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Chapter 96: My Name Is Mr.



Newcomer Liu wiped the saliva on the corner of his mouth and looked at the face in front of the machine.

He stretched his hand toward Wang Wen and said, “What is your name, Captain”

Wang Wen smiled and said, “My name is Mr.


Newcomer Liu twitched his eyelid and said, with an awkward smile, “Mr.

A, you are young and promising, indeed!”

Wang Wen shook his hand.

“No, no, you are too polite.”

Newcomer Liu laughed awkwardly.

Then, Wang Wen said a few words to Zhu Xingguo and walked toward the third portal.

There was a limited amount of medicinal powder, so there was no time to waste.

He did not make a small spitter after walking to the third teleportation door.

Instead, he took out some medicinal powder and mixed it with water.

He adjusted it until it was thick enough, then he poured it into a pump.

He adjusted the outlet to hover high in the sky.

Below, he used a mechanism that looked like a leaky tank to connect the pump back.

That formed a flow of water that flowed from high up.

The center of the flow of water passed through the portal.

When the little bat flew out, it was drenched in that potion.

The bat was angry.

It licked the corner of its mouth and burrowed into the ground with a squeak.

Ren Ruoruo asked curiously, “Why dont you continue to make the small spitter machine”

Wang Wen said helplessly, “I didnt expect to use so many spitters.

The materials were only enough to make two.

We can only use other methods for the rest.”

Ren Ruoruo blinked and asked again, “Then why dont we use that kind of water flow”

Wang Wen looked at the circulating water flow and sighed.

“Its a waste of medicinal powder.”

Newcomer Liu ran over to him.

When he saw another new mechanism, his expression became more serious.

He said, “Mr.

A, I think—”

While he was talking, Wang Wen was already walking toward the fourth portal without stopping.

Perhaps it was because he needed a lot of medicinal powder, his actions were swift.

He did not waste a single second.

When the water mechanism in front of the fourth portal was completed, the overall situation in the Square Formation was also temporarily decided.

The self-destructing monsters would go to sleep.

That meant the boss monsters would not split unnecessarily.

The most difficult problem had been resolved!

The only thing left was to get rid of the thousands of giant cockroaches in the field.

At that point, Newcomer Lius confidence skyrocketed.

He approached Wang Wen and introduced himself, saying, “I am not good at making mechanisms.

But I am an excellent fighter.


A, can you please leave the rest to me”

Wang Wen looked at him and smiled, “I dont dare to trouble you, Mr.


We should practice more.

There arent many good opportunities like this.”

Hearing that sentence, he realized it sounded vaguely familiar.

Newcomer Liu thought hard.

Did he not say that to him not long ago

Newcomer Liu looked embarrassed after being hit in the face with familiar words.

He smiled and said, “Ive offended you.

Please forgive me, Mr.


Ren Ruoruo looked at him with a smile.


Liu, arent you leaving the tower”

Newcomer Lius mood was extremely low at that moment.

When he heard Ren Ruoruos words, he quickly bowed and cupped his hands.

“I have been too muddle-headed.

Please dont mention things like leaving the tower again.”


If it were not for those two sincere words, I would not give you a dime.” After Wang Wen requested a machete from Zhu Xingguo, he said, “You two keep an eye on the mechanism.

Remember to get me when the medicine runs out.”

Then, he raised his chin at the stunned Newcomer Liu and said, “Mr.

Liu, please, fight as many as possible.

Ill cover for you.”

Newcomer Liu stared blankly at the machete in Wang Wens hand and asked in puzzlement, “From the looks of it, you are planning to fight with me”

Wang Wen waved his machete.

Ren Ruoruo said, “Not only will he fight with you, but hell also cover for you.

Do you know what it means It means that if you cant finish off all the monsters, our captain will do that for you.”

“Huh” Newcomer Liu opened his mouth with a stiff expression, wanting to laugh.

He realized that the three people around him were serious and did not seem to be joking at all.

An inexplicable fire suddenly rose in his heart.

‘Okay, I admit that Im not good at making drugs or using mechanisms.

I am only good at fighting, but that is to destroy my last resort.

‘ Newcomer Liu called the drone and slowly took back the relics that he had stored.

It was his weapon.

A two-handed ax with a long handle.

“The rare item on the 300th floor is a Blood-devouring Demon Ax.” Newcomer Liu lifted the corner of his clothes and wiped the ax.

“The more you kill, the harder it is, and the more powerful it is.

Since you want to test me, Mr.

A, I cant refuse, so Ill just have to make do!”

The two-handed ax flew out of his hands as soon as he finished his words, spinning in the air and hacking into the giant cockroaches.

A startling movement.

There was a loud explosion when the two-handed ax landed on the ground.

A dozen giant cockroaches in that circle were instantly shattered.

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoran could not help but swallow their saliva and move away from the battle zone.

Newcomer Liu looked at Wang Wen and silently clenched his teeth.

He charged into the monster horde.

He avoided the claws that were chasing him.

If he could not avoid them, he punched the car-sized monster a few meters backward.

The corner of his mouth curled as he rushed to the side of the two-handed ax and gripped the handle.

“Ha!” He took out his two-handed ax.

As the axs blade sliced through the air, it split apart a massive cockroach.

A few more cockroaches exploded as the ax hit the ground.

He swung his ax and hacked into the monster pile.

Claw shell fragments flew everywhere.

An empty belt appeared, five meters wide and dozens of meters long.

The number of giant cockroaches crushed on both sides was unknown.

Newcomer Liu came to a halt at the end of the empty belt.

He smiled smugly as he held his two-handed ax and looked at Wang Wen, who was outside the group of monsters.

After laughing for a while, he vomited.

Even with professional training, he was bound to feel dizzy and woozy after spinning so many times.

In addition, various juices were flowing and stinking in the pile of monsters.

He felt dizzy after standing there for a short while.

Newcomer Liu quickly swung his ax and went in another direction.

He lifted the ax handle, spun it a few times, walked a few steps, and cut down again from behind.

Two rounds of exploding a circle of cockroaches were insufficient.

He took out his two-handed ax, spun it, and drew a semicircle.

The edge of the two-handed ax suddenly glowed with a blood-red light at that moment.

The moment it touched down, a blood-red flame erupted from the point of contact, quickly spreading into a large circular burning area.

The giant cockroaches in the area vanished and melted in front of their eyes, like snowflakes falling into boiling water.

The two new cockroaches that emerged from the void trailed close behind and continued to melt.

One turned into two, two turned into four, and four turned into eight.

All of the giant cockroaches in the area would melt in less than a half-second if the blood-red flames in the area did not disappear.

That phenomenon far exceeded the power of ordinary people.

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo, on the outside watching the battle, retreated further and further away.

They had already retreated to the square formations edge and leaned against the wall to survey the fields center.

Newcomer Liu was still not satisfied.


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