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Chapter 73: The Mysterious Mr.


It was just like Wang Wen had always despised.

The scientific decryption process was extremely tedious.

The trick was to be able to disassemble and reassemble it by hand.

The occasional big explosion was a wake-up call.

The experience was as pleasant as camping in the Survival in the Wild level.

Only scientific decryption contained a large number of tiresome text messages.

Wang Wen could not stand the monotonous work in that confined space.

He was the type of weirdo who would rather squat in a time-limited secret room than engage in scientific decryption if he had enough time to come across one or two small mechanisms that resembled a password.

He was adamant about not seeing the text messages!

He had to calm down and look carefully in order to pass the level.

That caused him to have a headache every time he saw the time-limited secret room.

Considering the professionalism of an all-rounder tower climber, he could only grievously hypnotize himself.

He told himself that he was honing his spiritual power.

In reality, his spiritual power would grow in his previous life every time he entered the time-limited secret room that needed scientific decryption.

His teammates would always gasp in admiration and envy.

Mind training was excruciatingly painful, and there were no 100% effective training methods on the market.

Most existing training required them to confront the thing they were most afraid of.

Unfortunately, more often than not, it did not work.

In order to break through, spiritual masters had to seek out more painful stimuli constantly.

Wang Wen did not do that.

Every time he entered a time-limited secret room, his spiritual power would undoubtedly grow.

He could not find any bottlenecks.

As a result, he only had to train his spiritual power to become a spiritual master.

He would probably be the first person in the human race to break through to become a spiritual master if the checkpoints in the World Tower were random and the simulated non-lethal secret rooms were ineffective against him.

Many people envied him for his talent in raising spiritual power so easily.

No one had ever thought of such a situation⁠—how much damage did the time-limited secret room do to him

The taste was like drinking water.

Perhaps only he knew how much unknown torture he had endured behind his calm facade.

And how much willpower and endurance he required to keep himself from going insane and quietly passing each time the time-limited secret room raised his spiritual power.

Others would be perplexed, and he would remain silent.

In that world, he could not say anything about any kind of pain that others could not understand.

Otherwise, he would come across as arrogant.

As a result, he would always smile and accept his teammates envy.

When in good spirits, he waved his hand and cracked a joke.

Skinny Boys scientific decryption skills were unbeatable in his previous life.

He would frequently finish deciphering his own share ahead of time and still be unsatisfied.

If he saw Wang Wen reading a large pile of text messages while looking as if he was constipated, Skinny Boy would help him.

Wang Wen admired him very much.

What kind of great person would be willing to solve another persons puzzle

He was too noble!

One might think he was a saint!

Unfortunately, Skinny Boy was not there to assist him in solving the puzzle that day.

He had to rely on himself.

Wang Wen frowned and crouched in a corner.

As he recovered his strength, he looked at the massive pile of text messages.

He felt constipated.

After all, he was an all-rounder tower climber.

Even if he was only an entry-level master, he could solve the time-limited secret room before it was too late.

He was surprised to see the entrance to the next floor appear.

Wang Wen wiped away the two lines of blood that flowed from his nostrils casually.

He noticed a prominent increase in his spiritual power.

He smiled and shook his head.

He stood in front of the entrance.

He waited until the time was up and the secret room began to collapse.

Then he stepped onto the 18th floor.

Light and shadow swirled.

The scene before him made him dizzy.

Speed mechanism again!

The pairing process should be one of the few times in the World Tower when one can relax and feel at ease.

Most lone rangers who do not have a fixed team enjoy that period of relaxation to deal with the next round of levels more effectively.

The World Towers 20th floor.

Two men and two women were chatting leisurely in a convenient supermarket-style aisle.

The first man said, “What a coincidence! It seems like everyone has met the mysterious Mr.


The news about you climbing to the 100th floor in only two days has been a sensation, indeed!”

The first woman said, “Climbing to the 100th floor in two days”

The second man said, “What You didnt know about this I thought you said youve worked together”

The woman replied, “No, I met him earlier.

At that time, he was still on the 20th floor.

I left the tower after that.”

The second woman said, “Then, it looks like you havent heard about Mr.

As strength.

I was on the 70th floor at the time.

You know that the Life Harvester is always on the 69th floor.

Most people who just reached the 70th floor would be in a half-dead state, but he was in high spirits! I asked him if he was lucky not to run into the gas chamber.

He smiled and said he was fortunate that he ran into it and collected a lot of materials.

I was shocked! When other people ran into the gas chamber, they would lose a layer of skin, but when he ran into the poison gas chamber, he was collecting materials! This poison master is too scary!”

The first woman asked, “Poison master”

The second woman replied, “Of course! Other than a poison master, who else could have passed the 69th floor so easily At that time, thanks to his poison powder, we were able to pass through the 70th floor safely.

Otherwise, the monsters would have eaten at least two people! Im not exaggerating! He looked so handsome when he charged into the monsters and scattered the poison powder! I would never forget it, and I had wanted to see him again!”

The first man said, “Its not just the poison master, right When I encountered the insect plague, he single-handedly eliminated more insects than the four of us.

The key point was that we had a big shot who used more than a hundred rare items.

The flames burned many insects, but even then, he could not catch up to this combat master! ”

The first woman asked, “Combat master”

The second man said, “Thats just childs play.

I met him on the 100th floor.

Do you know what he said He said that he was in a hurry! It was violent extreme level, but he forcefully broke through the barrier and cleared it! That was the 100th floor! How did he do that It did not even take half an hour! This mechanism master is too terrifying! My scalp was numb back then.

I still dont know what I think about it!”

The first woman asked, “Mechanism master”

The rest of the group was speechless.

“How did you not know anything” they asked in unison as they stared at the woman.

The woman had an innocent and aggrieved look on her face.

“I dont know.”

Just as the four of them were getting more excited as they chatted, each describing their admiration for Mr.

A, a figure dashed out of the portal.

Everyone turned to look.

They noticed a sweaty man with a pale face and messy hair lying on the ground, foaming at the mouth and twitching his limbs.

His back was also covered in blood stains.

The four of them were stunned.

The first man asked the other, “What floor was that”

“The 20th,” the second man replied somewhat flatly.

The second woman covered her forehead.

“What He has only climbed 19 floors, and hes already in that state.

How weak is he Is he still a student ”

The second man said helplessly, “Its the norm on lower floors.

Some average climbers overestimate themselves and fantasize about getting rich overnight.

He doesnt know whats good for him.

Its too pathetic.

Hes lucky that he met our group on the 100th floor, and he won because of us.”

The others looked pleased.

They sighed at the newcomers good luck.

The first woman did not say anything.

Her gaze was fixed on the person on the ground, and she felt that he looked familiar.


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