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290 Swelling

A small door about two meters tall slowly appeared from the bottom of the towering metal wall.

The old man led Wang Wen and the other two to the metal wall.

However, the people behind him were stopped by a flying man.

There was a commotion in the crowd.

“How dare you” the man in the air asked the crowd.

“How dare you non-believers come so close to the temple”

A brave man from the crowd stood up and said to the sky, “We do believe in God now!”

“God doesnt need the faith of you fools,” the flying man sneered.

“We dont believe in your God of War!” the bold one said loudly.

“We believe in the one who is willing to save and pity us, the God of Medicine”

The man in the air was stunned.

The crowd had a different opinion.

“What kind of title is God of Medicine Doesnt sound nice at all.”

“Thats right, thats right, thats not even close to the God of War.

It should sound similar to that!”

“What should we call her then”

“A goddess”

“Thats too generic!”

“Someone will save us, sympathize with us, and destroy those who hurt us.

Can we call her the Guardian God ”

“Hey, hey, the Guardian God is not bad!”

“Sure, sure.”

“No, its still not enough!”

“I have an idea! When the goddess saved us, she cast a light.

It felt like the holy light, the light of hope.

Shes the light! The God of Light!”

The crowd was in an uproar.

They began to cheer and were so excited that they were sweating.

“Thats great!”

“Its good!”

“Thats right! It was the God of Light! The Goddess of Light!”

The man in the air coldly looked at the crowd below and sneered, “You even need to fabricate your gods identity and name on the spot Well, where is your Goddess of Light”

The bold man bowed to Wang Wen and the other two from a distance and said, “Our goddess is the only woman among the three.

The other two are unknown.

Perhaps they are angels.”

The crowd bowed to Ren Ruoruo.

Ren Ruoruo felt her body soften.

She looked at the crowd strangely.

She did not do anything exaggerating, so how did they get there

Had they reached a point where they did not need any simulation Perhaps those people could provide strength just by being excited.

Was that level so generous

The man in the air was shocked.

He retorted, “Are you kidding me Are you guys blind Those three guys are just ordinary humans!”

“Can ordinary humans heal from serious injuries, become invulnerable, and even destroy the Holy Knights with ease” the braver one asked.

The flying man choked and shouted in exasperation, “Thats because they offered their souls to the devil!”

“So, you also acknowledge the power of the God of Light, but you have not yet acknowledged her identity, right”


The flying man was furious.

“All infidels must die!

He stretched out his hands and trapped the bold man.

A familiar hexahedron appeared around them, but the effect was different.

The bold man trapped in the hexahedron instantly bled from his mouth and nose as if he were suffering great torture.

After all, the crowd had just gained faith.

For the time being, he could not form the habit of praying to God whenever he encountered danger.

In addition, he had been oppressed for a long time.

When they saw the people from the temple, they were so terrified that they trembled and remained silent.

They watched helplessly as the bold mans limbs twisted, his eyes rolled back, and blood spurted out his mouth and nose.

He died in pain.

They felt sad.

As usual, their lives were fragile and poor.

If they said something that made the people in the temple unhappy, they could be killed at any time.

An old man in the crowd trembled.

Looking at the dead man, he wailed mournfully, “God, please save us!”

He acknowledged that he had a God!

He quickly began to pray with a pained expression.

A buzzing sound was heard.

The man in the sky saw that the group of heretics had become more arrogant.

They even prayed for other heretics in front of the temple emissaries.

They were there to cause trouble!

He could no longer control himself.

He joined hands with the other flying men to release a huge hexahedron that enveloped everyone in the crowd.

It was as if the crowd had become sheep waiting to be slaughtered, just as they had been in the beginning.

They were afraid of the pain, but they did not dare to avoid it.

They could only watch helplessly as the hexahedron surrounded them.

Then it shattered.


The crowd was baffled.

Then, they realized that the three people had returned.

In the air…

Ren Ruoruo said to Wang Wen, “I still dont know how to use my new power.

They keep giving me energy.

Im going to die from the swelling.”

Wang Wen said, “Dont worry.

Youll be even more bloated after this.”

After comforting Ren Ruoruo, he turned to the flying men and said, “Were about to communicate peacefully with your god.

Isnt it too disrespectful to start killing the people weve saved right after we leave”

“Dont act rashly,” the brown-robed old man said.

“Wait for Gods order.”

The flying men pointed at the crowd below and growled, “Blasphemy! You infidels!”

The brown-robed old man narrowed his eyes.

“Infidels Who do you think they believe in A devil”

The flying men hesitated for a while, looked at Ren Ruoruo, and said, “They believe in those three! And they even think that woman is the Goddess of Light.

Damn it!”

The brown-robed old man was stunned.

He lowered his head and looked at Wang Wen and the other two.

Wang Wen conveniently tapped the hexagon that trapped the bold man.

However, he was already lifeless.

The old man, who had been crying earlier, rushed over and hugged the corpse, tears streaming down his face.

However, he did not dare to show any dissatisfaction or anger.

Ren Ruoruo wanted to reach out her hand.

Wang Wen stopped her.

Then he asked the flying men, “Who killed him”

The flying men snorted coldly, disdaining to answer such a question.

The brown-robed old man frowned and said, “Do you really want to stand up for these lowly people”

“Ill ask you one last time, who did it If no one admits it, Ill kill all of you,” Wang Wen said calmly.

Each of the men had a progress rate of 0.1 to 0.5 points.

If he killed all of them, his progress would increase by more than a dozen points.

His team members had their own opportunities…

However, if the progress were handed to him, Wang Wen would not be polite.

As expected…

The flying men immediately lost their calm when they heard the mocking words, and they cursed angrily.

However, no one admitted to taking action.

So Wang Wen counted the number of people.

He released 2.9 percent of his energy and crushed their heads and bodies.

The sight of blood falling from the sky was breathtaking.

The brown-robed old man and the crowd below were stunned.

Starlight scattered.

Ren Ruoruo inhaled a mouthful of it by accident, and her entire body trembled.

The brown-robed elders face darkened.

He suppressed his anger and asked Wang Wen through gritted teeth, “What do you mean by this”

Wang Wen answered him doubtfully, “Didnt I tell you already If no one admits it, Ill kill them all.

I was just scaring them, but I didnt expect them to remain silent.

So, I have to keep my promise.”

“How dare you kill the emissaries” The brown-robed old man roared.

Wang Wen indicated to Ren Ruoruo that she could save the bold man.

Without turning his head, he said to the old man, “If you kill someone, you will have to pay with your life.”

Ren Ruoruos Light of Life had just recovered from its cooldown and had not had the time to be tested on the captain yet.

She decided to use it on the natives first.

It would be very interesting if she could resurrect the dead with the Light of Life.

She waved her finger.

The soft and warm light wrapped around the bold mans body.

Ren Ruoruo closed her eyes and felt it carefully.

After a while, she took out a bottle of Body Health Water and took a few sips.

She smacked her lips.

Then she looked at Zhu Xingguo to take a few washed ginseng roots.

She chewed on them.

The crowds soft gasps spread like waves, and the sound of their breathing was like a hurricane sweeping the sea.

The brown-robed old man in the air stood helpless as the dead man came back to life.

His hands clutched the sleeves of his robe tightly.

His voice seemed to be trembling with anger as he asked, “You said that people should pay with their lives for killing someone.

But that dead man is now alive.

What will you do with the people you killed in the temple”

Wang Wen smiled and asked, “Old man, are you confused We were the ones who saved that person.

Why should I care about your dead Let your God save them.”

Ren Ruoruos body went soft.

The Light of Life did not consume much of her energy.

However, she was about to die from the swelling.

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