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However, the guests who had come to watch the fun in the banquet hall were all shocked.

They were not shocked by Xie Jiuhans ability, but by Ziwei Stars true appearance.

When they saw Di Qianmos face, all the guests felt their legs go weak.

Long Jiuyuans expression was even worse because in the eyes of everyone, Ziwei Star actually looked identical to Feng Qing.

Could it be that they were twins

Di Minghao also stopped crying.

His large eyes looked at Feng Qing and then at his fourth brother.

His usually smart head was also confused for a moment.

Before Di Qianmo left the Di Palace, he was still young, so he couldnt remember his fourth brothers appearance at all.

However, he was a little stunned when he saw Di Qianmos true appearance.

“Eh, isnt Ziwei Star from our Seven Stars Continent Why does he look so similar to this woman”

“What do you mean by similar Theyre simply identical.

All these years, no one knows who Ziwei Star is.

We cant even find any news about him.”

“Is there a possibility that Ziwei Star has been lying to us Hes not from the Seven Stars Continent at all, but has been playing with us with Feng Qing”

The guests looked at each other and started discussing fervently.

They recalled how Ziwei Star had gone to watch the beast combat competition with Feng Qing.

Why was Ziwei Star so good to Feng Qing, a second-class person, and even gave her such good clothes Now, it looked like there was an answer to everything.

Feng Qing : “…”

Di Minghao hugged the broken plush toy and suddenly had a flash of inspiration.

“Ah, I understand.

You were the one who pretended to be Feng Qing and shot Xing Wudi, right You actually attacked the people from the seven families.

Do you want to be enemies with the entire Seven Stars Continent”

Although Di Minghao was young, he was abnormally smart.

When others were still discussing Feng Qing and Di Qianmos relationship, he had already thought of everything that had happened.

Moreover, this made sense.

Only Di Qianmo, who looked like Feng Qing, could pretend to be Feng Qing and get close to Xing Wudi and shoot him to death.

He could even frame Feng Qing for killing him.

Di Minghao pointed at Di Qianmo and said, “Auntie Long, what are you waiting for Its him.

Hes the one who shot the head of the Xing family.

I now order you and your subordinates to take him down in the name of the Seventh Young Master of Di Palace!”

With that, Di Minghao even took a step back, afraid that he would be implicated.

However, the plush toy in his arms had been hugged tightly by him.

Thinking of how Di Qianmo had torn the plush toy just now, he was so angry that his face was red.

He wished he could shoot his fourth brother.

Following the order, many guests took out their weapons and looked at Di Qianmo covetously.

However, there were also rational people who remained silent.

This was the Divines Light after all, and they were on the open sea.

Di Qianmo was the true god here.

Most importantly, since Di Qianmo dared to gather them, he naturally had many plans to deal with them.

Seeing that everyone was angry but did not dare to speak up and did not make a move for a long time, Di Minghao said angrily, “You useless people, why were you all so brave when you went to catch Feng Qing just now I can guarantee you that this fellow was the one who pretended to be Feng Qing and shot Xing Wudi.

According to the laws of the Seven Stars Continent, publicly shooting the heads of the seven families is regarded as harming the stability of the Seven Stars Continent and causing serious adverse effects.

He has to be judged by the laws of the Seven Stars Continent.”

The one-eyed man from before said, “Seventh Young Master, you said that you wanted to protect Feng Qing.

Could it be that you wanted to clear this womans name, so you put the blame on Ziwei Star”

A charming woman beside the one-eyed man also said, “Thats right.

If Seventh Young Master thinks that Ziwei Star is pretending to be Feng Qing to attack the Xing familys head, please take out effective evidence.

Otherwise, who knows if what you said is true”

The last man, who was very short but very fat, also said, “Seventh Young Master, its not that we dont dare to make a move, but we have to have enough evidence before we make a move.

Otherwise, once we wrongly accuse a good person, wont the real murderer get away with it”

Seeing that no one believed him, Di Minghao looked at Long Jiuyuan angrily.

“Auntie Long, what about you”

Long Jiuyuan said, “My first priority now is to ensure Brother Wudis safety.

Although he used the rebirth medicine, he still needs continued treatment and recovery.”

Di Minghao was not old, but he could hear the meaning of these words.

Long Jiuyuan was obviously telling him that even if Di Qianmo was the real murderer, she did not dare to move now because Xing Wudi still needed the medical personnel and various medicine on the ship.

If they fell out now, Xing Wudis life would be in danger.

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