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“Are you sure there wont be any problems” Wang Wen asked again, worried.

Zhu Xingguo nodded.

“Weve tested it many times during the year you went to the heavens.

Xiao Ren wont die for the duration of the Life Lock.

She will be fine if she can use the Great Sage to jump out of the explosion zone in time.”

Wang Wen nodded and did not say anything else.

Zhu Xingguo looked at Ren Ruoruos size again and used the Level 4 Mosquitoes Must Die technique.

Light preceded sound.

Chen Hansheng and the others could only see a white ball of light appear in the darkness a few hundred meters away.

Then, like a tsunami, an explosive wave with a speed of thousands of meters per second hit.

The earth-shattering tremors and roars hurled everyone and their vehicles into the air.

That was the closest scientific and technological achievement to a natural disaster humans had developed using raw materials.

Every time it was used…

The setting was as desolate as the end of the world.

After all, every living being was helpless and insignificant in the face of a natural disaster.

Mi Lailais team had a bad feeling when the ball of light appeared.

It felt as if their top tower climber would surpass the 600th floor and become a true god.

A sense of crisis far exceeding that of ordinary people erupted.

All defensive measures were activated, regardless of whether they were useful.

All relics, skills, mechanisms, and technology were fully activated.

However, when the explosion occurred…

They realized that they had underestimated the power of the explosion.

The weaker tower climbers at the forefront immediately turned into ashes and disappeared in flames.

Those who were a little further away were thrown around.

It was unknown whether they were still alive.

Mi Lailai and the others hid behind various defensive measures and looked in the direction of the explosion with tears on their faces.

She was doubtful.

‘Was that the strength of Wang Wens team

Was that really something a human could create

Did they set off a nuclear bomb

After a long time…

The main explosion flames gradually died out.

All the surviving people looked at the billowing smoke in the distance, their hearts palpitating with fear and their souls wandering.

What had just happened

Did someone drop a nuclear bomb

What would the central area of the explosion look like

People who were still conscious had no time to think; they dragged those still in danger to a safe area.

In the distance…

Hundreds of meters in the sky…

Wang Wens face was pale as he used his spiritual power to support himself and Zhu Xingguo and put them on the roof of a high-rise building.

The explosion…

It reminded him of the time when he faced a missile at the Season Hotel.

The difference was that he did not have Mi Lailai by his side, so even though his strength had significantly increased, he still found it challenging.

Fortunately, he was able to flee at that point and avoid the explosion.

Wang Wen turned to look at the dazed Zhu Xingguo and asked, “Wheres Xiao Ren”

Zhu Xingguo was still engrossed in the massive explosion he had created.

“I dont know where she will fly to, but we agreed to meet at the portal,” he replied when he heard his masters question.

Just as they were about to depart for the teleportation gate…

A towering black shadow over a hundred meters tall appeared out of nowhere in the thick smoke of the explosion area.

The smoke let out a thunderous roar.

The black shadow then kicked all the buildings that had not completely collapsed.

It staggered toward the portal, howling.

Wang Wen frowned.

He chased after the black shadow while carrying Zhu Xingguo.

The black shadow emerged from the smoke to reveal itself.

It was a werewolf with dark fur.

Wang Wen was well acquainted with that appearance.

It was exactly how Qin Dongbei appeared after transforming.

However, it had shrunk dozens of times.

The werewolf was too big, and the proportions of its body parts were off.

The whole thing was even more shocking.

Any living being of that size could bring disaster upon them with a single move.

He could only stand there helpless as it kicked the vehicles and made its way to the portal.

It suddenly stopped halfway.

The werewolf seemed to have discovered something.

It raised its fist and smashed it into the ground.

Chen Hansheng was there, surrounded by a group of people.

Wang Wen quickly used Giants Heart to summon a water stone giant to block the punch.

The stone giant, which he had thought was huge, was like a tiny thing in front of the werewolf.

More than half of its body shattered with just one punch.

Fortunately, the giant water stone could gather water, and it was also a shock-absorbing divine stone with a higher efficiency as it grew larger.

When the body shattered, it also sucked the opponents mental power dry.

It put the werewolf in a daze for a moment.

People on the ground quickly covered their heads and dispersed.

Chen Hansheng quickly left the dangerous area, aided by Mi Lailai and others.

Ordinary climbers from the 400th or 500th floor could not participate in that battle.

It felt like a battle between immortals.

Walls and houses would collapse wherever the two towering giants, one tall and one short, went.

The grounds cement had cracked beyond recognition, revealing the gravel and sand beneath.

Qin Dongbei, who had transformed into a werewolf, was tearing apart the giant in his path, even if it meant being stunned and disgusted.

He yelled angrily at Chen Hansheng, “Do you think you are the only one with a missile You will be finished when I get out of the World Tower! I will turn the Boai Group into ashes!”

Chen Hansheng, who was hiding far away, was speechless.

Wang Wen, who was flying above the werewolf, shouted, “Qin Dongbei, youre mistaken! I was the one who caused the explosion.

It had nothing to do with the Boai Group.”

“Damn you, rat!” the werewolf roared.

“Why did I let you live for so long”

Wang Wen did not say anything else.

He gathered the last of his mental energy and wrapped it around the werewolfs head, ready to blow it up.

Finally, when he tried to enter, he discovered it was empty!

“Do you think Ill give you another chance to repeat the same trick I dont have a brain right now!” The werewolf laughed.

Wang Wen was speechless.

The werewolf reached out with its claws to grab him, but when it realized it couldnt, it tried everything it could to dismantle the water stone giant.

When it became clear that the water stone giants recovery rate could not keep up, it was ripped apart and kicked to pieces.

The werewolf was getting closer and closer to the portal.

Suddenly, the Great Sage emerged from the portal.

However, the Great Sage had severe injuries and was weak and powerless.

The werewolfs claw knocked him down.

The Great Sage plucked a handful of hair and blew out thousands of babbling great sages, which crawled on the werewolfs body and scratched it.

The wounds on the werewolves thick black fur had been healing quickly, and they were bleeding profusely again after the wave of attacks.

Wang Wen quickly threw a Level 4 Healing Impediment on it so those injuries would not recover within eight hours.

The wounds on the werewolfs body rapidly deteriorated.

It became weak.

It became flustered and exasperated.

Since it could not catch the little monkeys, it vented its anger on the big monkey.

It kicked the Great Sage, revealing the portal behind him.

‘We cant stop him!

The same thought flashed through everyones mind.

Mi Lailais team, Mo Ran, and the others were depressed.

They had finally witnessed what a battle between immortals looked like.

The destruction of mountains and buildings was not something human strength could accomplish.

They finally realized the significant difference between those from below the 600th floor and those above it.

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