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“What did you want to talk about with me” Nie Suijing also calmed down.

After all, he only had the money he extorted from Cao Yaoyao.

But what would it be enough for

On the other hand, Luo Xinrui didnt lack money, so he might be able to extort some from her!

“I want to work together.

I can give you what you want, so you have to help me get what I want in return.” Luo Xinrui was extremely happy.

She felt that as long as Nie Suijing cooperated, her plan would definitely work.

“You know what I want” Nie Suijings tone was full of uncertainty.

“Do you want Chen Weier Or do you want money”

“Of course, I want money!” What use did Nie Suijing have for Chen Weier From the very beginning, he was only concerned about money!

He didnt expect that Chen Weier would sign a prenuptial agreement with He Xun.

It meant that she wouldnt get a single cent if they divorced.

Therefore, Nie Suijing had long given up on Chen Weier and even regretted the time he had wasted on her.

But, the current situation was different.

Chen Weier was hailed as the new dancing queen.

She definitely wouldnt be short of money! This was the reason why Nie Suijing looked for Chen Weier again.

“Alright then, I will give you the money, but you have to help me!” Luo Xinrui didnt lack money.

Although the Luo family couldnt compare to the He family, they were still considered wealthy!

In addition, Luo Qionglan had been secretly using the He familys money to support the Luo family in the past few years.

The Luo familys company had also developed very well, so Luo Xinrui was even more not short of money.

“How much can you give me” Nie Suijings eyes were fixed on Luo Xinrui.

He wouldnt stop until he heard a satisfactory amount from her.

“How much do you want” Luo Xinrui smiled.

“Twenty million!” Nie Suijing could not help but swallow.

Well, this woman in front of him didnt lack money.

He also had to test her, but he didnt dare to say too much.

He was worried that Luo Xinrui would give up on working with him.

“Alright,” Luo Xinrui laughed as she replied.

Nie Suijing was indeed a piece of trash! How much did he think he could ask for A mere 20 million! This amount of money was practically nothing to her.

As long as she could make Chen Weier leave He Xun, she was even willing to pay 200 million!

He Xun was the man she had loved for more than 10 years.

Money couldnt compare to her obsession over so many years.

“You are not lying to me, are you” Nie Suijing didnt expect Luo Xinrui to agree so quickly.

He felt something was amiss.

“I dont have the time for that.” Luo Xinruis tone was full of disdain.

Feeling belittled again, Nie Suijing clenched his fists and said, “So what do you want me to do”

“Go seduce Chen Weier and tape it! Impregnate her! You will receive an additional 10 million if you make her unable to leave you.” Luo Xinruis eyes looked sinister.

In Luo Xinruis mind, He Xun would stop treating Chen Weier like some kind of treasure if she was impregnated by another man.

Nie Suijing glanced at Luo Xinrui.

This woman was more ruthless than he thought, but he had nothing to lose as long as he could get the money.

“I wont be in danger, right” Nie Suijing wasnt stupid.

It would be pointless if he couldnt even get to spend the money he earned.

He didnt forget that He Xun doted on Chen Weier as if she was his life.

“Ill send bodyguards to protect you.

After its done, Ill give you a new identity and send you overseas.

I guarantee that no one will be able to find you.” Luo Xinrui had already thought it through.

As long as Nie Suijing agreed, she would have a way to make these things happen.

“Deal!” Nie Suijing picked up his glass and clinked it with hers.


After Chen Weier had a pleasant rest, she went directly to Chen Anhes dance studio.

Now, a solo poster of hers was hanging at the companys entrance.

Chen Anhe was afraid that others wouldnt know that her daughter was the new dancing queen.

More and more companies were looking for cooperation.

Chen Anhe smiled so much that her wrinkles appeared.

“Aiyo, Teacher Wang, if youre lacking a dance teacher, just let me know.

The thing we dont lack the most is a professional dance teacher!”

“Thank you for the compliment.

Our Weiers luck is quite good.

You are overpraising her!”

“Thats right.

My daughter and son-in-law didnt hold a grand wedding ceremony back then.

Weier is very picky.

She had her own idea of a perfect wedding.

It has been two years, but we havent found a wedding organizer that is satisfactory…”

“Alright, Ill pick two of the most responsible dance teachers and send them over to you this afternoon.”

As soon as Chen Weier pushed open the door to Chen Anhes office, she heard her mother proudly talking on the phone with one of her partners.

When she saw her money-tree-like daughter enter, Chen Anhes smiling face turned into a chrysanthemum!

“Our Weier is here to see me.

Lets talk later.” After hanging up the phone, Chen Anhe passionately gave Chen Weier a big warm hug!

“My baby, youre my gold mine now!”

Chen Anhes warm hug almost made Chen Weier faint.

She hurriedly pulled Chen Anhes arm away from her.

“My dear mother, are you trying to strangle me to death” she asked with a frown.

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