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A determined light came to So-young’s eyes.

“Just until two hours later.”

If Taekyung remains at work until two hours later, if the two of us have a chance to talk personally…….

Today, So-young was going to do something crazy.

But if Taekyung leaves work first, Soyoung will give up her current ridiculous urge.

So-young, who made up her mind, tapped her hot cheeks several times with both hands.

It was crazy, but when she decided to implement it, she felt comfortable.

She focused on her work with a lighter mind.

Taekyung, who had been stuck in the team leader’s seat while So-young was busy handling the overtime, appeared.

He glanced at her, who was left alone in the department, but he took a step without saying much.

So-young tried to ignore the feeling of her back stinging for no reason.

As time went by, it was already 10 o’clock.

It was a time when So-young’s fate was determined.

The office was empty except for Taekyung and her.


So-young sent the data to the department members by e-mail and buried herself in the chair.

When she checked the time, she couldn’t breathe on her own.

Standing still, she put her hand over her chest.

She felt her heart pounding with excitement.

……This is really crazy.

When she asked Taekyung to show her his genitals, it felt like she was committing the biggest deviation of her life, but today she planned to ask him to have sex.

She has a perception that I am out of my mind, but now she has no intention of giving up.

Was I such a weak human being with desire

So-young felt as if she had become a different girl and reflected on herself in shame.

However, life was short, and the side of doing what she wanted then regretting afterward is better than the side of regretting because she did nothing.

So-young woke up from her seat, reflecting on her thoughts.

Each step toward the team leader’s seat also accelerated the heartbeat.

Taekyung was sitting down and reading documents.

So-young, who took a deep breath, knocked on the partition as if knocking.

“Hello, team leader.”

Taekyung raised his head.

He looked at So-young with a face that did not hide his doubt.

She raised her hand over her beating heart that was about to come out of her ribcage.

She thought she was ready enough, but when she stood in front of Taekyung, her legs were so tense that she lost strength.

“Do you have anything to say”

Taekyung asked on behalf of So-young, who couldn’t get rid of all the tension.

She nodded her head gently, but her face turned red as if someone had set a fire.

So-young had the expression that she was on the collapse, but the voice flowing through her lips was clear.

“Yes, there’s something I want to say…”


“It’s not about work.

Will it be okay”

Taekyung’s eyes became a little relaxed.

He turned his chair around toward her as if to her what she wanted to say.

She felt like she was about to vomit because she was so nervous.

Soyoung closed her eyes tightly.

She thought it would be better to get it over with at once than hesitate and suffer more.

Her lips were redder than usual.

“Well, if you don’t mind…”


“I want to try it again.”

The moment she said her desire and turned away, So-young felt a sense of dizziness.

Suddenly, her vision brightened up due to dizziness, and his heartbeat was fast.

Taekyung did not answer anything.

For So-young, a few seconds of his silence felt as long as fear.

Taekyung, who was closing his mouth with a careful expression, said a Hmm, and then stretched his tongue.

“What do you mean”


So-young’s pulse went away.

There is no way that a man as agile as Taekyung could not read her intentions.

It was clear that he pretended not to know even though he knew.

As if her guess was not very wrong, a faint smile came to mind with his face disguised as calm.

“You know.”

“How do I know when I can’t read people’s minds”

You’re so cheeky….

Soyoung licked her lips.

She felt a psychological resistance to utter her words.

But Taekyung just stared at her without showing any sign of backing down.


Soyoung became so embarrassed that she felt dizzy.

She didn’t know, but her face, which had been burning red, now looked as if she were about to cry.

Soyoung clasped her hands in an unstable way.

She had just been possessed by lust, and she was arguing about what life was all about, but when she said it, she realized that she would rather die if she was rejected.

“Ah, that.”

Whether or not he knew So-yeong’s desperate need, Tae-kyung tilted his head in admiration in a tone.

Then he looked at her and raised her lips at an angle.

“I don’t want to.”


“I said no.”

And unexpectedly, Taekyung’s rejection fell out of his mouth.


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