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294 A Repair Thats More Expensive Than Enhancement (Part 1)

The use of divine power was easier than he had imagined.

In the remaining time, the sickly man detailed how to use divine power to the new gods.

According to what he said…

When the body became a vessel for the peoples faith, every part of the body would be filled with divine power.

Zhu Xingguo inquired as to why some people were vessels while others were not.

The sickly man stated that becoming a god required people to recognize it from the bottom of their hearts and that it was a chance that could only be met by chance.

Zhu Xingguo was dissatisfied.

The sickly man stated that to use divine power, he only needed to send a portion of his body into a tool that recognized divine power as energy.

The last god loved to use his own blood.

If the new gods liked other things like fingers or eyeballs, they could do whatever they wanted.

Ren Ruoruos face turned pale.

Wang Wen asked if hair was a part of the body and if it could be used.

The sickly man nodded in confirmation, indicating that the effect would be slightly worse, but it would work.

Wang Wen followed that logic.

It could also be used with tears, snot, and saliva.

Ren Ruoruos face returned to normal.


Zhu Xingguo was the only one who had collected some of the finished products from those specialized tools.

Many blueprints and information, such as energy conversion devices, were used in the specific manufacturing method.

Even Wang Wen could not fully understand it quickly.

He had to let Zhu Xingguo keep those blueprints from the temple and study them slowly later.

As a result, in addition to tools, there was a need for a method to use divine power directly.

It was like the hexahedron.

The sickly man explained that it was a direct application of divine power that had been studied for many years.

It could control the effects of divine power using ones thoughts, and it was more exhausting to use than a simple form of attack, like tools, but it was more versatile.

The checkpoint teleportation countdown timer was about to expire.

According to the sickly mans teachings, Ren Ruoruo barely learned how to use a strand of hair to float herself and a mouthful of saliva to form a hexahedron to trap the target.

The sickly man stated that most of the skills were either developed by individuals or passed down through word of mouth.

There were no complete records at the time.

If the new gods required them, they could go to the trouble of gathering them and compiling them into a book, which would take some time.

Wang Wen and the other two exchanged glances and temporarily left that level.

They stood on the 721st floor.

“Captain, how do you feel” Ren Ruoruo asked Wang Wen.

“Hows that divine power”

An illusion was forming in front of him.

Wang Wen channeled one-thousandth of his energy into spiritual power.

He analyzed the situation for Ren Ruoruo after some thought.

“Its not bad; it has room to grow.

Of course, it depends on how you feel.”

He saw Ren Ruoruos hesitant expression.

“Do you want to stay at this level to absorb divine power and practice your skills” Wang Wen asked.

Ren Ruoruo said with a complicated expression, “Captain, it seems like even after leaving that barrier, the divine power in my body is still increasing.”

“What” Wang Wen frowned.

“In other words, even if youre already on another floor, you can still receive those natives faith”

Ren Ruoruo nodded.

Wang Wen fell silent.

That was an important discovery.

It was possible that such a unique situation would only occur on extremely high floors, such as the 700th and higher.

The occurrence was so rare that he had never had the opportunity to witness a phenomenon in which different floors could affect each other in his previous life.

It was worth in-depth research!

Wang Wen broke through the illusion and stood at the entrance to the next level.

Finally, he nodded to Ren Ruoruo and said, “Thats a very rare phenomenon.

If you decide to stay, I agree.”

“But, I cant bear to part with you…” Ren Ruoruo felt like crying.

“With you guys.”

Her gaze swept across the dazed Zhu Xingguo.

She knew that the big stupid bull did not know what had happened.

Sure enough, Zhu Xingguo asked in a daze, “Whats wrong What do you mean What are you doing”

Wang Wen sighed and explained, “Among the three of us, only she has divine power.

Thats an opportunity that belongs to her.

After this climb, she wants to return to the 720th floor and stay there.

She wants to grasp more divine power.”

“Thats a good thing!” Zhu Xingguo looked at Ren Ruoruo.

“Why are you crying”

Ren Ruoruo could not say anything and could only pat Zhu Xingguos arm.

Wang Wen thought for a moment.

He comforted her, saying, “Dont worry; dont I have the same level of teleportation Ill come back to see you next time.”

“It feels like were going to be separated for a long time.” Ren Ruoruo sobbed.

“Im very sad.”

Wang Wen saw that his words were useless.

He could only persuade her the way he knew how.

“Dont think too much about it.

Maybe well be wiped out on our next climb.

We dont have to worry about whether well stay together or separate.”

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo were at a loss for words.

It was as if an atomic bomb had exploded in their minds.

For a moment, the sad atmosphere was gone.

He could not help but sigh at Wang Wens omnipresent aura.

The three of them continued to climb the tower in a relaxed mood.

The 721st to 729th floors consumed about one-thousandth of Wang Wens energy.

No one else had the opportunity to complete the 730th floor yet.

They had successfully completed the level and consumed about 10 percent of their energy.

From the 731st to the 739th floor, each level consumed an average of two thousandths of their energy.

On the 740th floor, Wang Wen finally found the rare Spirit Ear item that he had been thinking about for a long time.

He had been thinking about that item ever since he climbed the tower.

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