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They were overshadowed by their determination since they promised not to expect anything because it was a sex-only relationship, but even if they were a little careless, their heart kept trying to cross the border.

The reason why So-young continued her relationship with Taekyung again was that she felt a strong sexual attraction.

However, as they spent time together and put more time on each other, unexpected feelings and interests sprang up like sprouts.

The first emotion that sprouted was curiosity toward Taekyung.

So-young belatedly wondered what kind of person Taekyung is and what he likes and dislikes.

When he was silent, she wanted to know what was in his head, and when he smiled beautifully, she wanted to ask what made him feel happy.

Sometimes she imagined how Taekyung’s past relationship would have started and ended.

She wondered if he was this affectionate to many women who were with him, and at the same time, she wanted to never know that.

All of that was a dangerous sign.

So-yeong, as Tae-kyung thinks, is a woman who is daring in the strangest parts, likes close sex, and can end a relationship neatly at any time.

That part was Soyoung, but that aspect was not the only thing that defined her.

As much as Soyoung didn’t know Taekyung, he didn’t know her either.

She wasn’t sure how he would accept the sense of the disparity between Han So-young in Tae-kyung’s expectation and Han So-young in reality.

When Taekyung finds out that Soyoung is a virgin, he becomes pale enough to be embarrassed and walks away from her.

It was okay then.

She didn’t expect anything.

But now….

If Taekyung responded in that way again, Soyoung was not confident that she would not be hurt.

The moment she expected something from a hopeless relationship, she almost lost her balance and stumbled.

So-young did not want to make Tae-kyung feel burdened by her weak and pathetic hope, and she did not want to be swayed like a fool by her actions.

So, she had to control her desire.

Although she didn’t know if that was an area where effort was possible.


Soyoung sighed softly and slowly closed her eyes and opened them.

Her thin eyelids were lifted, and her eyes took on a more determined light than before.

Unable to understand her complicated head, Taekyung habitually closed his eyes too and smiled when their gaze met.

It was always a pretty smile.

Soyoung followed Taekyung and raised the corners of her lips clumsily.

Her gaze naturally went downwards in a feeling of shame.

And when it came into view, she had a penis standing with his robe lifted with an erection before she knew it.

“When did… you become like this again”

So-young forgot that she was deeply immersed in sentimental thoughts and asked him in a confident voice.

After clearing his lips with a napkin, he looked down and replied in a voice.

“It’s not my fault.

What can I do when I see your chest every time you lower your head It’s a physiological phenomenon.”


What is the meaning of feeling the excitement of a man like that while he’s trying to suppress it Soyoung took a deep breath, feeling a little embarrassed.

Then she smiled as if Taekyung was in a difficult situation, and he stroked her chin.

“I’ve already filled my stomach, but it’s a waste to not take care of it.”


“You can just rest.

You can do nothing.

After eating, you can lean on the bed and watch TV when bored.”


“But instead…”

Soyoung leaned her upper body back with a sharp gaze.

The look of defense was evident.

The more she acted defensively, the more the smile on Taekyung’s lips grew.

“Can I touch your chest Then, I think I can handle this by myself.”

Taekyung pointed to his penis with a calm face.

His attitude was too confident, and at first glance, he seemed to be considerate of So-young.

“The team leader is so…”

“You understand, right”

“You’re confident even in situations where you should be embarrassed.”

“That’s good about me.”

The words that Taekyung would have thrown without much thought touched Soyoung heavily.

As she closed her mouth with her bewildered expression, he smiled and lowered his torso.

Their gazes were woven from a slightly closer distance.

“You don’t hate it, right”


“Then, will you allow it”

Soyoung pursed her lips as if to refuse, but eventually nodded her head.

There’s no need to play hard to get in a relationship that’s just sex.

Besides, he didn’t really like her.

No matter what feelings Taekyung gives her.

As soon as So-young’s permission was granted, Taekyung hugged her and headed to the bathroom.

“Here, take it.”

So-young entered the bathroom while being hugged by Tae-kyung, and bit the toothbrush he held out to her mouth.

The two of them, reflected side by side in the mirror, seemed quite familiar and intimate with each other.

She spat out, trying not to give her gaze to his plump, erect penis.


Soyoung’s body came out of the bathroom and was pushed onto the bed.

The knot in the gown was opened in the recoil of her body being thrown backward.

Taekyung, who did not miss the moment, climbed onto her body.

Soyoung’s shoulders trembled as his lips wet from brushing her teeth touched her plump chest.



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