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“Hngh, um, ugh!”

Overwhelmed by the pleasure, Soyoung shook her ass like crazy.

It was an instinctive move to lead oneself to greater pleasure.

Taekyung whispered in her ear.

A hot breath tickled her earlobe.

“Is my finger that good”

“…No, heuk, ahngh!”

So-yeong, who was turned around by Tae-kyung, suddenly touched the wall with both hands.

As he lowered his back, her wet buttocks and pubic hair were clearly exposed in his view.

Taekyung let out a low curse.

A sharp metallic noise echoed in So-young’s ears as the belt loosened.

She turned her head in surprise.

“I won’t do it.”

As if reading So-young’s thoughts, Taekyung showed a twisted smile.

He lowered his upper body and stuck his chest to hers.

In that state, the lips were engaged, and a thick penis penetrated through So-young’s thighs.

“Um… mhm…”

Taekyung fiercely coveted So-young’s mouth as if to replace his desire to penetrate her.

At the same time, his cock began to rub the gap of the thigh.

The cock brushed the damp vulva and retreated, then pushed back and pressed the clitoris again.

Soyoung’s back twitched thinly at the lewd stimulation.

“Haa, hngh…”

The vaginal wall, from which the finger was pulled out just before climax, was still sensitive, and now the clitoris and vulva are rubbed with a man’s genitals.

It was a stimulating experience, both mentally and physically.


As soon as Taekyung moved away from her lips, So-young collapsed and placed her hands on the wall.

Taekyung raised her upper body and grabbed her waist tightly and began to push forward in earnest.

“Ah, ahngh….

ugh, um!”


The clitoris was scratched on the irregularities of the glans every time his penis was forced to open the cramped gap.

Soyoung firmly tightened her thighs while she was not sure what to do with the sense of stimulation of her thigh.

“Hm, hngh, ahngh, ah!”

At first, the relaxed waist movement gradually intensified.

The sound of Taekyung’s penis bumping into Soyoung’s ass echoes loudly indoors.

She sobbed and pushed her butt back.

When he rubbed the clit with his thick penis, the pleasure became stronger.

Taekyung speeded up as if he was having sex with her.

The promiscuous frictional sound mixed with wet noise.

After some time, So-young faced her orgasm again.


Soyoung tilted her head back and stiffened her body.

She couldn’t think of anything with her head, which had gone white with pleasure.

Her toes, trapped in her shoes, convulsed over and over again.

She trembled at the pleasure of her curvaceous body flowing like an electric current.

“Ha… heuk… ugh….”

So-young blinked her cloudy eyes, enjoying the last drop of her climax.

We’ve got a problem.

She thought of that intuitively.

She can’t believe there was such a good thing.….

Now that I know this pleasure, is it possible to go back to the past

To put it bluntly, it felt like I had opened Pandora’s box.

So-young’s upper body, which was convulsing with the remaining pleasure like an aftershock, was forcibly raised.

Taekyung, holding her in his arms, looked down at her with a reminiscent face.

“Did you come again”

“Hm… yes.”

“Be patient.

Why are you so sensitive”

“That’s because of the team leader… ngh.”

Taekyung licked Soyoung’s cheek with a sultry smile.

There was a primitive feeling of satiety in his eyes, which had sunk darker than usual.

“We still have a long way to go.”

“But, um…”

So-young’s lips were interlocked without any time to protest.

In that state, Taekyung began to move his back again.

So-young struggled with the pleasure he gave and then collapsed her upper body again.

* * *

“Heuk, hngh, ahngh!”

“Haa, whoo…”

At midnight, long after everyone had left work, a strange groan and harsh breathing echoed from the furnishings warehouse, where no one was looking.

In the darkness where only the emergency exit lights shined, the two entangled figures drew a faint silhouette.

“Ahngh, hm, ugh!”

Putting her hips on the conference table, So-young stretched her arms behind her back and barely supported her upper body.

Her skirt was up to her navel, and her wide ankles were held by Taekyung and swayed in the air.

A thick and long genitals teased the pussy to its heart’s content.

After a long period of action, Soyoung was wet, not only her pubic hair but also her ass.

A suppressed moan erupted from her mouth as he brushed her flesh again and squeezed her clitoris again.

Soyoung lowered her dizzy gaze.

The sight of the thick and long penis moving as if inserted and striking between the gaping hole was unbelievably lustful.

It was an abandoned warehouse.

She took a deep breath and took in the smell of dust.

But there was no time to feel uncomfortable for it, all her nerves gathered between her legs.

The impatience to reach the climax was more important than the discomfort of the posture.

It was not in any other random place – it was in the company.

Besides, the relationship between the boss and subordinates was a stimulating situation in many ways.

Even the closeness of being caught by someone was a factor that heightened the excitement.

So-young felt that she was perverted by being excruciatingly excited in this situation, but such awareness did nothing to help her come to her senses.

She gripped his penis that rubbed her pussy.

Taekyung twisted his brow as she held it strongly from his root, pushing it to her pussy.


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