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Chapter 24: Unpredictable

The chiefs face darkened.

“Not even a single one”

That question had a profound significance.

However, the lead guard was enraged and did not have time to think about it.

He said, “Its just a few scraps of paper.

I didnt see any ridiculous Earth-shaking Talismans! That information he gave me was false!”

They had been colleagues for many years, so they still had some basic trust in each other.

When the chief heard what the lead guard said, he looked at Wang Wen.

“Do you have an explanation”

Wang Wen adjusted his collar unhurriedly and said, “There was no problem with the information, but I am not sure if there was a problem with the person.”

The lead guards blood rushed to the top of his head.

He pointed at Wang Wen and scolded, “Do you want him to sow discord between my friend and me He would never lie to me! I saw with my own eyes that his hands were empty! ”

Wang Wen smiled meaningfully and did not say anything else.

“What are you laughing at”

The lead guards face reddened.

Someone from the other direction suddenly said, “You should know what hes laughing at.”

The lead guard looked away and saw that it was Deputy Chief Jiang.

His anger was slightly subdued.

When he wanted to speak again, the deputy chief had already listened in and began analyzing the situation for the chief.

“I am not going to say anything else, Old Zhang.

I only have one thing to say.

What was Wang Wen waiting for in the Regional Security Department if the information was false Was he waiting to be discovered If he wanted to flee, he would have plenty of opportunities this week!”

In a week, the deputy chiefs impression of Wang Wen had significantly increased.

In his opinion, Wang Wen was worthy of being a student at the academy.

He was different from other people with his unorthodox ways.

When he talked about the worlds leaders, he had his own unique insights.

When they chatted, he knew that the boy had the confidence to break through the 250th floor!

For such a talent, he was unwilling to believe Wang Wen was lying.

On the contrary, he was more inclined to not believe in someone who did not respect him very much.

Usually, he would be too lazy to deal with such situations.

However, it was easy to say a few words to help someone he believed to be truthful.

“Deputy Jiang is right.”

The chief could not come up with an answer, but he did not want to admit that his men had failed in their duty, so he could not say anything else.

The lead guard became anxious when he saw that and shouted at the chief, “Sir, do you believe Im lying”

The chief deliberated for a long time before deciding to help his man.

He threw the problem to Wang Wen and asked, “Wang Wen, do you have any way to prove that the information you provided was correct”

Wang Wen nodded.

“Its simple.

Let your tower climbers take a look.

If they cant find the items, I will admit to it, and you can kill me for lying.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the hall was filled with whispers.

It was the simplest to persuade people to take the initiative to verify the truth again because only an honest person would be afraid of the truth.

Even the lead guard was shaken when he saw Wang Wens confident expression.

He looked at him suspiciously, trying to deduce something from his calm expression.

Among the group of people who were whispering, one of them accidentally raised their voice.

He said, “Some people are just unpredictable.”

The chiefs expression immediately changed.

The lead guard was furious.

He shouted at the man, “Jiang Dali, you son of a b*tch! Say it again if you have the guts!”

The guard, known as Jiang Dali, was also wearing the uniform of a team leader.

He probably did not get along well with the lead guard.

When he heard that, he immediately retorted, “You dare to scold your colleagues so loudly in front of the chief and deputy chief Captain Chen, what authority do you have I said that people are unpredictable.

Whats wrong with that Do you dare to guarantee that your friend did not take the Earth-Shakin Talismans for himself”

“Why wouldnt I dare Dont you slander us!” The lead guard was furious, and his chest pounded.

Jiang Dali chuckled.

“Oh, Im not slandering you! You are saying that Wang Wen is lying, but he said that he could verify it.

What about you What do you dare to do to wait for the result”

The lead guard said, “If theres an Earth-shaking Talisman, I wont wear this uniform anymore! Lets have a bet! If theres no relic, you can skin me alive.”

Jiang Dalis expression changed, and he said, “Bet on the uniform Is it that easy I suspected your friend, but it seems like you are behaving very suspiciously as well.

How much would 50 Earth-shaking Talismans fetch Is it enough to lose your uniform”

At that point, all the people in the hall had different expressions.

There were all kinds of interesting expressions.

Wang Wen looked around with great interest and pretended to casually say, “If I remember correctly, one talisman should get around 30,000 to 50,000 points.”

He was pouring fuel to the fire.

The noise in the hall could no longer be silenced, and it became as loud as a thunderstorm.

The lead guard pushed his colleagues away and pounced on Wang Wen.

He kept cursing, “What the f*ck!”


The chief smashed his hand on the table, and the loud noise shook the hall.

“All of you, shut up!”

His gaze was like a machine gun, and the direction he swept his gaze across instantly became quiet.

Finally, his gaze was drawn to Wang Wen.

“Do you have any candidates for the test” he asked.

“You should choose if you think Ill be impartial.

What do you think”

Perhaps it was because the person he had appointed was under suspicion or because the hall of the Regional Security Department was in shambles, but his tone was clearly dissatisfied.

Wang Wen did not care.

He looked around and said cheerfully, “I suggest that a selfless person like Deputy Jiang.

He would be very suitable.”

The deputy chief, who was suddenly called out, was stunned.

He looked at Wang Wen thoughtfully.

The chief turned to ask him, “Deputy Chief Jiang, with your strength, the 200th floor shouldnt be a problem, right Are you willing to do this test”

The deputy chief thought for a moment, then nodded and said, “I have no problem with that.”

“Then its settled.

Pack up and report to the tower when youre ready.” The chief turned to look at Wang Wen.

“We will wait for your news in the Regional Security Department.”

For the time being, the situation had calmed.

Wang Wen slept peacefully in the detention room as usual.

The lead guard also made the Regional Security Department his home to avoid suspicion.

He slept in his own seat, still dressed.

Perhaps he knew too many people were waiting for news, or maybe he knew he was stronger than the lead guards friend.

Deputy Chief Jiang left the tower swiftly.

On the evening of the third day, he rushed back to the Regional Security Department with his men.

Those who heard the news rushed over, including the chief, the lead guard, and all guards, whether they were on duty or not.

Everyone saw the deputy chief retrieving a large stack of talisman papers from a simple bag.

They were the Earth-shaking Talismans!

“A total of 52 pieces!”

Deputy Chief Jiangs voice echoed in the hall as if announcing the lead guards death.


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