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When So-young tried to turn her head, Kyung-joon, surprised, hurriedly dissuaded her.

Then whispered in a small voice, out of harmony with his large size.

“He’s staring at me like that again now.

At first, I thought it was my misunderstanding, but every time I run into him, he keeps doing that… Haa, I really don’t understand.

“No way.

He’s not that kind of person.”

“Am I no longer able to get a promotion What did I do…”

Kyung-joon grumbled.

Taekyung was usually kind, or he can also be cold-hearted, but he was not a person to stare at people.

So-young consoled Kyung-jun, thinking that his concerns would be nothing more than useless self-consciousness.

After finishing the meal and returning to the company, So-young found out that Kyung-joon’s concerns were not just an illusion.

Cha Taekyung: Did you enjoy your lunch

A message had arrived from Taekyung, who she usually didn’t contact during working hours.

On the surface, it was a very ordinary greeting, but there was a strange lingering feeling as if trying to think about whether he had an intention.

So-young, who was staring at the chat window, asked Taekyung half-impulsively.

Han Soyoung: Have you been staring for Song Kyung Joon

Cha Taekyung: Who is that

Han So-young: The person who ate with me.

Cha Taekyung: Is that what you have to say

Taekyung did not deny it.

That alone showed that he really stared at Kyung-joon.

You’re childish.

The first thought she had was that.

But for some reason, let alone hate the fact, she even laughed.

So-young wrapped her cheeks in both hands and thought about what to answer.

Cha Tae-kyung: I was jealous.

When So-young did not respond, Taekyung honestly admitted….

It’s really childish.

She patted on the keyboard, fidgeting her lips that burst into laughter.

Han So-young: How can you show your personal feelings at work

Cha Tae-kyung: It wasn’t at the company.

Cha Tae-kyung: There is no reason for it to jot be in the company too.

It was a confident answer.

So-young eventually couldn’t hold back and smiled.

Then Taekyung sent a series of messages as if he had burst into oppression.

Cha Tae-kyung: You’re cold-blooded.

Cha Tae-kyung: There is a man in front of you who sacrifices his love for you.

Cha Taekyung: How can you eat while looking at other men’s faces

Han So-young: We’re not like that.

Cha Taekyung: That’s what you think.

Cha Tae-kyung: If he had proper eyes, he would know how pretty you are


So-young eventually blushed.

The man who said unfamiliar things casually was amazing, and her whole body tickled as if the shame he deserved had become her share.

No matter how hard she looked at it, it was not normal to keep smiling even though it was ridiculous.

Taekyung said as if he had read So-young’s mind.

Cha Taekyung: Please comfort me.

Han Soyoung: How

Cha Tae-kyung: In the best way.

Taekyung digs into his motive without hesitation.

The problem was that, knowing that, she had no will to push him away.

She pushed Taekyung away because she didn’t want to expect anything. It was like that…

So-young seemed to have expected something from Tae Kyung without even realizing it.

Maintaining this ambiguous relationship, allowing Taekyung to do whatever he wants…… How useful is her excuse of not dating in the future

So-young asked herself, but as usual, she could not find the answer again this time.

* * *

Taekyung repeatedly argued that Soyoung, the cause, should be responsible for the deep psychological damage made by the daytime incident.

So-young, who was swept away by him as always, went down to the parking lot after work.

It was Friday when everyone left work early for the first time in a long time.

For that reason, the two did not have to meet as much as usual at a time difference.

So-young pulled her seat belt and asked Tae kyung.

“So how do I take responsibility for it”

Taekyung narrowed his forehead by gently turning the handle.

While he was silent as if he was agonizing, he glanced at So-young.

“You haven’t had dinner yet, have you”

“Yes, not yet.”

“Then, do you want to go to my house”

So-young opened her eyes wide to the unexpected suggestion.

Then Taekyung smiled faintly and turned his eyes back to the front.

“It’s a lie if you don’t have an insidious intention, but it’s not necessarily because of that…”


“I will never cross the line.

Now I’m appealing to you to pay attention to me.”

Soyoung lowered her gaze.

The familiar heat slowly rose again.

She deliberately responded under the guise of lightness to hide her ticklish feeling.

“The only person who doesn’t change his expression despite saying such things will always be you.”

“It means it’s okay to go to my house, right”

Smiling, Taekyung turned the steering wheel without hesitation.


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