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Chapter 46: Close


A loud gunshot rang out.

The insect in front of the big-headed young man exploded like a bulls eye.

The juice splashed all over his face because the distance was too close.

Everyone in the hall was startled by the gunshot, and the men and women at the other walls turned to look around.

They saw that Wang Wen had unknowingly arrived next to the big-headed young man and raised his guns to blow up an insect.

The big-headed young man wiped his face with disgust.

His expression was unsightly, and he almost cursed out loud.

When he saw the shotgun in Wang Wens hand, he muttered unhappily, “Youre bullying me to get my insects!”

The others were probably frightened by the shotgun and felt a sense of sorrow.

The man with the gold-rimmed glasses said, “Brother, if you want the insects, we can discuss it.

Dont use your gun so easily.”

Wang Wen looked around and heard the witchs acting skills.

She said timidly, “Little brother, come to my side.

I cant kill many bugs by myself anyway.”

Wang Wen knew the womans strength well.

He realized that she knew to play to her strength.

He thought she was so disgusting that he wanted to shoot her.

He walked to her side expressionlessly and said in a low voice, “We were familiar with each other.

Its fine to lie to others, but theres no need to pretend with me, right”

The woman raised her slender eyebrows in amusement and pretended not to know anything.

She asked, “Do we know each other Are we close”

“Close” Wang Wen thought for a moment and said, “I know you, and you know me.”

The woman was so happy that she giggled.

She said, “I dont believe you.

Prove it to me!”

The other partys behavior was a little difficult to understand.

Wang Wens eyes twitched, and he turned to the people in the hall and said, in a clear voice, “Dont misunderstand, everyone.

Im not stealing the insects.

Havent you noticed that they are getting bigger”

As soon as he finished speaking, even the woman was slightly shocked.

She stopped laughing and turned around to look at the insects around her.

The more she looked, the more serious her expression became.

The reason she did not notice it before was that she was a Spiritual Master.

Usually, she did not have many opportunities to fight.

However, that did not mean that she had little experience of the World Tower.

With such strength, her level was not low.

It was very likely that she was a member of an elite team from a large group.

All the tower climbers in the world were the same.

They would want to go higher.

And with that, their reverence for the World Tower would grow too.

The more powerful they were, the more mysterious the tower was.

Experienced tower climbers would never underestimate the tower, even if they were only on the 20th floor.

Especially how things had changed.

The woman immediately and decisively stopped, quietly observing the room environment.

However, the men on the other three sides did not stop.

Especially the man with the gold-rimmed glasses on the right.

Perhaps he was unhappy when he saw Wang Wen and the woman chatting happily.

His tone also became strange.

“Whats wrong with all the men The last one screamed when an insect bit him, and now another one makes a fuss when he sees a bigger bug.”

He casually picked up a bug and held it in his hand.

Seeing the bugs wings flapping and wriggling, he laughed and said, “Whats the use of such a slow thing even if it grows bigger Isnt it just one bug”

After saying that, he threw the bug onto the wall and smashed it, causing the juice to splatter everywhere.

Then, as if he felt that killing one bug after another was too slow, he adjusted the hairdryers power a few times and blew at the bugs on the wall that did not fall.


Large patches of insect corpses withered and fell.

The man with the gold-rimmed glasses was a little stunned.

It was only then that he realized, to his horror, that not only were the tiles on the wall made of insects, but the entire wall was made of insects!

His hairdryers range increased the penetration damage.

Layer upon layer of insects awoke as a result of the blow to the wall.

The first few layers of insects fell as they were killed, but more insects flailed their wings behind them.

They tried everything they could to get out of the hairdryers attack range and counter-attack the murderer!

As a result, from the man with the gold-rimmed glasses point of view, the entire wall in front of him appeared to come to life in an instant and fall toward him in all directions.


That was the last sound he made in the world.

Everyone in the hall stood there watching as he was covered in bugs like a quilt.

He did not even have time to run before he went limp.

That scene terrified the two men on the opposite two walls.

They finally stopped fighting and refused to fight again.

They retreated to the vicinity of the other two members and nervously raised their weapons.

Wang Wen looked at their expressions.

If they were not faking it, then they were rookies.

They probably had only reached tens of floors.

They could not even compete with the academys top students who had yet to graduate.

A certain third-year senior named Li was said to have already passed a hundred levels!

He made the Dean proud!

His thoughts flew all over the place, startling the woman secretly observing him from the side and almost biting her tongue.

‘Who is that guy The three of us were already nervous, afraid, and helpless, yet he was still calm.

Was he that confident in solving any problem

That was all the woman could think about.

She pretended to go to the man with the gold-rimmed glasses and said, “Lets go and see if we can save him! Im afraid to go alone.

Which one of you will accompany me”

Wang Wen turned around as if he had not heard anything.

The big-headed young man almost shook his head off.

The tall man looked like he was struggling.

After hesitating for a while, he gritted his teeth and said, “Ill go with you!”

The young lady was moved.

She shook her head as she looked at his injured finger.

“Youre injured.

Dont take the risk.

Stay here to deal with the accident.”

The tall man was also touched.

“Little brother.” The woman reached out and pulled Wang Wens sleeve.

She asked pitifully, “Will you go with me Okay”

“No.” Wang Wen rejected her directly.

The tall man was unhappy.

He rebuked him condescendingly.

“How can you do that Were all on the same team.

We should help each other.

In this situation, we need to work together to tide over this crisis!”

Wang Wen looked at him and smiled.

“Youre not going to fight the insects Then Ill fight them!”

After saying that, he walked to the tall mans wall and happily picked off the insects, one by one.

As he hit them, he muttered, “One hundred, two hundred, three hundred.”

The tall mans face was pale.

Every hit seemed to pierce his heart.

It made him twitch.

It was similar to what the famous healing poet had written.

Daming Lake, Daming Lake.

There were lotus flowers in Daming Lake.

There were toads on the lotus flowers.

One poked, and one jumped.

The woman could not care less about pretending anymore.

She left the two of them behind and chased after Wang Wen.

She lowered her voice and said, “Stop acting.

Those two are obviously useless.

They wont be able to get off this level.

Its up to the two of us.

What do you think ”

Wang Wen turned to look at her.

He thought for a moment.

He asked curiously, “Miss, do we know each other Are we close”


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