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Chapter 272: We Won

Zhou Dafu wanted to say more.

Chen Hanshengs phone rang, and he picked it up.

Mi Lailais voice came from the other end of the phone.

“Boss, Wang Wen has left the tower.”

Chen Hansheng said that he understood and hung up.

He looked at Zhou Dafu, who was smiling ambiguously, and shrugged.

“My business partner persists.

It seems like I cant give up so easily.

You dont want to buy the Boai Group headquarters for two trillion Then Ill take my leave.”

Zhou Dafu put down his teacup and said, “One trillion.

If youre willing to sell it, I can even send Lu Ci and the others to help you save your employees.”

Chen Hansheng had already gotten up and was ready to leave.

When he heard that, he could not help but laugh.

“Two trillion was already a very low price, and youre still asking for a 50 percent discount Are you trying to insult me”

“No, no, no.” Zhou Dafu smiled and waved his hand.

“Youre gathering money to pay Qin Dongbei.

It doesnt matter if its 10,000 points less; with Lu Ci with you, Im sure your discussion will go well, right”

His plan was perfect.

Anyone with a discerning eye knew Chen Hansheng had been backed into a corner.

No matter how much it was, as long as he was willing to sell the Boai Group, it would be a big bargain.

On that basis, if he could deceive him and get him to give them a 50 percent discount…

That was a windfall.

If he could buy the Boai Group headquarters for one trillion points, it would be almost equivalent to buying an optical computer with one point.

It was as if he had picked it up for free.

Zhou Dafu laughed discreetly.

However, Chen Hansheng glanced at him.

He did not answer and instead asked, “Will the First Consortium send Captain Lu to help me defeat Qin Dongbei”

Zhou Dafu was stunned.

“Of course not.

We will only help you save the innocent.

We will not participate in the dispute between you and the Tiansheng Group.”

“Director Zhou.” Chen Hansheng had obviously seen through his trick.

He shook his head and said, “Ive always believed that a gentleman who loves money has the right way to get it.

I cant say anything about my bad luck to get to where I am today, but for the First Consortium, you really are nothing like your predecessor.”

Zhou Dafus eyes darkened.

“Im helping you out of kindness; what do you mean by that”

“Were all businessmen, so dont talk about empty words.” Chen Hanshengs mind was clear, even though he was in such a dire state.

“You want me to cut the price by half by promising help What if I cant reach an agreement with Qin Dongbei, and you can just find an excuse to remove Captain Lu Where will I find the money to make up for the rest of the amount”

He cupped his hands at Zhou Dafu, who was livid, and said, “We can always negotiate a deal with sincerity.

Ill take my leave.

See you again, Director Zhou.”

Zhou Dafu could not hold it in anymore.

He snorted coldly, “Youre down on your luck, and you scolded me for taking advantage of that.

You even dare to insult me in my territory.

Do you think you can leave so easily”

Chen Hansheng turned to look at him, asking, “Does that mean you want my life”

As he spoke, Chen Hansheng spread his arms and laughed loudly.

“Come at me.

You or Qin Dongbei, its the same anyway.”

The phone rang again.

“Speak quickly,” he said over the speaker in front of Zhou Dafu.

“Director Zhou and I were talking about a life-and-death matter.

Dont waste our time.”

“Is it that important” Mi Lailais tone was a little complicated.

“Then Ill make it short.

It looks like weve won, Boss.”

“What did we win You managed to get the money” Chen Hansheng was puzzled.

Mi Lailai was confused.

“What money Im saying that Wang Wen defeated Qin Dongbei.

We won!”

Zhou Dafu, who had been sitting steadily at the tea table in front of him, suddenly stood up.

Chen Hansheng held the phone close to his ear and asked loudly, “Speak clearly! Whats going on Did Wang Wen push Qin Dongbei back into the tower”

“Boss, calm down,” Mi Lailai said.

“How can he enter the tower again after leaving it Qin Dongbei is dead! Wang Wen turned him into ashes! Do you understand”


It was as if a lightning bolt had struck Chen Hanshengs mind.

The phone slipped from his ear.

It fell to the ground and bounced twice before the screen turned black.

However, he could not care about it.

He picked up the broken phone and ran toward the gate.

Zhou Dafus face was stiff, unable to accept the news he had just heard.

His eyes were fixed on Chen Hanshengs back as he ran.

A hint of ferocity flashed across his tightly furrowed face.

Then he sat back down hesitantly.

He knew that if everything were true, the situation would be unstoppable.

It would be meaningless to stop Chen Hansheng.

It was not until then that Zhou Dafu finally began seriously considering his sons suggestion.

Should he negotiate with that and form a good relationship with him

Outside the Boai Group headquarters…

The Tiansheng Groups old monster ran away when he saw Wang Wen and the others.

He had known about Qin Dongbeis visit to the academy.

When Wang Wen left the tower, a subordinate called to inform him.

At that moment…

No one called to inform him of the outcome of the battle.

However, anyone with a brain knew that Wang Wens arrival meant that the Tiansheng Group had lost.

Would he just stand there and not run

Wang Wen waved his scepter and brought the man back.

The old monster suddenly threw a round ball at him in midair.

The ball exploded.

The world was filled with a blinding white light.

The sun had just risen, and there was not enough light.

However, a strong white light appeared.

If one were unlucky, one would be blind.

Wang Wen closed his eyes and muttered.

The white light disappeared.

In such a short time, the old monsters body twisted weirdly, and he barely managed to fall from the sky as his bones contracted.

He did not even have time to run.

He was stunned as he looked at Wang Wens calm face.

Wang Wen was too lazy to use his spiritual power and waved at him.

The old monster knew he had lost the battle and walked forward dejectedly.

He was not tough.

“Little Brother, youre really amazing,” he said.

“I was just following orders.

I served my master.

Please dont kill me.”

Zhu Xingguo was unhappy when he heard that. “Who were you calling, little brother Can you call my master that”

“Big Brother!” The old monster quickly changed his words.

“A hero! Young hero! Celestials! As long as you dont kill me, I can call you whatever I want!”

“Call me Daddy!” Zhu Xingguo smiled broadly.

The old monster was stunned.

After hesitating for a moment, he made up his mind.

Wang Wen did not know whether to laugh or cry as he stopped Zhu Xingguo.

He waved his hand and said to the old monster, “Go and release all the people from the Boai Group.

Treat those who are injured.

If one or two of them die, you will die.

Do you understand”

The old monster nodded repeatedly and ran to remove all the explosives.

He took out his own relics to treat the injured, not caring whether they were tower climbers or ordinary people.

He obeyed the command.

Wang Wen also felt a lot more relaxed.

Not long after that, Chen Hansheng, Mi Lailai, and a few others arrived.

Everyones mood was complicated since the groups crisis had been officially resolved.

People were coming and going—some he knew, some he did not know, and some he was unfamiliar with—all gathered there.

Some people cheered, some jumped for joy, some cried, and some laughed.

Chen Hansheng quietly walked to the gate, leaning against the wall and looking out.

On the other side, the old monster, who had been high and mighty, had personally used medicine to save the people.

He was submissive and even a little careful to show concern for fear that someone would hide his injury and accidentally die, causing him to be buried with them.

As he looked at the scene…

Chen Hansheng let out a long sigh.

His tensed body relaxed.

However, he felt drained.

He turned around and looked at Wang Wen.

He did not make a sound; he only silently bent down and bowed deeply in that direction.

He did not want to express any exaggerated emotions.

He just wanted to thank the young man.

He thanked the other party for saving the innocent people, for saving the Boai Group, and for saving him.

He bowed because he could not think of a better way to express himself.

However, that action seemed to be contagious.

When he bent his body…

The crowd dispersed.

Even Mi Lailai, who was with Wang Wen, took a step back respectfully and bowed with the rest of the people from the Boai Group.

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