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Lu Beilin agreed to his request.

As long as the Seventh Masters son didnt provoke him, he wouldnt interfere.

Not long after the Seventh Master left, the crowd below had moved on to a couples dance.

Everyone was wearing masks, so no one could see who was who.

Lu Beilin didnt want to stay here for too long with his sister.

He planned to leave after showing his face.

After the music stopped, he brought Lu Xiaocha to the second floor.

Cheers came from the dance floor on the first floor.

“Third Young Master!!!”

Even though he was wearing a mask, he could not escape the cheers below, regardless of gender.

Shen Wenyan also came out, but he was obviously not as popular as Lu Beilin.

He was a little jealous, but when he thought of his face, he felt that it was natural.

They only quieted down when the Seventh Master walked out.

“Thank you very much for your recognition of me over the years.

Ive been here for decades…”

The Seventh Master said something sentimental, and then took the opportunity to tell everyone that he was going to retire, and even pushed his son out.

Lu Xiaocha saw that the Seventh Masters son was a middle-aged man with a beer belly.

Perhaps because he was about to accept his fathers power and assets, he couldnt hide the smile on his face.

The Seventh Masters face twitched.

How did he bring up such a useless thing

After that, Shen Wenyan also said a few words.

Because he was handsome, he actually had many supporters.

However, the girls in Underground City liked Lu Beilin more.

Lu Beilin took off the mask on his face and said a few simple words.

Under the hazy light, Lu Beilins existence was like a god to many people, especially those within his sphere of influence.

Many people couldnt escape from the chaotic Underground City, but Lu Beilin gave them a pure land that belonged here.

After saying that, he even gave everyone a gift.

He snapped his fingers, and countless petals fell from the sky.

He left everyone with a beautiful memory.

In the end, he bowed very gentlemanly to the people below.

“Flowers and applause for everyone.”

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone started clapping crazily.

From the looks of it, if it wasnt the people from the Underground City, this place didnt look like the usual chaotic Underground City.

Instead, it looked like a ball for nobles.

The party continued, but Lu Beilin left with his sister, Ah Yue, and Li An.

Li An was a little excited.

“Boss, you looked so good just now!”

He imitated Lu Beilins gentlemanly etiquette.

Ah Yues lips twitched.

“Wrong, wrong, wrong hand.”

He went over to help Li An adjust.

The current Ah Yue was no longer as submissive as before.

He had learned a lot from Lu Beilin, and his temperament was also very different from before.

Although learning those things was tiring, it was all worth it.

After spending a long time with Lu Beilin, he could boldly relax and joke when there was nothing serious to do.

In the past, he had always been very tense in front of Lu Beilin.

Ah Yue asked Li An, “Do you plan to go back after you find the Holy Gu”

Li An paused for a moment and stomped his foot on the ground.

“I dont know either.”

The mission given by the clan was to return after obtaining the Holy Gu.

However… he did not want to go back now.

He felt that this place was quite good.

In this short period of time, he had already seen many things that were different from the clan.

Lu Beilin took his time and said in a lazy and sexy voice, “Theres no hurry.

You can think about it slowly.”

“Brother, Im hungry…”

Lu Xiaocha tugged at her brothers clothes.

She had only eaten some fruits and cakes in Underground City, but her stomach was already protesting.

Lu Beilin rubbed her head.

“Lets go.

Ill treat you guys to a luxurious feast!”

Hearing the luxurious feast, Lu Xiaocha immediately smiled.

After Lu Beiqings movie ended, what happened next was some publicity.

Before the premiere of his movie, Therode had already contacted Lu Xiaocha anxiously.

The audition for Magic World was in three months.

“Xiaocha, although the later parts of this role were perfected because of your inspiration, you still have to participate in the audition.

There will be many celebrities from Yunzhou participating in the audition.

You have to practice hard during this period of time!”

Lu Xiaocha leaned against the bed and said lazily, “Okay, I understand.”

As she spoke, she nibbled on a durian.

The Nightmare Cat despised her because of the stench and ran to the balcony to ventilate.

“What kind of strange fetishes do you humans have You actually like to eat **!”

Lu Xiaocha: “…Shut up if you dont know how to speak.

This is a durian, a durian!”

Such delicious food was actually despised.

How tasteless!

Lu Beichen pushed open his sisters room.

The smell that greeted him made his expression crack.

To be honest, before Lu Xiaocha came, their family had never eaten durian, snail noodles, and stinky tofu.

However, his sister liked these things.

It was all Fu Yes fault!

Thats right, Fu Ye was the one who brought her to eat these things.

“Xiaocha, theres news from Uncle.

Hes going to the auction tomorrow.”

Lu Xiaocha looked at her brothers expression and felt a little guilty.

She quickly finished the last durian, threw everything into the trash can, and opened the window to ventilate.

“Brother, lets talk outside.”

She took the trash out and threw it away.

Lu Beichen was a little helpless.

“Why do you like to eat those things Go brush your teeth.”

She answered obediently and ran to brush her teeth before coming back.

“Brother, you should eat some next time.

Its actually quite delicious.”

Lu Beichen rejected.

“No way!”

“Alright, Ill eat at Brother Fu Yes house next time.”

Lu Beichen gritted his teeth.

Now that she mentioned Fu Ye, he wanted to beat him up.

“Ive gotten invitations for the entire family.

Well go together!”

The crow that she had brought back to the heretic bureau had made a great contribution.

When she was capturing a nest of drug dealers, the crow and the narcotics police officer flew to the drug dealers nest visually and won with the smallest damages.

Now, the narcotics police officers wished they could worship the crow.

This ability was too useful!

Coupled with Yin Shian from the heretic bureau, Lu Xiaocha had brought back too many useful things for the heretic bureau.

Therefore, when Lu Xiaocha asked for a few invitations to the auction, the other party agreed without thinking.

Such an auction was rare, mainly because the items auctioned inside were rare.

Those who could participate were basically people who knew about the heretic bureau and were powerful.

It could be auctioned with points or exchanged with items.

Because of this, Lu Xiaocha, Yin Shian, the Nightmare Cat, and Fu Ye went out to do a few more missions.

The points they had now made them the richest in the entire District Seven.

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