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Chapter 188: End Of The World Towers Ban

Ma Dong was an excellent partner.

He could help sell the goods.

He could also help in receiving the goods.

Wang Wen promised that the academys goods would be handed over to him if he could help collect 10,000 items with different effects in a week.

Similarly, the goods would be given at market value, and the actual selling price would be up to him as long as it did not exceed the agreed-upon time for payment.

If Ma Dongs financial strength was adequate in the future, he could even take the entire batch of goods from Wang Wen and then slowly sell them in the market.

From distribution to monopoly.

Wang Wen did not have to waste time on monetization, and Ma Dong did not have to be concerned about the origin of the goods.

It was yet another beneficial project for both parties.

At the Tiansheng Group.

Qin Dongbei and Qin Wuzheng sat together in the office.

Bottles of Quick-acting Antidote sat on the table in front of the two of them.

Qin Dongbei picked up a bottle.

“According to our intelligence, these were discovered by the resource teams that Wang Wen established in the academy,” he said casually.

Qin Wuzheng smirked.

“I cant see through him.

The reports from my subordinates were very clear.

He was just an ordinary student at the academy a few months ago! Previously, we met in the tower, and he still claimed that he had not reached the 100th floor, but in a short period, he had already reached the 300th floor.

It was extremely strange.”

It was as if he had not heard the desired response.

In frustration, Qin Dongbei threw the antidote down.

He stood up and walked to the French window, facing Qin Wuzheng.

He asked, “So, based on the current situation, how do you think we should deal with him”

Qin Wuzheng turned to face his father and said, “Why dont I approach him and try to bargain with him”

Qin Dongbei turned around and looked at him with a ridiculous expression.

“Bargain I am asking you how to handle him, but you tell me to bargain.

Your father would have died if it had not been for the companys three elite tower climbers giving it their all!”

The Tiansheng Groups boss was full of energy, and his voice was loud and clear.

It shook and buzzed all the glass products in the office.

Qin Wuzheng paused for a moment before lowering his head and saying, “Actually, in retrospect, it was always the Tiansheng Groups fault.

Initially, it was Xiaodong who was insensible, allowing his subordinate, Shen Rushuang, to lead the members of the Mirror into the academy and begin a massacre.

Later, he purposefully held a beheading in front of the world and even imprisoned academy students who wanted to seek justice until they died of starvation.

Those were inhumane and insane methods.”

At that point, he raised his head and looked at Qin Dongbei, whose face was turning darker and darker, as if he was about to explode.

He pressed his lips together.

He took a deep breath and continued, “I dont get it.

What benefits would it bring to the group Other than smearing the Tiansheng Groups name and adding unnecessary enemies The most perplexing thing was that you openly supported and protected him.

Xiaodong was reckless.

Are you reckless as well”


The Tiansheng Groups director, who had already reached the 600th floor, yelled angrily.

His palm left a print as he slapped Qin Wuzheng.

The young mans nose and mouth bled, and he went into a coma.

Nobody knew whether he was dead or alive.

He looked at his unconscious biological son.

“Useless trash! You didnt help me at all, and instead, you turned around and questioned me.

Your brother is already dead! Is that not enough And you want to scold him I regret giving birth to a pig like you!” Qin Dongbei shouted.

He did not seem to care whether Qin Wuzheng was alive or dead.

He picked up his phone and dialed after cursing him.

“How many of those spies left behind by the Mirror did you take back Can they be of use now” he asked.

“You dont have to tell me that! No matter who it was or how much it cost, I need you to learn about Wang Wens ability.”

On the fourth weekend.

The resource team returned with 88 bottles of Elixir of Life.

There were still over a dozen teams that came back empty-handed.

Interestingly, a familiar face also ran out of gas that week.

Wang Wen walked through the 200 floors that each team had seen.

Some teams claimed to have left the tower before reaching the 200th floor.

Two teams did not follow his instructions.

Wang Wen approached each of them individually to inquire about the source of the problem.

One team stated that they had witnessed far too many front-line teams.

The other team said that they had expended too much energy climbing all the way to the 200th floor and had left because they were too tired.

The conversation was over.

Wang Wen nodded and said nothing, telling them to go back and rest.

He later discovered Chen Hansheng.

They had supper together.

He said, “There is a problem with the resource team.

Some of them were playing tricks, not looking for targets I needed, and spending their attention on items I didnt need so they could make a profit.”

“What Give me their names.

I will handle it! That was simply a slap in the face!” Chen Hansheng said, dropping his chopsticks.

“There is no need to make a list of names.

They will be able to stand on their own soon.” Wang Wen took a bite of a vegetable and chewed it.

“I just wanted to inform you that I might be looking for the Quick-acting Antidotes and the Elixir of Life in the next few days.

There will be no new targets.

Just dont take things wrongly.”

“What am I taking wrongly”

Chen Hansheng sipped the wine in his glass and said, “Just go ahead with your plan.

I have no objections! Ill find those b*stards and teach them alesson.

I want them to compensate for the losses and hand over their profit.

Otherwise, Id fire them!”

“You decide how to handle it.

I have no objections.” Wang Wen finished his meal and set down his chopsticks.

His face was full of energy, as if he had been reborn.

“My ban from the tower has been lifted.

I will be entering the tower tomorrow.

Please notify me as soon as possible if you have anyone who wishes to make arrangements.

It will happen in a month, regardless.

You can only leave it to a maximum of four people.”

Chen Hanshengs eyes gleamed.

“Has the month-long ban on the tower been lifted There is no need for four people; I am the only one so far.

It has been a long time since we last met, Mr.


Please look after me!” Then, he laughed.

That night, Wang Wen slept poorly.

The sun had just come up.

Wang Wen was ready to depart.

Chen Hansheng, Zhu Xingguo, and Ren Ruoruo were among those who had arrived at the academy.

Mo Ran was nowhere to be seen.

Mo Ran stated that he would be at the academys gate in two minutes after making a phone call.

When the timer ran out, Wang Wen noticed Mo Ran leading someone from a distance.

They arrived together and stood still.

Mo Ran introduced the person sitting next to him.

“That is the First Consortiums Young Master, Zhou Shengsheng, whom I mentioned earlier.”

As his voice faded.

Wang Wens heart was pounding!

What the hell happened

What kind of First Consortium young master was he

Did he think Wang Wen had never met him

That person in front of him was terrible!

Wang Wen suppressed his doubts and silently assessed Zhou Shengsheng.

“Old Mo, let me make it clear that I have no intention of going back on my word,” he said casually.

“With our current relationship with the First Consortium, is it necessary for the young master to be here”

Mo Ran said, shaking his head, “It is unrelated to the First Consortium.

It is strictly a personal promise.

You only need to follow the agreement and get him to the 400th floor safely.”

He turned toward Zhou Shengsheng and said, “Wang Wens strength is adequate.

Dont worry.”

Zhou Shengsheng nodded and stepped in front of Wang Wen.

“I am sorry that my father did such an outrageous thing.

I sincerely hope I can do something to make up for your and Chief Gus mistakes so that I can ask for your forgiveness.”

The first sentence surprised Wang Wen even more.

“Just like you said, that was what your dad did; it had nothing to do with you.

When you are ready, we will set off toward the tower,” he said calmly.

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