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Chapter: 54: Every Injustice Has Its Head, And Every Debt Has Its Owner

The news reached the First Consortiums intelligence department almost at the same time.

Tong Xiaolei reported that an unknown force attacked the Tiansheng Group Group.

“The main building collapsed, and at least three people were killed.”

The old man raised his head and asked, “Wheres Wang Wen”

“Hes still at the Cheng familys dinner,” Tong Xiaolei said, pulling out the tablet.

“He hasnt left for a single moment.

The old man frowned.

“If its not him, then who was it”

“According to eyewitnesses, the attacker was a man in green wearing a mask.

He claimed to be from the academy,” Tong Xiaolei said, holding the tablet.

“Impossible.” The old man shook his head.

“An elite team guards the main building.

His strength should not be lower than the 500th floor to be able to cause such a large commotion.

There is no such person at the academy.”

Tong Xiaolei asked curiously, “Then who do you think it was”

That question seemed to give the old man a headache.

He took off his glasses and rubbed his temples.

After a long time, he said, “We can eliminate Wang Wen.

His strength is comparable to Mo Rans.

Its impossible for him to defeat the elite team.

Furthermore, he has been staying with the Cheng family since he left the tower.

“As for the rest…”

The old man thought for a moment and said, “Check the elite teams of the other consortiums, especially those who have grudges with the Tiansheng Group.

See if they have done anything.”

“I want to see him, dead or alive!” Zheng Xiaodong gnashed his teeth as he looked at the ruins of the main building.

He growled, “Dig three feet into the ground and find him!”

The seven elite tower climbers around him agreed.

Just as they were about to set off on their journey.

A figure slowly walked out of the dust not far away.

He said, in a muffled voice, “No need to trouble yourself.

Ill come to you.”

“Youre not dead”

Zheng Xiaodong examined the green-clothed man, who was unharmed.

His back began to sweat profusely.

The seven elites appeared to be up against a formidable foe.

They arranged themselves carefully in a formation to block him.

The man in green walked in front of him.

He looked at the seven people who were waiting in formation.

He adjusted his mask and said, “Where are the people from the academy”

Zheng Xiaodong was very stubborn.

Even though his own companys building had been demolished, he still refused to answer.

Instead, he asked, “Who are you Are you so determined to make an enemy of the Tiansheng Group You must understand that no matter how powerful you are, you are only one person, and the Tiansheng Group is global!”

“Aside from you, does anyone know where the academys people are imprisoned” The man in green abruptly asked a new question.

Zheng Xiaodong did not understand.

“What do you mean”

The man in green said, “Since you were so long-winded, should I kill you now before going to find someone else to ask”

“Everyone gets ten times the reward; kill him for me!” After giving the order, Zheng Xiaodong turned around and got into a vehicle.

The eyes of the seven elites lit up, and they launched a coordinated attack.

All kinds of colorful lights instantly exploded in the sky and on the ground.

In the next second, they all shrank to one side.

Whether it was frost or fire, or rocks or lightning,

They all shrank to one side.

They were on the left side of the man in green.

At that moment, the seven elites bared their fangs and brandished their claws at the man in green.

The air distorted due to the intense temperature difference.

And the palm appeared to contain the entire world.

It was like a frozen moment that would live on in the minds of all the witnesses for the rest of their lives.

Then it gently bloomed, with a dreamy and beautiful color, as well as sweat forced out of the pores of the seven elites.


All the colors vanished, and the world became a brilliant white.

All the sounds had also vanished, leaving only a beeping sound in his ears.

Half a second later, a ring-shaped shock wave spread from within.

It blew away all the hovering dust created by the buildings collapse, revealing the shocking ruins.

It was then buried by more dust.

Zheng Xiaodongs car did not have time to move far before it overturned on the ground.

The man in green strolled out of the impact rings center.

He had excellent self-control at the time.

Aside from the seven Tiansheng Group elites, the aftermath of his attack killed no one else.

He stood next to the overturned commercial vehicle, adjusted his smiley-face mask, and swatted a few bullets that flew his way.

He knelt and dragged Zheng Xiaodongs bleeding head out of the shattered window.

“Can you let them go now” he asked politely.

Zheng Xiaodongs mouth was dripping with blood.

He nodded and said incoherently, “Ill take you there.”

“Okay.” The man in green casually lifted the overturned commercial vehicle and asked politely, “Shall we take the car or walk”

“Go, just walk.” Zheng Xiaodong was scared out of his wits.

He quickly took the lead and walked to the back of the group building.

Not long after that, the two of them went around to the back of the building and stopped in the shadow of a large mountain rock.

Zheng Xiaodong reached out and pressed the switch, despite his stumbling.

A hole appeared in the ground, and within it was a staircase that descended.

Zheng Xiaodong almost fell because he was dizzy.

His remaining guards rallied to his side.

He exhaled deeply and pointed to the stairwell.

“They are confined below.”

The man in green lifted his chin.

“Lead the way.”

One of Zheng Xiaodongs guards said recklessly, “Cant you see that we are already here”

The speakers head exploded.

Zheng Xiaodongs body was covered in strangely shaped flesh and blood.

Zheng Xiaodongs entire body shook.

He did not even dare to look and hurriedly led the way down the stairs.

There was an open passageway at the bottom.

The surroundings were completely covered in cement.

A thick steel door resembling a bank vault stood at the end of the passageway.

The man in green followed Zheng Xiaodong to the door and stood there quietly, watching him open it with a trembling hand.

As soon as the door was opened, a sickening stench erupted from within.

Greenish-gray bodies filled the corners of the walls.

Some of them had started to rot.

A few people with unfocused eyes and pale faces sat in the center.

No one knew what they had gone through, but they were unmoved even when they saw the door open, waiting to die.

It was probably not a good memory.

A few minutes later, the ambulances arrived.

No one dared to stop it because of the man in greens deterrence.

Ambulances drove in groups to the ground entrance.

Everyone turned away when they brought the bodies out.

Their faces were pale.

Even the experienced medical staffs faces paled.

No one spoke.

No one dared to speak on behalf of the Tiansheng Group unless Zheng Xiaodong took the initiative.

On the academys side, no one took the initiative, and no one spoke up.

The man in green silently watched as all the bodies were loaded into vehicles.

Then, he nodded and said to Zheng Xiaodong, “Get in.”

Zheng Xiaodong was stunned.

“Go where”

“Inside.” The man in green raised his chin toward the prison cell.

Zheng Xiaodong reacted instantly.

Tears immediately welled in his eyes.

He cried out loudly, “Your Majesty, spare my life!”

He was kicked into the prison cell without waiting for him to cry again.

The door closed with a rumble.

The man in green looked at the people.

He said, in a muffled voice, “Every injustice has its head, and every debt has its owner.

Right now, I only have him in custody.

But if anyone dares to open the door or send food, I will lock them with him.

After he finished speaking, he walked out of the passageway and went back to the ground level.

The people below exchanged puzzled looks.

The young masters shrill screams escaped through the vent, but no one moved.

One of them asked, “Have you contacted Director Qin”

“Hes already on his way back.”


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