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“Even though you’re attracted to me, you did not admit that fact.

So you didn’t approach me.

But once you opened your heart, that was enough.”



Tae-kyung stared at So-young with a sharp gaze, as if trying to dig for the truth.

She wanted to tell him whether it was a protest or an excuse.

She wanted to tell him ‌she really wanted to confess her sincerity this time when he returned to Korea.

But she didn’t know what she could have done when such rumors became a fact, and that she became even more scared because she really liked him.


However, there was no way she could say that.

Taekyung’s words are not wrong at all.

If So-young had sincerely trusted his affection, or if she had a tiny will to trust his faith…… She would not have ended the relationship as if she was running away.

She should have checked whether the rumor was true first.

However, So-young did not, and in the end, all she gave Taekyung was repeated rejection.

Far from affection, she could not even show her honesty.

Recalling that Taekyung always poured only consistent affection onto her, it was a terrible exchange of emotions.

Recalling the fact, she felt a sharp scratch on her chest.

“The fact that you didn’t trust me until the end…”

Taekyung blurred the end of his speech with a painful expression.

At the word “end” from his mouth, So-young was shocked.

So-young was prepared to end her relationship with Tae-kyung and said goodbye to him.

As she met his cold, sunken gaze with no trace of affection, Soyoung truly realized what she had lost.

“……It’s your fault that you didn’t even give me the least trust.”

So-young opened her mouth but couldn’t say anything.

This was because emotions swirled in her heart and made her stop talking.

There seemed to be too much to say, yet on the contrary, there seemed to be nothing to say.

How So-young’s distorted expression was interpreted, Tae-kyung said it in a bitter voice.

“I don’t want to force you to do anything, so don’t make that face.”


“I’m sorry that this happened.”

“… Team leader.”

The moment Soyoung opened her mouth, Taekyung let go of the doorknob he was holding.

As he turned his back without hesitation, her heart pounded loudly.

As if the ship that had barely endured the high waves had been wrecked as it was, her stomach rumbled loudly, causing even momentary dizziness.

Soyoung did not know why she made an assumption.

It was Taekyung who came all the way here, and she thought that he would put down his pride and give her another chance like he had always done… She had such a shameless hope.

However, it was only So-young’s vain expectation.

There was no more chance for her.

However, as it is…….

“Wait, team leader…”


Soyoung, who had been standing blankly, moved her legs, which had stayed in place as if they had been nailed to the ground.

However, the heavy iron gate slammed and closed quickly.

The door blocking her eyes felt like Taekyung’s refusal, and Soyoung froze as it was.


So-young, who was left alone, trembled helplessly.

In front of Taekyung, her pale cheeks quickly heated up.

An indescribable emotional upheaval swept through her.

Soyoung remained in place for a long time, reflecting on the indescribable misery.

* * *

The next day, when So-young went to work with a pale face, the atmosphere of the company was serious.

As soon as she sat down, Manager Joo, who dragged her chair towards her, whispered with a tense face.

“Manager Han, you didn’t hear that, did you”

Soyoung was sick and tired of rumors.

People who just talk about other people’s stories might just mislead someone, making them lose something really important.

However, since she couldn’t show it, So-young glanced at Manager Joo instead of answering.

As she interpreted the gaze, she whispered in a lower voice.

“It was crazy yesterday.

The team leader seemed to respond strongly to the secretary and the staff who distributed the hidden photos.

That picture… It turned out that it was his sister and nephew.

He knew they returned to Korea when he returned home, but the rumors spread to the company then.”


“No, but why would she stay at the team leader’s house while leaving a decent house That’s kind of weird, too.

I’m not saying that the people who spread rumors did a good job.

Anyway…… I hope everything is fine with them.”

Manager Joo muttered to herself with an uncomfortable face.

Soyoung couldn’t overcome the unbearable misery and bowed her head.

The regret of bothering her all night was dim again.

The people who spread rumors about Taekyung changed their faces as if they had never done so.

They took a step back from the troubles and did not hesitate to criticize those who had been frivolous.

As if they were also harmed because of them.


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