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Chapter 180: Helping Others

The characteristic of the Magnificent Divine Stone was that the bigger the stone, the better its effect.

Plus, it had to be brought out of the World Tower.

What better target to cast a spell on than the water stone giant

It could be brought out of the tower and carried around.

It could absorb water wherever.

It was considered the most valuable treasure in the academy.

Everyone would want to use it daily.

Wang Wen had already tried to use a scroll to cast a spell on the water stone giant.

Every time he tried to summon it again, it would still swallow the Magnificent Divine Stone.

It was the first time he had summoned it in the academy that day.

All the onlookers were shocked.

They had different thoughts about it.

Mo Ran reached out his hand and touched the giants toes.

His entire body felt like it was electrified.

He retracted his finger and clicked his tongue.

“Thats awesome.

How did you think of using the Magnificent Divine Stone on the water stone giant Youre going to be rich.

At that moment, 90 percent of my spiritual power is empty.

I feel so nauseous.”

Wang Wen smiled but did not say anything.

The others also wanted to follow Mo Rans example and reach out to touch the giant.

Mo Ran kindly reminded them.

“Be careful.

That was a Magnificent Divine Stone.

Once you touch it, itll start to absorb your spiritual power until its empty.”

The monkey-faced man who had spoken earlier snorted and said, “What kind of spiritual power training is that Its ridiculous.”

Mo Ran looked at him as if he was looking at a pile of sh*t.

He said coldly, “The amount of mental strength that can be recovered after being sucked dry will obviously increase.

Which mental strength training method in the world is safer and more effective than this It doesnt matter if youre uneducated.

Dont embarrass yourself by showing it.”

As soon as he finished speaking.

Many people who were already curious could no longer hold it in and touch it.

The scene became very joyful.

Some peoples feet that touched the water stone giant were twitching and trembling.

From time to time, one of them would step back and bend down to retch.

After a while, when they recovered, they would look surprised.

Seeing that scene, the monkey-faced man could not help but want to go and touch it.

Unexpectedly, Zhou Dafu snorted and led his people to leave.

The monkey-faced man was so scared that he hurriedly followed him.

He looked at the directors gloomy face; he looked like he was about to drip water.

Zhou Dafu was depressed.

The two parties were at war.

Initially, he had the upper hand in the confrontation, but the other side cheated.

It was a waste of time!

He decided to go back and try his best to run the First Consortium well.

It did not matter if his trick failed that day.

It did not matter if he could not get his people back.

As long as the consortium kept growing, that group of ungrateful slackers would regret it one day.

The people from the First Consortium came in large numbers and left in large numbers.

The people from the intelligence department hesitated for two steps before coming to a stop.

They knew they should choose wisely.

Anyone with discerning eyes could see how terrifying the potential of the academy was.

Just that divine stone alone was incredible enough.

It was hard to imagine how many spiritual power masters they would have in the future.

Ones spiritual power, which had always been the most difficult to train for mankind, had become the easiest to train in the academy.

Once the news spread, the whole world would go crazy.

Those who could work in the intelligence department were not stupid.

They could easily see who was better.

Furthermore, Chief Gu and the three team leaders were all there.

Of course, they had to stay.

Gu Jianbing looked at everyone and nodded without saying anything.

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