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“By the way, Mark’s nobleman was pickier than he looked.

“I kept biting and drooping, and I really thought I was going to die.”

“By the way, Mark was more demanding than he looked.

He was constantly asking, and I thought I was going to die.”

“Haha, probably because he has a long financial experience.

Unless you present a quantified expected effect, it’s hard to gain the trust of people who have money.”

Deputy General Manager Shin, who is usually talkative, chatted more excitedly as the alcohol rose.

Instead of leading the conversation, Taekyung responded appropriately to him and adjusted the atmosphere, and Soyoung sipped wine listening to the conversation between the two.

The time when the pointed tension was worn out passed comfortably.

So-young, who emptied her glass faster than usual, wrapped her cheek when the heat began to rise.

Then, she peeped at Taekyung without notice.

Whether it was because it was not Korea or because she had never had a drink like this, Tae-kyung sitting comfortably on the sofa and smiling seemed unrealistic to So-young.

Taekyung revealed a promiscuous side in private, but in public situations, he became a completely different person.

He did not lose his balance in any situation, nor was he easily swept away by emotions.

In him, she could feel the self-confidence characteristic of a person who knew his goal and went for it.

Above all, Taekyung was a trustworthy being.

Today, So-young realized that once again.

That’s why she seemed to be more conscious of him.

It was time for Soyoung to continue her futile thoughts.

Taekyung turned his head and looked at her.

So-young was shaken the moment their eyes met, but Tae-kyung just looked at her calmly without any change in her expression.

The two stared at each other in silence.

Neither of the two turned their heads, and the heat gradually permeated the deeply intertwined gaze.


Soyoung swallowed her dry saliva.

Perhaps the alcohol she drank without consciousness belatedly caused her to be drunk, and her skin stung everywhere Taekyung’s eyes touched.

Eventually, she couldn’t overcome the silent pressure and turned her head away.

Soyoung looked around for nothing to hide her excitement.

She was ashamed of her red face.

 Whether he knew how she felt or not, Taekyung turned his gaze away as if he had stared at her tenaciously.

“Then, see you tomorrow”.

“Yes, rest well.”

The drinking party did not last long.

When the three left the bar, it was close to nine.

Taekyung got a call, so Deputy General Manager Shin and Soyoung had to take the elevator first without even giving him a proper goodbye.

“Good job, Manager Han.

Rest well and see you tomorrow.”

“Yes, you too.

Get some rest.”

So-young bowed her head to Deputy General Manager Shin, who got off the elevator first.

Soon, left alone, she stared blankly at the instrument panel that added numbers.

It was then.

The cell phone in her hand vibrated lightly.

So-young’s eyes got bigger after checking the screen without much thought.

[Team leader Cha Taekyung: Which floor is it]

Reflectively, a hot sensation spreads to her heart.

As soon as So-young got off the elevator, she strode to her room.

The answer to the message could only be sent after returning to the hotel room.

[Han So-young: The 7th floor.]

[Team leader Cha Taekyung: Can I see your face for a second]

This time, Taekyung sent an immediate reply.

A straightforward question was directed towards Soyoung.


[Han So-young: Room 714.]

Hesitating, Soyoung pressed the send message button.

Half restless and half excited, while waiting for him to come, a light knock rang the door.

So-young, who had not been able to get out of the front door even then, was more surprised than she needed to be, but she felt a little embarrassed for herself.


Beyond the open door, Taekyung was smiling with a relaxed face than usual.

Soyoung looked down awkwardly. Why did I feel so unfamiliar when I was with him until just now Soyoung curled her lips and a large hand wrapped her chin as if it were stopping her.


Their lips were pressed against each other softly.

The tender skins were pressed softly, and warm breaths mixed between her gaping lips.

Soyoung, who had hardened her body for a moment, pulled her trembling eyelids shut and closed them.


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