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So-young climbed onto him, pushing Taekyung’s shoulder against the bedhead.

He groaned softly at the sensation of the damp part sticking close to his stomach.

“You look good, team leader.”

As if Taekyung was as excited as Soyoung, his abs-tight stomach inhaled and exhaled deeper than usual, and his penis, who stood upright, poked her in the buttocks.

A man, who usually looked strong, was lying under So-young with both hands bound.

She stared as if taking in the defenseless figure and swallowed her dry saliva.

Her heart heated ‌with unfamiliar heat.

So-young, who touched Taekyung’s shoulder with both hands, whispered in his ear.

“You said I’m a perv… The team leader is not that innocent either.”

“Did you not know From the beginning I… Ugh, wait.”

When So-young gripped the base of the thick penis, the handsome forehead was distorted.

In response, she licked her lips, feeling the excitement of chilling her whole body.

The gap between her legs got wet even more.

“Cum is leaking.

Are you excited about this”

Soyoung whispered obscene words, mimicking the usual Taekyung.

She bent her upper body.

Taekyung’s red lips opened slightly.

So-young slowly began rubbing his penis up and down.

“Hoo, heuk.”

Taekyung’s body became firm due to tension.

Whenever hjs sleek and balanced body couldn’t overcome the excitement and wriggled, So-young’s body also shook.

She gently shook his penis that could not be held in one hand, rolled his testicles, and stimulated him.

The small hand quickly slipped.

It was So-young, who was always swayed by the stimulation of Taekyung.

It was also up to her to be teased and cried in the past.

However, as if the relationship had been reversed now, Taekyung was excited at Soyoung’s touch.

So-young felt strong now, and she was encouraged by the desire to conquer Taekyung.

“Haa, hoo…”

So-yeong lightly kissed Tae-kyung and moved away, and he followed her lips and raised his head.

As Tae-kyung’s movements increased, So-young’s body, sitting on him, convulsed.

“Ugh… Wait.”

Soyoung, who played with his penis, touched her stomach with both hands.

In that state, as she slowly moved her ass back and forth, her vulva opened, and she applied the liquid to his abs.

“Ahngh, uhngh…”

So-young enjoyed the sensation of rubbing her clit firmly on a curved stomach with her head tilted back.

Whenever she groaned lightly, Taekyung clenched his teeth and swallowed a rough breath.

It was a stronger reaction than when she touched his penis.

For some time, Taekyung urged So-young as if he could no longer bear it.

“Relax your hands.”

“Not yet, uhngh… I don’t want to, ngh.”

So-young, who shook her head, moved her back.

She used Taekyung’s body like a masturbation tool and focused on rubbing her clit.

The liquids flowing from the vagina quickly soaked Taekyung’s lower abdomen.

“Ha-eung, mhngh.….”

Her climax is close.

So-young shook her body thinly and turned her head.

The penis, which had been poking the buttocks while spilling pre-cum from before, came into view.

The penis looked bigger and more ferocious than ever.

Can I put it in…

Taekyung used to do foreplay to ‌where Soyoung melted and stretched every time.

Taekyung lightly shook his back and caught So-young’s attention.

“Han Soyoung.”


“Can I untie this”

Taekyung rolled up the corners of his mouth, but the atmosphere from him was deadly.

The voice flowing through the lips was also rough.

Taekyung, who was swept away by unmet desires, looked distressed.

The moment she saw him, So-young was obsessed with a greater desire than physical fear.

Instead of gently releasing Taekyung, she raised her upper body.


Taekyung’s body flinched ‌at the sensation of her perineum and his glans.

So-young held onto the base of his fiery penis while supporting her body with her knees.

She slowly lowered herself in that state.



Exclamations burst into the mouths of the two.

As the penis penetrated the cramped vagina, the sensation at the boundary between pain and pleasure went up.

“Haa, ha… ugh.”

So-young exhaled and arched her back.

The forced-open core stretched thin like a film, leaving a tearful pain.

Taekyung was having it  as hard as Soyoung, and he kept biting his lower lip with a disorganized expression.

“Ahngh, hm, it’s so, h gh….”

So-young trembled with the sharp soaring pain.

Feeling a rigid woman, Taekyung shook his shoulder.

“Hok, don’t overdo it.

Hurry up and untie this.”

“Mhm, I don’t want… Ha-ngh.”

“You’ll get hurt, ugh, at this rate.”

“I can do it, hngh, alone.”

Soyoung did not abandon her stubbornness.

The insertion, which continued slower than usual, filled the two’s bodies with sweat.

The penis slowly and steadily dug into the notes.

The vaginal wall opened by the thick penis that was going in.

“Ahngh, uhngh, hm…”

As the insertion deepened, a nasal sound flowed from So-young’s mouth instead of a painful moan.


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