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Chapter 71: Fight To Your Death

“Dont worry.” Brawny Man took some time to look at Wang Wen.

He smiled and said, “The two of us work well together.

Its no problem to take them down.

As he spoke, the bats that had lost their original target flew to his side and started biting.

The cockroaches were the primary attackers, while the bats also harassed him.

For a moment, Brawny Man was overwhelmed.

The cockroach scratched his cheek, and blood immediately oozed out of the wound.

“Draw it away, draw it away!”

Brawny Man screamed in pain.

There was no response.

Wang Wen, who had always caught the small monsters in time, did not help him catch the bat next to him.

He just stood quietly in his own corner and teased the bat leisurely.

Seeing that Brawny Man was staring at him, Wang Wen shook his head and said, “I cant catch it.

I have to look after this corner.”

“You⁠—” The muscular man realized that things were not looking good.

It looked like Wang Wen was a rookie; there were very few monsters in that corner.

How could he have made a wrong judgment

However, there were too many monsters around him, and the situation was critical.

Brawny Man shouted, “There are not many bats there.

Help me distract these first.

However, there was still no response.

The bat bit into his ear again.

The six cockroaches attacks became tight.

Brawny Man saw that something would happen if that continued.

He took out a bottle that contained some unknown liquid and drank it.

Then, with a loud shout, he deflected the six cockroaches attacks and swung his blade.

The swift and vicious blade flashed with silver light and struck one of the cockroaches.

It slashed its skull in half.

The ground was covered in a sticky yellow liquid.

However, before he could catch his breath, the cockroach that had its head blown off swayed and split into two.

There were eight big monsters then!

“Lure it away!”

Brawny Man was really anxious.

Even though his level was higher than the others in the tower, he had only reached the 200th floor and was not invincible.

“Lure what away” Wang Wen leisurely stood in the corner and quietly looked at him.

“Lure the bat away!”

“What bat I only see you turning into bat sh*t.”

“You⁠—” Brawny Man was furious.

Wang Wen smiled in the corner.

“Its a pity.

If you were confident you could fight the boss monsters and all the other small monsters, then you could have changed the reward distribution mode to kill mode before the level started.

“If that were the case, even if the others leave the group, the Square Formation would still be yours.

“Its a pity that your skill level isnt high enough, so you still have to rely on your team members to help keep the monsters at bay.

That was why you deliberately controlled your speed and slowed down.

You were confident that you could complete the remaining kills.

When the others couldnt hold on and leave the tower, youd deal with the boss monsters alone because they wouldnt split anymore.

Naturally, the points will go into your pocket without a hitch.

At least 500,000 points as a reward.

Youre too ambitious!”

Wang Wens analysis caused sweat to appear on Brawny Mans forehead.

He did not expect the guy to see through his entire plan.

He was right.

He had deliberately controlled his speed so that more small bats would appear at the corners.

He thought that Wang Wen would also leave after the bats besieged him.

However, the young man had given up on capturing the remaining bats in the corners and quietly returned to his corner after Leather-jacket Man had also left the tower.

Had the young man seen through his plan from that moment He knew he could not capture all the bats, so he deliberately hid far away and only controlled the number of monsters in one corner so that Brawny Man would die under the siege of all the monsters in the area.

‘Didnt anyone see who I am paying homage to in this plot Isnt it almost the same Such words deserve admiration, right As usual, my team members dont like to talk, so even if I ridicule them discreetly, no one would notice it.

“Brother⁠—” Brawny Man was also pretty smart.

When he realized that Wang Wen was not a good person, he tried to persuade him.

“Lets not talk about that.

We dont even know those three people.

If we work together, we can still split the profit evenly.

We have already split it into at least 400,000 points each.

Isnt that good ”

“Half I prefer to get it all!” Wang Wen said lightly.


Brawny Man gritted his teeth.

“You can initiate a temporary change in the distribution mode.

Ill agree to give you all the points.

As long as I can pass the level and enter the next level, Im fine with that.”

Without Wang Wens help, Brawny Man knew that he would not be able to hold on, so he could only give in.

“I dont believe you!”

“Then what do you want” Brawny Man even spoke faster.

He had no idea what effect the liquid he had just drank had on him.

The wounds on his body showed no signs of healing, and the bleeding appeared to be worsening.

There were already seven cockroaches around him, and he could not deal with them in his current state.

He even had to shift his focus to negotiating with Wang Wen.

He was in a sorry state.

He had already memorized Wang Wens appearance.

He swore that he would teach that guy a lesson.

“Dont worry about what I want.

Just leave the tower in peace.

“You… youre crazy! There are so many cockroaches and bats.

If I leave, wont you also have to go No one will be able to get any points!” The densely packed bats bit the Brawny Mans hands and feet, and not a single bit of his skin was exposed.

“Brother, theres no need to fight to your death!”

In a short period, his chest was covered with bats.

“Are you an idiot!”

His back was also full.

“F*ck, you dont want to live anymore Do you know how powerful the Yuelun Group is “The bats spread from his neck upward.

“Youre finished!” The head that kept shaking announced that it had fallen.

“Damn it!”By the end, the bats had covered his nose and mouth.

A white light appeared, and the world fell silent.

Only Wang Wen remained in the field at the time.

All of the monsters, big and small, pounced on him, including the human-shaped bats.

Wang Wen smiled faintly.

He tossed the sack to the side and took a small bottle from his pocket with his other hand.

He carefully opened the bottle cap and sprinkled some powder-like objects on the sack.

The sack, which was still flapping nonstop, came to a complete halt.

He nodded and poured the remaining powder into his palm, seeing the effect.

Then he charged into the group of monsters, causing a large yellow fog to form.

Every bat that came into contact with the yellow fog plummeted to the ground.

Nobody knew whether they were dead or alive.

Soon after, the Square Formations densely packed bats were on the ground.

Most of them could not move, and a few would kick their legs every now and then.

Only seven massive cockroaches remained.

The cockroach monsters were probably excited when they saw the small monsters killed.

They hissed and slashed fiercely at the top of Wang Wens head with their front claws.

There was a muffled sound on the flat ground.

It felt like rocks falling from the mountains, a tornado in the sea, a thunderstorm in the dome, and the land sinking underground.

The seven cockroach monsters the size of cars appeared to have been hit by a massive force and flew back in groups.

At that time, if someone looked down from the sky, they would see a fan-shaped crack in the ground of the Square Formation with Wang Wen at the center.

It was as if a transparent prehistoric beast had kicked hard at that exact spot.


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