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In the final moments…

Zhu Xingguo looked back and forth in the cave.

When he used a transcendence skill, he felt no pain.

The World Tower solely determined the value of an item.

Anything that exceeded 1000 points was packed up, and not a single hundred-year ginseng or thousand-year Lingzhi was left behind.

In the end, the cabinet was empty.

He would have considered tearing down the cabinet and selling it if it had not been for Ren Ruoruos dissuasion.

On the other side…

Jue Mingzi reluctantly bid Wang Wen farewell.

Wang Wen looked at the old man beside him, who had obviously aged a lot.

He thought about it.

He made a new sword for him after seeing that the other party had gone all the way there to help him.

It was impossible to create an iron sword that could be controlled.

The swordsman would have to nourish and accumulate feelings with it daily.

However, Wang Wen had made the old man a super-alloy sword that was extremely tough and not easily broken.

Wang Wen did not have to think about whether or not alloys could develop feelings.

Everything was done.

Wang Wens gaze was drawn to the State Preceptor, who sat motionless on the ground, holding the consorts headless corpse in a daze.

He hesitated for a moment.

He took two steps toward her.

The drone began its countdown.

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo rushed over, exclaiming, “What a great harvest!”

Wang Wen observed the State Preceptor from a distance but said nothing.

He and the two of them entered the next levels teleportation portal.

The three of them were engulfed in white light.

Wang Wen looked silently behind the State Preceptor until the scenery in front of him changed.

“The 500th floor, ends.”

“The 501st floor, begins.”

“The 501st floor, ends.”

Wang Wen appeared to have reverted to his emotionless tower-climbing machine, sprinting as before.

The only difference was…

He began looking for World Tower items consciously after reaching the 500th floor.

The resource team could not easily reach that floor due to its height.

He could not miss the precious and practical relics in his memory.

“The 510th floor, begins.”

“The 510th floor, ends.”

“You have received a rare item from the World Tower, the Great Rejuvenation Golden Core.”

“The 520th floor, begins.”

“The 520th floor, ends.”

“You have five common items—the Gods Hammer.

It can be used to detect the authenticity of the targets oath.

If the content of the oath were too high, it would summon a bolt of lightning.

The target would need to cooperate.

The answer would be invalid if the target did not speak within five seconds.”

“The 521st floor, ends.”

“You have five common items—the Gods Hammer.

It can be used to detect the authenticity of the targets oath.

If the content of the oath were too high, it would summon a bolt of lightning.

The target would need to cooperate.

The answer would be invalid if the target did not speak within five seconds.”

Ren Ruoruo was speechless.

“Master, why are you looking for those things” Zhu Xingguo was curious.

Wang Wen replied, “That was an extremely rare item! Its as unique as a supreme treasure.

Its a very powerful offensive tool at critical moments!”

Ren Ruoruo was speechless.

Zhu Xingguo was speechless.

“The 550th floor, ends.”

“The 560th floor, ends.”

“The 599th floor, ends.”

It was late Friday night, just before midnight on Saturday.

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo discovered that they were among the worlds best tower climbers.

“All tower climbers who have reached the 600th floor for the first time will be rewarded with one world energy point and can open the World Energy Exchange Channel.

“One World Energy point can be exchanged for 100,000 points.

“Four major functions of the world energy points.

“To begin, you can use world energy to heal all injuries and restore all your energy.

“The amount of energy consumed depends on the degree of injury.

“Second, you can use world energy points to improve the overall quality of a single unit.

“The first enhancement will consume one point.

The second enhancement will consume ten points, and the third enhancement will consume 100 points, and so on.

“Third, you can use the world energy points to draw a transcendent skill randomly.

“The first draw will consume one point, the second draw will consume ten points, and so on.

“Fourth, you can use world energy points to strengthen your existing transcendence skills.

“The first strengthening costs one point, the second ten points, and so on.”

“No wonder those top teams were all like gods.” Ren Ruoruo looked at the information about the world energy points and said, “So theres such a terrifying enhancement after going to the super high tower

Zhu Xingguo curled his lips.

“Ive never heard of that before.

I guess those who knew that information were all stingy.

They were afraid of letting others know the towers benefits.”

Wang Wen was speechless.

Ren Ruoruo patted Zhu Xingguos arm.

Those words even included his own master.

Wang Wen patiently said, “The top teams were all created by the major consortiums with their money.

Of course, the fewer people who know the towers secrets, the better.

Its the same in any era.

The small group of people standing at the top of the pyramid will always know some secrets that the general public does not.”

Ren Ruoruo nodded in agreement.

Zhu Xingguo scratched his head.

The focus of attention shifted in an unexpected direction.

“Master, do you think we have also become part of that small group now”

“Far from it.” Wang Wen shook his head.

The moment he said that…

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo said in unison, “Why”

“Weve reached the 600th floor.

The top ones are only a few dozen levels higher than us.

Its not like theres a big gap.” Ren Ruoruo did not understand.

“Im not too far behind,” Wang Wen said honestly.

“But you two are.”

Ren Ruoruo and Zhu Xingguo were speechless.

Ignoring the fact that the two of them were stunned, Wang Wen pointed to the world energy exchange rate and said, “100,000 for one point.

Do you understand why I said it takes a lot of points An average person can usually solve that by enhancing it four times.

The gap will gradually widen after the fifth time.

Because everyone is on the 600th floor, whoever gained one more level will be stronger.

If you can improve until the seventh or eighth time, other people will be unable to catch up.

Thats true strength.”

“Well, its just a competition for money!” Ren Ruoruo replied, unconvinced.

“Of course!” Wang Wen looked at her with a smile and said, “Isnt money the fairest contest in the world Otherwise, why do you think those top teams have to rely on consortiums Without the support of a consortium, they cant be the strongest, so from a certain perspective, the top tower climbers were more afraid of their own consortium falling than others.”

Zhu Xingguo raised his hand.

“There are almost no top teams outside right now, Master.

The consortiums are all changing their styles and supporting the top executives to climb the tower independently.”

“That was a special case because the man in green doesnt belong to any side,” Wang Wen explained.

“In the past, no matter how strong the tower climbers were, they would not dare to attack the consortiums top executives.

Whether its a competitor or family, everyone is afraid of chaos.

Once chaos breaks out, even the First Consortium cant guarantee it will remain standing.

The consortiums are always looking at each other like hungry wolves.

If one consortium discovers a flaw, it will be devoured by many opponents.

Unless you have the absolute strength to kill all the top executives, you can kill them later to achieve a unified goal.”

“Master, do you really know the man in green” Zhu Xingguo was very curious.

Wang Wen thought for a moment and nodded.

“Yes, very close.”

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