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Chapter 165: Speaking Up for Women

Attorney Xu chimed in, “After what happened, she must be hurt.

Perhaps she will feel a little safer if youre around.”

Since Attorney Xu had said so, Chen Weier nodded and walked in.

There was a laptop on the table in the reception room.

It was a video that Attorney Xu had copied.

When Xiaowen saw Chen Weier walk in, the uneasiness in her heart disappeared for some reason.

She pointed to the computer screen and said, “Chief Chen, this is the evidence I have obtained.”

“Thats great.

You can just call me Big Sister.” Chen Weier patted Xiaowens head.

This little girl was only 18 years old.

Thinking of this, Chen Weier felt a bit sad.

Xiaowen reached out and clicked on the video.

Chen Weier also set aside the frustration in her heart and watched the video with everyone.

The video played the events of yesterday afternoon.

Xiaowen turned on the recording function on her phone, then hid it and waited for Xue Lao to get off work.

When she heard a click, Xiaowen shivered reflexively and looked in the direction of the phone.

She was afraid that she would be discovered.

Chen Weier looked at the bespectacled man who was dressed like a human trying to approach a dog.

In the next second, he began to caress Xiaowen the moment he saw her, which was a huge contrast to his appearance.

Xiaowen then resisted a few times when Xue Lao held her hands and feet down.

“We have played this so many times.

Why are you so hesitant”

“Teacher, can you be gentler It…hurts so much every time.”

“Little girl,” The feel of her squirming and soft body against his made Xue Lao excited.

“Who is to blame then Who asked you to resist every time”

Xiaowen, who felt wronged, answered, “Teacher, you know that I was unwilling from the beginning…”

“Little b*tch, how dare you Who are you trying to offend The first time, you resisted so hard that I slapped you a few times until I managed to impale you.

The next few times, didnt you give in halfway You have enjoyed it, but what about me” Xue Lao would definitely not admit that he liked to force himself on others.

Men loved the thrill.

Life had forced Xue Lao beyond recognition, and he needed to vent.

Xiaowen then said in a sobbing tone, “That is because you threatened to tell my parents about this…”

“Thats enough!” Xue Lao had already lost his patience.

He cupped her face with a gloomy expression.

“Your family is so poor.

They helped you grow up, but didnt they also do it for money Youre a little b*tch wholl sell her body sooner or later.

Im your teacher, so I enjoyed it in advance.

Whats wrong with that”

Xiaowen bit her lip and asked, “Teacher, can you delete those videos Ill be obedient, really, please.”

Xue Lao sneered and began to undress Xiaowen.

“Ill consider it after you serve me well…”

Xiaowen clenched her hands tightly as she was pressed to the ground by him.

Seeing this, Chen Weier directly pressed the pause button.

She could guess what happened after that.

She didnt want to continue watching, nor did she want Xiaowen to relive her humiliation again.

Chen Weier took a deep breath and held Xiaowen in her arms.

She gently comforted her, “Its fine, my dear.

Dont worry.

Attorney Xu is very professional.

Well definitely get rid of this bastard.

He doesnt deserve to be a teacher!”

Perhaps it was because Chen Weiers embrace was too warm, or maybe it was Chen Weiers words that gave her confidence.

Xiaowen lay in her arms and cried for the first time.

She couldnt bear the humiliation of a few months at this moment.

She trusted Chen Weier with all her heart.

This kind of trust came from Chen Weiers credibility on the internet for women.

It also came from the fact that when Chen Weier was harassed, she had beaten the person half to death.

Xiaowen didnt know when she would be as brave as Chen Weier, but she knew that she could make a choice.

“Thank you, Big Sister,” Xiaowen said while crying.

Although she expressed it with a weak tone, Xiaowen couldnt say anything else.

“You also have to thank yourself for being brave!” Chen Weier felt terrible hearing this.

She believed that speaking up for women was a job that mattered a lot, and she would continue to do it.

Attorney Xu edited the video and hid all of Xiaowens information.

He also edited the voice.

The conversation between the two was posted online.

[Born From the Sun Studio: Today, we received a special private message.

A girl submitted that she was harassed by her counselor as soon as she entered the school.

She was even threatened with rape and filming indecent videos.

We will help her take up legal action to defend her rights.

At the same time, Id like to ask if your schools counselor and teacher are worse than animals in A University.

Has your school neglected to manage this]

[Please investigate your schools teachers thoroughly.

Dont let the morally corrupt, beast-like trash pollute the environment.]

As expected, once the news was out, the netizens went wild.

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