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Chapter 286: Chasing After Infinity With A Limited Number

When God created heaven and earth, the earth was empty and chaotic, and the abyss surface was dark.

“Let there be light.”

The bright white light in front of everyones eyes faded.

When they reappeared, they were in a quiet mechanism room.

There was no high temperature.

There was no radiation.

There was no impact.

If there were any ambiguous information, the Final Interpretation, which had a limited number of applications, would unreasonably favor Wang Wens decision.

That phenomenon immediately spawned a slew of absurd strategies in Wang Wens mind.

The drone, meanwhile, ceased to be impatient and teleported everyone back to the regular checkpoint.

Zhu Xingguo laughed, grabbed the drone, and kicked it forward.

The Battle Angel-like Ren Ruoruo lay down naked in front of Wang Wen.

She raised her head and exclaimed, “Captain, isnt this too exaggerating It has the potential to make the World Tower drone profitable.

What kind of godlike Captain have I met”

Wang Wen listened to her incoherent words and stretched out his hand to open the barrier to block the various traps triggered by Zhu Xingguo.

He clenched his fist tightly.

All the mechanisms in the area collapsed and were damaged.

The energy consumption was not even one percent.

Wang Wen stopped and looked at the room used by the wolves and the teleportation door that had appeared.

His strength finally made him feel a little more at ease.

He did not want to maintain his spiritual power, so he put on the clean clothes that Zhu Xingguo conjured and stepped into the entrance unhurriedly.

Ren Ruoruo also spread her wings and changed into new clothes with Zhu Xingguos back toward her.

The most worn-out part of that trip was their clothes.

Everyone was climbing higher and higher.

The danger they encountered was also getting greater.

If they did not pay attention, their clothes would be ruined.

They lacked a piece of clothing that would never be damaged or could recover on its own.

[World Tower, the 711th floor has ended]

[The 712th floor now begins.]

From the moment they entered the tower.

About five hours had passed.

Except for the first two trials, which took more time…

There were no apparent signs of delay at the other levels.

There were more difficulties in terms of rules and some unknown domains.

That kind of difficulty could be fatal.

If it had not been for Chen Hanshengs one trillion points, which allowed his strength to recover…

Wang Wen did not have much confidence in surviving those difficulties.

Even so…

He had used the Unity of Man and Nature, the Final Interpretation, and Ren Ruoruos supreme treasure, the Battle Angel.

Out of the three options, the Battle Angel had a cooldown, while the Unity of Man and Nature and Final Interpretation had limited uses.

It was also distinct from the one-time bonus for each level.

The Unity of Man and Nature, which had been upgraded to Level 7, could only be used four times because half of its improvement was reflected in its duration.

As a result, the Unity of Man and Nature could only be used for eight hours and only three times.

Now that he had reached Level 7, he knew he could only use it two more times.

If he wanted to use that skill again, he would have to be extremely careful.

Wang Wen held the scepter and felt the remaining energy in his body.

He frowned at the scene in front of him.

Not only did the time-limited secret room give him a headache, but…

It was a time-limited secret room mixed with physical fitness.

The ground moved opposite the encrypted message, much like a treadmills conveyor belt.

He had to keep running if he wanted to see the information clearly.

It was another double trial!

Wang Wen tried to create something out of thin air to support his body so that he would not be dragged away by the conveyor belt.

Special arrows were launched in all directions.

He was not afraid of those arrows.

Not only that, but he could gather them and sell them to Zhu Xingguo.

Realizing the arrows were useless…

The secret room began to shoot out the darts flashing with a cold light.

They were also taken away and sold.

The secret room was irritated and began to fire a type of black pellet.

The pellets exploded upon contact.

The smoke from the explosion was poisonous.

The damage to Wang Wen was insignificant, but it affected his vision.

Even if he could see the answer through scientific decipherment, he still needed to look at the question.

There was only an answer if one could see the question.

Wang Wen gave up on the idea of creating things.

He was considering whether he should use the Oath Scepter.

Ren Ruoruo gently stood outside the conveyor belt, holding her hand.

She activated the Long-distance Vision, looked at the message from afar, and then told Zhu Xingguo to operate it.

That was her first time using the Long-distance Vision skill.

The effect was unexpectedly good.

Wang Wen thought he would have to use up some energy for that round.

He did not think it would go well.

Yet another double trial!

The three peoples collaboration became increasingly tacit.

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo were no longer just burdens.

Occasionally, they could also play different roles and help out a lot.

Team cooperation.

In less than half an hour…

They reached the extreme level again.

On the 720th floor…

Wang Wen still had about 40 percent of his energy left.

He intended to test the cost of energy restoration.

Therefore, he did not have time to rest.

He used his world energy points to repair it.

Approximately 40 percent of the energy had been consumed, which amounted to 190000 world energy points.

It was equivalent to 19 billion points!

His restoration on the 600th floor had only cost him 126 world power points, which were worth more than 10 million points, plus someones lingering resentment.

At that moment, his nearly 20 billion had increased by 1000 times!

That was only the price for restoring 40 percent of the energy.

In other words, Wang Wens energy level was at least a few thousand times higher than the first time.

Wang Wen had not expected that.

He was rendered speechless when the truth was revealed to him.

Even without considering his transcendent abilities, the strength brought by the five elements appeared to be nearly equaling his previous lifes peak strength.

He wondered how much more he would be able to surpass his previous life in his new life.

It was something to look forward to.

As he thought of that…

Wang Wen caressed his scepter and made an oath.

“I swear, my energy will increase at the fastest possible rate without affecting my level of progress or causing me harm until it is infinite.”

He used the Unity of Man and Nature for the second time as he swore.

His energy once again surged.

The speed was much slower than last, and there were no more terrifying movements in the surroundings.

Wang Wen could even move freely.

For the sake of safety…

He did not activate the checkpoint.

The three stayed in the safe zone, sometimes eating and drinking and sometimes studying skills and items.

He waited until the effect of the Unity of Man and Nature had worn off.

Eight hours passed.

The speed was hundreds of times faster last time.

It had gotten much slower.

On average, it only increased by dozens of times every ten minutes.

Fortunately, it was enough.

In eight hours, there were 48 times ten minutes!

The total amount of energy had increased by thousands of times!

Wang Wen closed his eyes and felt the seemingly endless energy in his body.

He still looked dissatisfied.

The other two were puzzled and looked at each other.

Zhu Xingguo asked, “Master, it still hasnt met your expectations”

Wang Wen opened his eyes and shook his head.

“The Unity of Man and Nature has limited uses.

If thats all I can do after eight hours, its still far from what I want.”

Ren Ruoruo recalled the contents of the previous two oaths.

“I always thought the so-called infinite was just a quantifier when someone was too lazy to calculate the maximum value.

Captain, are you serious”

“What do you think” Wang Wen turned toward her.

“What is infinite The universe is finite,” Ren Ruoruo said worriedly.

“Captain, arent you being too demanding on yourself”

“Theres a chance it might work.” Wang Wens eyes lit up, and he looked at the hazy sky with a faint smile.

“I like to seek excitement.”


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