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Taekyung was standing behind Soyoung.

Recognizing the fact, So-young’s shoulders stiffened.

She rolled her lips inward, feeling the nerves of her whole body leaning back. Let’s not be conscious.

Don’t be conscious.

Feeling nervous, So-young glanced at the entrance to the conference room and took her steps.

It was then.


A light touch touched So-young’s shoulder.

Surprised more than necessary, she turned around, and as soon as she did, she met Taekyung’s eyes.

He was standing closer than expected.

He held a feather in his hand.

A faint smile spread through Taekyung’s mouth, which confirmed Soyoung’s blank expression.

“There’s something on your clothes.”



“Thank you.”

Soyoung blushed with shame.

She felt shabby just imagining how she would look to Taekyung, who she hadn’t seen in a long time.

Taekyung smiled as if it was nothing and passed Soyoung.

As he passed by, a familiar scent crossed the tip of her nose again.

So-young, who instinctively inhaled deeply, realized her behavior and became stunned.

Han Soyoung, you’re crazy.

I guess you still have the mindset to talk nonsense.

So-young criticized herself, and then took a stride as if to shake off the agitation just now.

* * *

So-young definitely vowed not to waste time.

But… The situation was subtly strange.

She can’t pinpoint exactly, but for some reason, she felt like someone was constantly bothering me.

So-young narrowed her forehead as she stared at the empty Excel sheet.

If it’s not an illusion, for some reason, the frequency of bumping into Taekyung suddenly increased after the morning meetings.

She kept bumping into him in the hallway, conference room, and elevator and even had to see him hours long due to sudden meetings.

In addition, just now, she had to go to Taekyung.

This was because there were many ambiguous aspects of the work instructions that were always unclear.

All those moments were trivial, but as they gathered together, it became enough to touch So-young’s nerves.

A hand stretched out from behind the back tapped and knocked on her desk.

“Hanso, long time no see.”

[TL/N: Hanso is the nickname of Han So Young]

“Huh, Oppa.”

Kyung-joon, a colleague of the previous department, was smiling down at So-young.

So-young, who was surprised at the moment, soon smiled broadly and turned her chair toward him.

“Why didn’t you hear me when I’m saying hi”

“Oh, just… I was thinking about something else.

What brings you here”

“I have a meeting.

Is it worth working here You moved to this department and didn’t contact me.

I didn’t see you like that before.

Is work too much”

“What… No.”

So-young had a close friendship with Kyung-joon in the previous department, but after being assigned to a new department, she was distracted by Taekyung and forgot his existence.

When So-young shed an embarrassing smile, Kyung-joon, who lowered his waist, whispered to her.

“I guess Team Leader Cha isn’t here.

I wanted to see him in person.”

“What The goal was to see the team leader, not me”

“To see you too.”

“Is the main person you want to see team leader, not me”

“Of course, dude.”

So-young also laughed at Kyung-joon, who smiled.

At that time, Taekyung, who had been away for a meeting, returned.

As soon as So-young saw him, she made an expression and glanced at the two close to Taekyung.

“Oh, hello…”

Surprised at first glance, Kyung-joon greeted Taekyung, who hesitated.

Instead of expressing doubts about who he was, Taekyung smiled.

Then, he turned to So-young.

“Manager Han.”


So-young, who was looking down at the floor unnaturally, raised her head, feeling her heart dropping.

Taekyung spoke to her with a very businesslike expression.

“We received several candidate dates in the morning.


“Have you confirmed the schedule that can be reported at CEO Cho”

“Oh, yes…”

That’s right.

So-young nodded and sat down toward the monitor.

The mouse-held hand moved quickly and accessed the scheduling system of the in-house portal site.

She tried to recall the conversation she had with CEO Cho’s secretary, sweeping her hair down her cheek behind her ears.

“I received several candidate dates in the morning.

I’ll organize it and pass it to you soon.….”

“Let’s just check it now.”

Unexpectedly for So-young, Taekyung, who came close, lowered his back as he touched the desk.

Then he looked over her shoulder at the monitor.

“Oh, yes…”

So-young was going crazy because of her presence behind her back.

Taekyung’s scent was strong as the distance between them got closer.

The subtle mixture of the niche cologne he always used caused a slight excitement just by inhaling it.

“They had few free schedules this week, so I looked into the available time next Monday and Wednesday.”

So-young moved her lips mechanically without knowing what she was saying.

Her heartbeat fast and goosebumps sprang up on the back.

When their physical distance was long, she could still endure it.

However, the fact that she was close to Taekyung quickly swung the flow of blood in her whole body, and the feeling that she had experienced once was awakened.

Even a little carelessness seemed to explode the desire to suppress it.

“When is it okay for you”

So-young, who finished speaking, closed her eyes still.

Her palms were sweaty holding the mouse, and her head became noisy with just one thought.

……I want to touch the team leader.

I want to be thrilled from head to toe again.


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