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Chapter 47: Exit the Tower

The womans face paled when she was refuted by the same sentence.

However, the witch was indeed a witch.

Her temperament was on a completely different level from that of a mortal.

Her expression only flickered for a few seconds before it immediately turned into a timid and sweet smile as she coaxed Wang Wen, “Good brother, I know Ive done you wrong.

Dont be angry, okay Ill let you punish me after I exit the tower.

Ill do whatever you want!”

When Wang Wen heard that, his eyes lit up, and he asked with certainty, “Youll do whatever I want”

“Yes, yes!” The woman smiled and nodded vigorously.

So Wang Wen nodded.

He shared his plan with her.

It turned out that Wang Wen had hit the bugs to observe why they had grown larger.

He had attacked, and he had deliberately kept one bug alive from the beginning to the end to watch it grow.

After watching for a while, he confirmed that there seemed to be a connection between the bugs.

If one bug died, the bug that woke up would grow by a large margin.

Its speed and body strength would also increase.

That change was not noticeable.

Only after observing for some time would one see the difference.

That was also the reason the others did not feel that something was amiss.

They understood what the floor needed.

The woman and Wang Wen looked at each other.

That made them think of a similar situation on a super high level of the World Tower.

It was a unique difficulty found on the 590th floor.

Countless enemies had to be defeated, and each time one was defeated, the remaining enemies grew stronger.

Fighting until the end would become increasingly difficult.

It would not only require a lot of physical strength, but it was also very easy to get injured, leave the tower, or die.

It was a nightmare-like challenge.

Even Wang Wens team, at their peak, would have a headache unless they found a shortcut or another way to pass.

However, one would only find that on some floors after the 500th floor.

It was not strange that they would encounter such difficulty.

However, how many floors had they gone through

How abnormal was the World Tower to have such difficulty in the lower levels

Were they crazy

There must be a shortcut!

Wang Wen pursed his lips and retreated to the center of the hall, carefully observing every wall in an attempt to find another way.

As for the woman…

She was depressed after she confirmed the rules of that level.

As one of the worlds top tower climbers, she knew better than anyone how terrifying that rule was.

It was impossible to solve.

That rule was clearly intended to discourage people from climbing the tower.

If they were unlucky, all they had to do was stop climbing the tower and wait another week.

She hoped she would be fortunate to one day avoid that deterrent.

She looked at Wang Wen, who was still thinking.

She could not help but feel guilty.

He was a wonderful young man.

His strength was adequate, as was his temperament.

It was unfortunate that he was not very smart.

“Little brother.” The woman took a pen out of nowhere, grabbed Wang Wens hand, and wrote a number on the back of her hand.

She said, “Not all hard work is meaningful.

Climbing a tower is not something that can be done just by relying on ones passion.

This time, I have been too unlucky to encounter such a level.

Im ready to leave the tower.

Remember my number, and remember to contact me.”

Wang Wen looked at the number on the back of his hand and said, somewhat helplessly, “Since you have a pen, why dont you get a piece of paper to write it down for me Im still climbing the tower, so Ill sweat and remove it.”

The woman smiled sweetly.

“Im sure you will exit the tower very soon.”

Wang Wen saw her poised to wield her power at any moment and could not help but speak the truth.

“Actually, at my age, I can be your father.”

The womans eyes widened in surprise.

“I call you a brother, and you want to be my father”

Wang Wen watched speechlessly as the woman hopped away.

She said something to the two men on the other side, and they started waving goodbye.

The tall man and the woman both turned into white light and vanished.

The big-headed young man gave Wang Wen a hesitant glance before continuing to fight the bugs on the womans wall alone.

He was still hesitant to give up the opportunity to trade a bug for 100 points.

After all, the tall man went to the tower to date the woman, and he had no chance at all.

How could he give up money again when there were no beautiful women


He had no love.

How could he give up his career

Wang Wen wanted to remind him to be careful of those strong insects.

He thought about it and gave up.

They met by chance.

He should not stop others from making money.

He was also a poor and ordinary person.

He should also join the ranks of those who work hard to earn money.

Wang Wen smiled.

He raised his hammer and smashed it into the pile of insects.

Did all efforts have meaning

Who would care if it had meaning or not

“Director Cheng, the tower guards havent seen the target leave the tower,” Xiao Liu reported as he stood in front of the mahogany desk.

Director Cheng, who was browsing through the documents on his optical computer, nodded to indicate that he had heard him.

Xiao Liu waited for a while but saw no further instructions.

He exited the office quietly.

Director Cheng looked at the optical computer screen and thought for a while.

He closed the computer with his wrist and picked up his phone to make a call.

A girls voice came from the other end of the phone.

“Dad, are you getting off work”

“Xiao Yi.” Director Cheng adjusted his glasses and said with a heavy tone, “Its been two days, and I still havent seen that child come out of the tower.

How could he have already—”

Cheng Qiaoyi said cheerfully, “No.

The great hero in my heart will definitely step out of the tower on the colorful auspicious clouds and wipe out all the evil enemies!”

Director Cheng was stunned; he shook his head with a bitter smile.

Wipe out “Silly girl…”

However, the other end of the phone did not give him the chance to continue.

She yelled, “Dad, what time do you get off work today Mom and I are planning to eat dumplings stuffed with pickled cabbage and pork tonight! Do you want steamed, soup, or fried dumplings”

Director Cheng thought about it and deliberately smiled mischievously.

“I dont want any of the three.

Ill eat dried fish.

Ill peel the garlic when I come back.

Just help me make some sauce.”

He hung up the phone.

Director Cheng was silent for a long time.

In the end, he let out a long sigh.

‘Silly girl, that was the Tiansheng Group.

How could he defeat them

“Boss, Wang Wen still hasnt left the tower.” Tong Xiaolei counted the time and analyzed it.

“According to the normal efficiency of climbing the tower, had he already rushed to the 100th floor”

The old man looked at the paper document without raising his head and said, “With his strength tied with Mo Rans, there was nothing strange about him reaching the 100th floor.”

“Even if that is the case, isnt reaching the 100th floor for the first time too terrifying for someone who has never entered the tower” Tong Xiaolei was at a loss for words.

“Is that guy a monster”

The old man put down his pen.

He raised his head and looked her in the eyes.

“You have been paying a lot of attention to Wang Wen lately, Xiao Tong.

Theres no need to continue observing the boy since he has already entered the tower.

It was his decision, good or bad.

Lets divert our attention and do what needs to be done.

The World Towers super high-level intelligence gathering is moving slowly, and the groups upper management have expressed dissatisfaction.”

Tong Xiaolei bowed her head respectfully.

“I understand.

Ill meet with Team Leader Luo right now to catch up on the progress.

He watched her leave the office.

The old man picked up his teacup and blew on it.

The image of the young and frivolous boy appeared in his mind.

He shook his head inexplicably and thought, with some self-deprecation,Im old now, so I get anxious easily.

‘Even though I know that the Tiansheng Group will crush him no matter what, I cant help but want to help him.

However, the First Consortium needed more time.

“Dean, its been two days, and weve gathered most of our students here.

What do you think we should do next ”

“Lets go and ask the Tiansheng Group for an explanation!”

“But Wang Wen is still in the World Tower.”

“Why do we care about him What can he do even if he leaves the tower How high can a first-time climber go Do you expect him to help I thought it had something to do with the First Consortium, but they did not even show up.

Well just have to rely on ourselves!”

“Very well.

Lets go ask the Tiansheng Group for an explanation!”


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