pride in her bones.

However, when she was in front of the manager, she also showed the nobility of a rich family.

No wonder Second Brother doted on her so much.

Looking at herself, she only knew how to use He Xun to show off her power.

During the few years of divorce, she had already bent her back.

The current her was no longer as noble as before.

Thinking of this, Chen Weier felt a little defeated.

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