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298 Its Too Late

Perhaps he was intimidated by Wang Wens words.

The Duckbill Beast did not waste any more time and started reading the next question.

“Please listen to the question!

“Who is the youngest among the three of you”

Zhu Xingguo asked Wang Wen, “Master, how do I spell your name”

“Begin answering!” The strange man stopped Wang Wen in time.

In reality.

Even if he did not stop them.

Wang Wen could not write it himself.

As he looked at the screen, he tried to write Mr.


That question.

As expected, he was wrong.

The strange man let out an ear-piercing cackle.

Wang Wen frowned and felt that something was wrong.

He did not write down his full name.

If he were to write it, he would be breaking the rules by revealing the answer.

If his name were the answer to the next question, he would not be able to get any of them right, right

He was worried.

Zhu Xingguo pointed at Wang Wen and asked, “What is my masters full name Explain clearly!”

“Take note of the rules!” Wang Wens expression changed.

Zhu Xingguo grinned and said, “Dont worry, Master.

I know I cant write it, so I just randomly wrote one.

Didnt the rules say that I cant reveal my answer They didnt say that I cant ask for your name, right”

The drone descended slowly onto a blue light screen.


Wang Wen raised his eyes and stared at the duckbill beast.

Everything was normal on the other side.

He did not break any rules!

Wang Wen heaved a sigh of relief.

He was surprised that his disciple had become enlightened and intelligent in one day!

He did not even have time to sigh.

Before the next question began.

“Which of you has a skill that can solve the hunger problem” the strange man asked.

“Begin answering!”


Was there even a need to say that

Both would work, whether it was the Fair Exchange or the Gourmet Bread!

Wang Wen wrote his answer—Sha Zhouleng.

Suddenly, Zhu Xingguo let out a strange sound.

“End of the answer session, wrong!”

The strange man grinned, grabbed a handful of snow on the ground, and stuffed it into his mouth, enjoying it.

Zhu Xingguos face reddened, and his neck thickened as he faced Wang Wens questioning gaze.

“I have a problem, too!” he said, pointing to the blue light screen.

Wang Wen looked at Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruos helpless expressions.

The next question was the only thing that cleared his mind.

“Who has the most points among the three of you” the strange man asked.

When Wang Wen carefully entered his full registration name, a warning message appeared on the screen.

[You are not allowed to fill in your own name.

Disclosing this information will result in failure.]


Wang Wen finally understood the meaning of the helplessness on Ren Ruoruo and Zhu Xingguos faces!

There was no reward for clearing the level at all.

Everything was just a waste of time!

“End of the answer session, wrong!”

Duckbill Beast grinned and laughed, appearing very proud.

Wang Wen waited for the strange man to stop laughing before looking at him.

With tacit understanding, Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo took out their best relics or weapons when they sensed their leaders surging killing intent.

The strange man laughed for a long time before realizing something was wrong and stopping.

He lowered his gaze.

The youngest of the three people below was holding a scepter.

The wind could not blow in, the rain could not fall, and the snow on the ground was blown away.

It was as if the entire world had avoided his aura.

“You know what Sometimes, I have feelings toward the natives that I should not have, such as sympathy or pity, but now…” Wang Wen touched the scepter with his thumb.

As he pulled the drone over and held it in his hand, he softly said in a thunderous voice, “I swear! My transcendent skill, Unity of Man and Nature, can be used unlimited times!”


Violent energy poured from his body, drawing thousands of arcs before rushing into the scepter, causing a massive tornado to erupt from the ground.

Wang Wen held the scepter in one hand and the drone in the other.

Perhaps it was due to an energy shift, or the Oath Scepter had progressed to the advanced level.

It would not affect his actions if there were no additional terms.

“If you are so capable, show me your entire progress!” Wang Wens lips curled as he looked at the drone and used his superhuman skill, Unity of Man and Nature, to connect with it.

The tornado strangely came to a halt for half a second.

Soon after that.

The escaping wind and snow reversed direction.

From the outside, they charged madly toward the scepter.

The wind that blew across the entire ice and snow world was concentrated in one direction.

The icebergs collapsed as all of the ice layers shattered.

Avalanches, tsunamis, and thunderstorms…

Heaven and earth appeared to have devolved into a person with a mental health condition who had given up on himself, made a scene, and even injured himself.

He kept tearing his body into pieces and throwing them at Wang Wen, who was holding the scepter.

It was as if the world had collapsed.

Only a one-meter radius around Wang Wen was silent.

“What are you doing” The three-meter-tall Duckbill Beast was dumbfounded when he saw the world collapse.

He could not help but mumble and reach out to grab Wang Wen to stop him.

However, a massive amount of energy sent him flying, and he landed heavily on the ice several meters away, causing the ice to crack even more violently.

He yelled at Wang Wen.

The howling wind and snow completely drowned out his voice.

He struggled to get back to the ground.

He did not want to get too close in case he was hit again.

“Stop! Stop!” he yelled.

“Stop right now! You will destroy this world!”

“Isnt this what you wanted” Wang Wen looked at him and smiled.

“No! No! Not like this! I was wrong!” Duckbill Beast shouted in fear.

“Give me a chance! I wont make things difficult for you anymore.

Ill give you the simplest questions as a reward!”

“Theres no need to bother yourself,” Wang Wen said, shaking his head.

Zhu Xingguo, who was at the side, laughed at the weirdo, saying, “My master always gives people opportunities.

What you think is a threat is actually a friendly reminder! Its too late to say anything now, understand Its too late! If you want any reward, my master will give it to you! You should just go to some cool place!”

Duckbill Beast still wanted to say something.

However, his body was buried by the overwhelming snow and ice.

Even Wang Wens group of three had been buried in a one-meter-diameter hollow ball.

The outside world suddenly fell silent.

Zhu Xingguo turned his head to examine the strange scenery.

It was all crystal-clear ice and snow up, down, left, and right.

It continued to surge and melt into the scepter.

Even the ice under his feet had scattered.

A thick sea, white snow, black mud, and transparent ice…

They all poured into the scepter as the energy required for the oath.

Wang Wens spiritual power was so strong that he could stand in the air above the sea without doing anything special.

In front of him, where he could not see clearly, a fish-shaped creature the size of an island and a mountain appeared to be floating on the surface of the sea.

Its open upper jaw was almost in contact with the distorted clouds in the sky.

It bit down on the wind, frost, rain, and snow in a radius of several hundred meters around Wang Wen and swallowed it.


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