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Chapter 173: One Arrow Many Birds (Part 1)

“What is the problem” Wang Wen examined it calmly.

The handsome young man removed a large, gleaming ring with a click.

He held it up to Wang Wen and asked, “Were you the one who rejected my proposal”

Yu Huang and the others supported each other as they walked towards Sheng Xiao.

They stared at the abnormally huge Monster Core in Sheng Xiaos hand with reverent gazes.

Seeing that Yu Huangs eyes were reflecting light, Sheng Xiao asked in amusement, “Do you want to touch it”

Yu Huang immediately stretched out her hands.

Sheng Xiao really handed the Monster Core to Yu Huang.

Yu Huang held the bloody Monster Core and sighed.

“Its so heavy and the energy inside is so strong.

At last, were also people who have touched the Monster Core of a super demon beast.”

With that, Yu Huang handed the Monster Core to Donor and the others.

“Everyone, touch it.”

Everyone gathered around and touched the Monster Core.

After going around in circles, the Monster Core finally returned to Sheng Xiaos hand.

Sheng Xiao put away the Monster Core and said, “Lets divide the spoils before we leave.”


At this moment, Kunlun pointed at the Nine-tailed Snake Demons abnormally thick stomach and said, “Its stomach is moving.”

Hearing this, everyone lowered their heads and stared at the overly thick stomach on the ground.

Sure enough, they realized that the Nine-tailed Snake Demons stomach was bulging.

Yu Huang frowned and said, “Could it be pregnant”

Snakes were born from eggs, so the snake in front of them might be an egg-born snake.

When Yu Huang thought about how there might be a baby in the snakes stomach, her expression instantly became sympathetic.

“If its a small snake, let it live.” Although Yu Huang liked to eat snakes, she couldnt bear to eat a small snake that had just been born.

Sheng Xiao said, “Let me see.”

Sheng Xiao gently cut the Nine-tailed Snake Demons abdomen with the tip of his sword.

Without the obstruction of its skin, the thing in its stomach immediately slipped to the ground.

However, to everyones surprise, there was no baby snake in the Nine-tailed Snake Demons stomach.

Instead, there were three to four human beast tamers who had yet to be completely digested and a pile of completely digested bones!

From the shape of the bones, it wasnt difficult to tell that they were all humans!

The four human beast tamers who had yet to be completely digested were almost all dead.

Only one womans legs were still subconsciously trembling as she put up her last struggle against the Nine-tailed Snake Demon.

The first collaboration provided him with a target that was easy to see.

If nothing out of the ordinary occurred, he would get 1,000 Quick-acting Antidotes by the weekend.

This type of rare low-level item would usually have a high market demand.

Unlike common items like Fuel Cards and Ginseng Fruits, which were unnecessary, there would undoubtedly be as many Quick-acting Antidotes that could cure all types of poisons.

Not to mention the numerous vicious mechanisms and poisons throughout the wild.

Even if one were unlucky, the poison gas chamber on the 69th floor would appear much more frequent.

After all, not everyone could go through the poison gas chamber as quickly as Wang Wen.

A supply of 1,000 Quick-acting Antidotes would cost around 50 million points.

Even though there was still a gap between Chief Gus requirements and the resource team, the latter played a significant role.

The requirement was that they collect 1,000 Quick-acting Antidotes over the weekend.

The first team left the tower early the following morning.

Many were injured when they returned to the academy via the portal.

Wang Wen was speechless after he realized what they had gone through.

Those team members were honest.

They described how they came across the pre-trigger condition mentioned in the paper on the 50th floor.

They rushed through the steps and obtained more than 20 Quick-acting Antidotes.

That was truly terrifying.

They were already veterans from the 200th floor, but they were nearly wiped out on the 50th floor.

A slow-moving, slow-changing robot that relied solely on its area of effect to kill had harmed them every time it attacked.

Wang Wen stated in the paper that if they encountered an area-effect enemy, they could maintain a mid-range attack from 300 meters away or a ground attack from 10 meters above the ground.

Finally, they admitted that they had no idea the enemy was an area-of-effect type of enemy before the battle began.

They only realized it was an area-of-effect enemy once they were already in the area.

Wang Wen almost spat blood out.

Even if they lacked intelligence, they should be able to understand the test.

What did they think when they saw the enemy attack Did no one say anything

It was dangerous!

Wang Wen was utterly speechless.

He immediately set up a formation on the field and practiced it himself.

He simulated most likely battle scenarios and taught them how to deal with them one at a time.

Those experiences should have resulted from the tower climbers understanding of the battles.

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