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Chapter 178: If There Are No Troublemakers

Zhou Dafu, the chief of the First Consortium, stood in the center of the crowd.

When the director made a move, there was always a larger force behind it.

There were five bodyguards among the many suits and leather shoes.

When Wang Wen saw those five people, he was overjoyed.

The identity of the tower climbers in the major consortiums had likely dropped dramatically due to the abrupt change in the world.

Even the real number one team of tower climbers, who used to look down at others, had become the groups directors personal guards.

One could only imagine how miserable the other tower climbers treatment would be.

At that rate, the tower climbers should leave and be happy free men.

That would let the consortium play by themselves.

Did they not only have more wealth and a better foundation than ordinary people

What made them so special

No matter how much money they get, most of the poor would not receive it.

The capitalists were all scumbags!

Wang Wen was pily lost in his thoughts.

Zhou Dafu led his men in an aggressive approach.

He welcomed them calmly.

“I have heard a lot about you, Wang Wen, Little Teacher Wang.

Youve certainly lived up to your name!”

Wang Wen pointed at himself.

“You know me I am surprised.”

Zhou Dafu laughed.

“It is not unusual.

Even though my groups intelligence department has suffered greatly, our foundation remained intact.”

His gaze swept past Mo Ran, Luo Shan, Tong Xiaolei, and the others as he spoke, eventually landing on Gu Jianbing.

With a heavy tone, he shook his head and asked, “Chief Gu, it is your responsibility when you end your association with the organization.

You decided to leave on your own.

Nobody made you do it.

Why did you remove all the elites and demolish the intelligence department you built”

Gu Jianbing frowned, his face expressionless.

Luo Shan, standing beside him, took the initiative and yelled, “We resigned voluntarily.

Chief Gu had nothing to do with it.

He never asked us for anything!”

Zhou Dafus gaze was drawn to him, and he appeared to have had an epiphany.

“I see.

Then I would like to know what the organization did wrong to deserve such a harsh punishment.

I will change if you tell me!”

When those words were spoken, everyones facial expressions shifted.

Everyone expected Zhou Dafu to cause trouble, but no one expected him to act like that.

Luo Shan felt a pang of guilt.

He casually found an excuse and said, unsure of himself, “The new head of the intelligence division does his job blindly.

I cant take it any longer!”

Zhou Dafu nodded.

“We can change that! Please suggest a candidate who is qualified to lead the intelligence department.

I will change it right away!”

Wang Wen, who was standing nearby, narrowed his eyes.

Luo Shan was rendered speechless.

He asked him to recommend a candidate

That was a difficult question.

Who was qualified Everyone knew that answer.

The answer was in the question.

When Zhou Dafu, who stood opposite him, noticed Luo Shans hesitation and inability to speak, he said kindly, “Allow me to respond in your place.

You will not be satisfied with anyone else besides Chief Gu.”

He said what everyone else was thinking.

He raised his head and looked at the former intelligence officers.

On his face was a hint of haggardness and resentment.

In an emotional tone, he asked, “But did I tell Chief Gu to leave Was that our groups fault Did we do anything wrong to make him leave”

The entire establishment was deafeningly quiet.

Everyone in the intelligence division felt a pang of guilt.

Zhou Dafu continued to speak.

“If the group was at fault, if I was at fault, I welcome everyone to point that out.

I will try to make things better.

However, we havent done anything.

We agreed to let Chief Gu leave, and here we are.

I am devastated.”

Some people kept their heads bowed in silence.

Some sighed and shook their heads.

Some people exchanged puzzled looks.

Some appeared to be sad.

Zhou Dafu was pleased to see that the situation was under control.

He turned to face the motionless Gu Jianbing.

He unleashed his final assault.

“Chief Gu, you abandoned us because your ideals did not align with ours.

I am not going to say much about it.

Regardless of how difficult it was, I will do my best to find someone to fill your position to restore stability.”

His eyes twinkled.

He was choking on his words.

“However, the groups intelligence department is in danger of collapsing.

I am at a loss for words.

How can I save the group Do you want to make the decision on the groups behalf from now on Consider that done.

I can even give you my position as the groups director.

Will you be happy with that Please be gracious and let us go.

Is that okay”

As soon as he was done speaking, the men in suits around Zhou Dafu cried.


Everyone in the intelligence division turned pale with fear.

Gu Jianbing, who had dedicated his entire life to the First Consortium, took a step back.

He was on the verge of collapsing, and tears streamed down his cheeks.

He almost wanted to express his determination to die by looking up at the sky.

Wang Wen, standing outside quietly watching, was about to applaud and praise that scene.

Unlike the others, Wang Wen could see no ripples in the other partys eyes when he looked at Zhou Dafus face, which was full of sincerity and grief.

There was even a smidgeon of arrogance.

Wang Wen sighed as he realized that all businessmen in high positions were foxes.

Did the First Consortiums boss disguise himself as a victim

He was incredible!

He had used that attitude to speak all truths and untruths.

It was very simple to make those who left feeling guilty.

Even Chief Gu could not resist returning to the group to prove his innocence.

Of course, he would never hold the position of director.

That would be even worse than killing the old man.

Killing was just a means to an end, but killing the heart was an art form.

He had to truly understand the old mans mindset to be able to speak to such an extent.

Even if the old man did return to the group, he would likely no longer have the right to speak.

That was a flawless move!

As anticipated, a voice quickly sounded from the intelligence department.

“Sorry, Boss, it had nothing to do with Chief Gu.

We will return now.

We will not resign.

Please, no one will leave.

Chief Gu, please dont make things difficult for yourself.”

Everything had been going swimmingly.

Zhou Dafus plan, which could be called a conspiracy, had been flawlessly executed.

He had won not only the peoples hearts but also secured his own position.

He had also resolved the unspoken issue of Chief Gu overshadowing his master.

It was the equivalent of killing so many birds with one stone!

There would be no troublemakers like Wang Wen if there were no troublemakers at all.

Wang Wen stepped into the crowd, his eyes welling with tears.

In a daze, he looked at Zhou Dafu and asked, “Why did you launch a missile at me Did you know that the missile nearly killed Team Leader Mo and the others”

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