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Taekyung’s house was an expensive apartment complex located in Dogok-dong.

From the luxurious entrance, So-young even felt a little intimidated as the interior was revealed.


As soon as So-young entered the front door, she unknowingly burst into admiration.

A man’s personal space, which was usually disorganized or unacceptable, was simple and practical according to his taste.

The front door and living room were connected to a long corridor like a gallery, and several contemporary artworks were hung on the wall.

The wall leading to the living room and dining space has a round wall structure, and a whole window is installed to provide a panoramic view of the city center over the outer terrace.

A man who lived in a duplex penthouse that seemed to have at least three floors.

So-young recalled the social position of Taekyung and pondered.

“There’s nothing to see, but if you’re curious, you can go anywhere.”

It was true that she was curious to refuse, so So-young gently toured Taekyung’s house.

The first floor consisted of four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, and a dining space.

The only furniture in a spacious marble living room was a super-large TV, a cabinet, a large leather sofa, and two large audios as tall as Soyoung.

The dining space also had no sense of oldness as if it were newly built except for a multi-person wooden table.

The room closest to the entrance was full of books on two sides as if it were used as a study.

The other side was opened through a whole window.

The bookshelf mainly contained books related to economics, humanities, management, and art, and several classic mystery novels.

In the second room, clothes reflecting the seasonal mood of the four seasons were arranged, as if they were used as dress rooms, and in the third room, several simple exercise equipment and a large screen were installed.

The floor leading to the circular stairs seemed to be rarely used, with several works of art in the room that blocked direct sunlight, and the other room equipped with a recliner sofa and a home theater system.

It was really a luxurious use of space.

So-young, who looked around the house satisfactorily, approached Taekyung.

Standing in front of the wine cellar, he was looking at the wine label as if struggling.

“Do you work out at home”

“It’s just a light warm-up.

I usually just go to my gym, but it’s indeed annoying to run into subordinates because there are so many people at work.”

Taekyung did not force his subordinates to work overtime as much as he hated unnecessary overtime, but at the same time, he usually went to work the earliest and left work the latest.

But she can’t believe he’s working out regularly.

It was predictable enough when she saw his body with smooth muscles, but she thought he was born like that.

Taekyung, who put the wine down on the table, turned toward Soyoung.

“Why don’t you go into my bedroom It’s the most important place.”

For no reason, she skipped only the bedroom, but Taekyung insisted on pointing out that fact.

So-young became embarrassed because she seemed to have been caught.

So she pretended not to hear it and changed the subject.

“What should we have for dinner”

“Is there anything you want to eat If it’s something we can make at home, we can make it, or we can go out.”

“Do you know how to cook”

“I’ve lived alone for a long time, so if it’s simple.”

“Then, do you usually make food at home”

“That’s not true.

It’s troublesome.”

It was too obvious to ask why he was going to cook today.

Taekyung smiled and wrapped around So-young’s waist.

The eyes, which had usually been sharp, were in a curve.

“Isn’t it the charm if a man can cook”

“…That’s cool when you don’t show it off.”


When So-young pushed his chest, Tae-kyung let her go and folded his shirt sleeves.

“If we go out now, there won’t be any good restaurants.

Should I just compromise with steak and pasta”

“Yes, it’s good.

I’ll help you.”

“It’s okay.

It’s not hard.

You can rest while watching a movie.”

So-young was uncomfortable but eventually returned to the living room without refuting Tae Kyung.

Situated in the middle of the spacious sofa, she turned on a TV covering the wall.

Seeing that quite a lot of streaming content was paid, it seemed that he watched movies often.

For So-young, who was busy falling asleep after work, it was just a question of when Taekyung would have time to spare.

So-young played a new movie that had already been paid for.

The space equipped with a large screen and a three-dimensional audio system provided a sense of immersion that is not short to the movie theaters.

All the elements that make up Taekyung’s daily life were both practical and luxurious.

It was a space that proved the results of the fusion of refined tastes and the wealth that supports it.


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