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Chapter 176: How Will You Compensate Me

Shen Rushuang had reached somewhere near the Regional Security Department by the time he (she) reappeared.

That was the first place Wang Wen headed after leaving the tower, according to the information he had acquired.

With all of the weird actions the other side made, he might be able to get the answer there because Wang Wen placed so much focus on that location.

Shen Rushuang nodded.

He tidied his hair and hiked his short skirt slightly, showing his pale legs.

He walked out of the shadows and toward the door of the Regional Security Department, a charming smile on his face.

He only took a step when someone lifted his body.

He became pale with fear.

Someone had approached him without his knowing!

He threw two completely distinct elements behind him with a wave of his hand—fire and ice.

It was as if ice and fire had been tossed into the emptiness with no discernible effect.

Shen Rushuangs heart dropped.

He was well aware that he had encountered a deadly foe.

A chilling voice sounded from behind him as he was about to twist his neck to remove his garments and perform his ultimate act.

“You want to flee after demolishing my academy Eighth Chaos Seal!”

A bright purple spinning halo melded with Shen Rushuangs body.

His entire body tensed.

Then his muscles and joints went slack.

He could not even move his fingers since his eyes were still swollen with shock.

He was instantly hauled back to the academy by the back of his neck.

He was unable to use any moves.

He returned to the academys tree-lined path and stood at the brink of the inverted cone-shaped deep hole.

Li He dragged Shen Rushuang into the hole and put his face toward it.

“Have you seen your masterpiece” he inquired quietly.

“Do you realize how much I spent rebuilding the academy Do you know how much it would cost me to repair such a large pit” The more Li He said, the angrier he became.

“Do you realize how difficult it was for me to earn money” he yelled angrily.

“Do you know how to spell death Hmm”

The mans deep, angry snarl rang across the broken tree-lined walkway.

His voice was tinged with unending hatred.

Shen Rushuang, whose head was pushed back by a pair of hands, felt the same way.

He wanted to cry, but he could not.

He felt terribly wronged.

If he talked, he would have to explain who created that pit.

Li He calmed himself down after shouting a few sentences.

He took a big breath and relaxed.

“Tell me how you will pay me,” he asked.

Li He shook Shen Rushuangs head as he talked.

He knew the womans loose garments would slip off, so he reached out and tied a knot in the womans collar.

Shen Rushuangs last hope was snuffed out.

In his heart, he cursed Li Hes ancestors.

If there was anything more heinous in that world than not killing the enemy and fleeing, it was that.

That was supposed to be the scapegoat for his adversarys escape.

He was about to bite his tongue and commit suicide if it were not for the fact that he could not move.

Li He noticed that the woman had not talked in a long time.

He remembered his seals ability and decided to summon the drone to land in front of him.

“Come on.

There is no need to talk to the drone,” he said.

“Take your most prized possession and give it to me.

If I am happy, I will let you leave.”

Shen Rushuangs eyes lit up as he heard that.

He could stay alive

He rolled his eyes and communicated with the drone quietly.

He removed something from his bag and placed it under the scanning light.

Li He examined the item details.

[Resentful Couple Silk, a 400th-floor rarity.

Hold the silk thread in your hand, and you will automatically sense the recently deceased corpse of the highly resentful tower climber.

Tear the silk thread, and you will be immediately teleported to the location to stay for five seconds.

Placing the silk thread on the corpse will transform it into a storable tool puppet.

The greater the targets resentment when they die, the more powerful the puppet will be.

You will be able to control the machine, randomly replicating one of your abilities.

You will return to your original location when the process ends.]

A rare prop from the 400th floor

Li He fiddled with the silk thread while staring at Shen Rushuang.

After a long period…

“This is how you control the corpse, right” he said, shaking his head.

It is insufficient.

“I am more interested in your ice and fire abilities.”

Shen Rushuang fixed his gaze on the prop in his palm.

He wanted to tell him to return it if he was not interested!

Shen Rushuang, who had survived with half of his body missing, had a stronger faith in miracles than most people.

He would attempt even if there was only a slim chance of success.

As a result, he blinked and proceeded to communicate with the drone.

He took another thing from his bag.

He gazed at it with hesitation and pain in his eyes as soon as the shape of the item appeared in the scanning light.

He had to give it away to stay alive.

[Chapter of Fire and Ice, a supreme treasure from the 400th floor.

It enables the tower climber to operate two attributes simultaneously.

The poles repel each other, creating a massive destructive force impervious to damage from ice and fire.]

It was a supreme treasure!

Li Hes eyes glowed.

His surroundings got hot and frigid as soon as he took the item.

It was icy at times and hot at others.

He rapidly learned to control the item before concealing the beautiful and unique effect.

That prize made him very happy.

He kept his word and let Shen Rushuang go.

“Senior Li, is that you” a voice came from mid-air as he lifted his hand to remove the seal on Shen Rushuangs corpse.

Li He turned around and raised his head.

Wang Wen was floating in mid-air.

There were some warps in the space around him as if a slew of invisible entities were about to emerge.

“I just heard a sound over here.

I thought the person who had attacked me earlier had appeared again.” Wang Wen jumped to the ground.

When he saw Li He hugging an exquisite body in his arms, his expression immediately became a little awkward.

He asked with uncertainty, “Am I disturbing you”

Li He was still preoccupied with Wang Wens appearance.

“You already have a flying tool already” he asked, surprised.

After asking, he realized what Wang Wen was saying.

He instantly pushed Shen Rushuang aside and said, “Thats not what happened.

I have just apprehended the mastermind responsible for destroying the academys grounds.

I am talking with her about compensation.”

When Shen Rushuang noticed the visitor, he quickly averted his eyes and tried to hide.

Unfortunately, Wang Wen discovered the gorgeous body that Li He had tossed on the ground.

As a result, he asked Li He, “Are you done with her”

Li He nodded.

“We are done.

I am satisfied.”

“Then you dont want this person, right” Wang Wen replied, pointing to Shen Rushuang on the ground.

Li He gave him a dubious glance.

“I am done with her.

You want to deal with her”

“He was the main reason the academy fell into such disarray.

Shen Rushuang was the leader of Tiansheng Groups Mirror.” Wang Wens calm tone was infused with a faint surge of murderous purpose.

After hearing that, Li Hes face darkened instantly.

With a perplexed gaze, he looked at Shen Rushuangs body.

“Now that you mention it, I do remember his face! But wasnt he a man”

Wang Wen said, “He has altered his body to release extremely high temperatures instantly.”

Shen Rushuang, lying on the ground, stared at Li He and blinked desperately, attempting to demonstrate that he had agreed to let him go.

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