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“Now that we’re dating, don’t draw a line too much.

I know it might be a little burdensome, but I want to do everything I want with you.”

The attitude of declaring proudly and looking at the senses was not coercive at all.

Soyoung fiddled with her necklace and peeked at Tae Kyung.

Then he buried his head on her nape .

“Oh, it tickles.”

She felt like she was hugged by a big dog.

Taekyung kissed Soyoung’s neck and shoulder.

Eventually, So-young burst into laughter.

It was because she couldn’t stand the feeling of drowning in the sweetness provided by Taekyung.

She raised herself on his shoulder, impulsively.

When she kissed lightly on his handsome face, his big and hard body stopped and hardened.

Smooch, my lips fell off with a sound.

So-young looked down with a very shy face.

“I want to do whatever I want.”


“If someone asks me if I have a lover, I’ll show them this.

In the future, I’ll always wear it…”

Soyoung blurred the end of her speech.

It was shortly after finishing the rough sex that took away all of their energy, but Taekyung’s penis was in a terrible state again.

So-young held her upper body up with a slightly sunken face.

“This is… Why is this…”

Her words did not end.

This was because Taekyung put his lips on hers.

On Sunday morning, Taekyung took Soyoung home.

He was scheduled to fly early in the afternoon, so he had to drop her off and go to Incheon International Airport immediately.

The two faced each other in front of a familiar alley.

Taekyung looked at So-young with affectionate eyes and swept her soft cheeks.

“Take care while I’m gone.

Don’t pay attention to others.”

“Team leader, please come back safely.

Don’t overdo it.”


I’ll call you when I get to the airport, so go home.”

“I’ll go in after I see you go.”

The two kissed lightly for the last time.

So-young remained in place until the car moving away disappeared from sight.

She comforted Taekyung, who didn’t want to leave, but when the moment of separation came, she felt more loss than she had expected.

While Tae-kyung was away on a business trip, he sent So-young messages.

Regardless of phone calls, messages that arrived at different times a day were all contacts exchanged.

So-young was not ‌disappointed about the fact, as she could fully tell how tiring the business trip was through e-mails or data shared with the team.

However, she was worried that Taekyung was overdoing it, and she just felt empty.

Is it because they were always together Taekyung’s vacancy came much larger than she expected.

So-young realized what he meant to her.

I miss you.

When she opened her eyes in the morning, while working, or while joking with people, a sudden longing came.

Once she opened her heart, the affection she had tried to suppress grew arbitrarily and made So-young stumble.

A week has passed like that, and Friday evening, when she was alone after a long time, came.

So-young, who left work early, impulsively took a bus going in the opposite direction from her usual home.

She didn’t feel like hanging out with people, but she didn’t want to be stuck at home alone.

It was when a bus entered Hannam Bridge.

The sun was setting, as always.

The low-rise sun sank over the horizon, and the Han River, submerged in the bright red sunset, glistened beautifully, as if it had scattered pieces of glass.

It was a sunset so beautiful that her heart was overwhelmed.

And at that moment, So-young naturally realized her feelings.That she likes Taekyung more than she thought.

……Maybe it was love.

The calm awareness left a soft and long aftertaste.

Recently, along with the longing for following So-young, the affectionate tremors poured in.

It was time for So-young to stare at the red-colored scenery of Seoul, leaving herself completely to her intense feelings.

Just in time, the cell phone she put in her pocket vibrated.

A pleasant smile spread over her face after checking the liquid crystal.

Team leader Cha Tae-kyung: Now we’re going to the meeting.

Team leader Cha Tae-kyung: I miss you a lot.

Even if they were dating, the last barrier left in their hearts did not disappear.

She thought this relationship would end , and even so, let’s enjoy the present.

So-young wanted to put down such self-defense now.

She wanted to be completely honest with Taekyung.

I hope the team leader comes back soon.

Soyoung wanted to fully convey her heart to Taekyung.

If she did, he would smile brightly with a happy face.

When she imagined his pretty smile, she suddenly became impatient.

She wanted to take the time to be faster when Taekyung returned.


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