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Epilogue (3)

So-young’s father, a drinker, was in a good mood with high-quality distilled liquor that made his mouth fragrant.

His cheeks soon turned red because the alcohol was quite strong.

However, Taekyung, who emptied the glass with him, was sober.

“But you know what You’re so handsome.

I saw you for the first time earlier, and I thought there was a movie star coming in.

I look like this now, but I used to be like that, too, haha.

“Dad, honestly, that’s not it…”

“It’s an honor to hear that, Father.”

So-young’s father, who was drunk, threw away the solemnity and treated Taekyung comfortably like a friend’s son.

Her mother shook her head, but seemed to have accepted the fact that it was difficult to stop her husband, who was already drunk.

“Do you agree when you watch a drama There’s a lot of talk about the relationship between the head of a conglomerate.”

“I actually didn’t enjoy watching dramas, but I’ll have to watch them hard from now on.”

“Okay, okay.

There are a lot of fun things to watch these days.”

The conversation between the two men who emptied half of their high-quality distilled liquor began to go awry, but no one cared about it.

“Thank you for the food.”

“Me, too.

Oh, it’s been a while since I ate this much.

As expected, homemade food is the best.”

“It’s nice to hear that you two enjoyed the meal.

Do you want me to pack you some side dishes Soyoung, do you order delivery food at home every day”

“No, I’m eating well these days.

But it’d be nice if you packed it for me.”

“Okay, go sit in the living room.

I’ll take some fruit.”

It was when the mother and daughter had a chat in the kitchen.

A large doll popped up from behind.

“I’ll peel it, mother.”

“Ha, it’s okay.”

Taekyung, who readily stepped out, held a tray of fruits in his hand.

So-young’s mother was surprised and dissuaded Taekyung, but he did not step down easily.

Taekyung gently took over the tray in an attitude that did not feel coercive.

“I’m good at peeling fruits, mother.”

“……I’ll just do it.”

When So-young, who was standing still, reached out her hand awkwardly, Taekyung smiled and shook his head playfully.

“You shouldn’t.”

“I can do this much.”

“It’s because I’m nervous.

You came home after a long time, so you should just rest.”

So-young’s mother, who was watching the two jokingly bickering, kicked her tongue as if it was worth knowing.

“Soyoung, do you always do that at home You’re going to push everything to Taekyung”

“No, that’s not it…”

The prickly So-young hurriedly made excuses, but her mother turned toward Taekyung without pretending to see her.

“In fact, my child doesn’t do this at home, so she’s a little clumsy.

Since she lives alone anyway, she has to cook, so I don’t want her to slack off with housework.”

“She won’t have to get used to housework in the future, mother.”

It was a heart full of affection for his daughter.

Taekyung gently folded his eyes and smiled, returning the answer she wanted to hear the most.

“And I’m volunteering because I like it.

You had a hard time preparing lunch, but please let me do this much.”

The two, unable to win because of Taekyung’s stubbornness, eventually headed to the living room.

So-young’s mother whispered to her in a small voice.

“Your boyfriend looks so polite and nice.”


“How can a man look so pretty His smile…….

I’m a little worried because he can be stubborn.”

So-young’s mother sighed quietly.

So-young smiled and hugged her waist.

“Hey, don’t worry.

He’s good to you right now, but he is usually hard on other people.

I tried hard to give him trust while we were dating.”

“Then I’m glad…”

While the two were talking about a lot of things, Taekyung came back with fruits that were cut prettily.

The four sat around the sofa in the living room and bit each piece of cool and sweet apple into their mouth.

“I went out to play golf not too long ago.

Have you ever been to a golf course near Osan What was the name of that place….”

The most excited of the four was So-young’s father.

Unlike usual, he talked about golf with a pleasant face.

It was a boring topic, but Taekyung listened to him as if it were the most interesting story in the world.

Soyoung was grateful to Taekyung like that.

When she was conscious of the comfortable atmosphere, she even felt proud.

“Excuse me for a second.”

By the time the fruit was almost finished, Taekyung, who woke up from his seat, brought a package of gifts he had left at the entrance.

So-young’s parents, who saw it, opened their eyes wide.


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