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He hurriedly stood up with a smile on his face.

He stretched out his hand and strode toward Chen Hansheng.

“Chief Chen, youre here! Sorry for not greeting you! ”

Chen Hansheng was in a hurry to find Wang Wen.

When he heard that, he did not stretch out his hand; he simply glanced at him.

He was puzzled.

“Who are you”

Captain He bowed and said, “I am Xiao He from the Thirteen Consortium.

Last year, at the groups annual meeting last year, you graced us with your presence.

I even gave you a toast! ”

“We can talk later.” Chen Hansheng nodded in greeting.

He turned around and led his men to surround Wang Wen.

His tone had changed.


Wang, I did not expect this! You are not an ordinary person, indeed! I dont know if I should use the word awesome.”

Wang Wen looked at Captain He, standing by the door with an awkward expression.

He asked Chen Hansheng and Mo Ran in confusion, “What are you two talking about Do you know that I robbed the Tiansheng Groups relics warehouse”

“What You robbed the Tiansheng Groups relics warehouse”

Everyone burst out in unison.

The scene was extremely chaotic.

Captain He was so shocked that his eyes and mouth were slanted.

He kept stepping back and looking at Wang Wen across the table.

His eyes flashed with mixed feelings.

He suddenly thought that if he had been more polite at the beginning, would he be able to join that circle and listen to the national affairs they were talking about

He heard them mentioning the first three consortiums.

The world would collapse if the three groups stomped their feet!

If they had been informed of any news in advance, they would have made their plans earlier than the ordinary tower climbers outside.

Captain He pursed his lips and frowned.

Waves of frustration rose in his heart.

Zhang Wei and Zhang Lanlan had also fallen out of favor with their original masters.

They looked at the group of men beside Wang Wen, who clearly was not an ordinary person, with a somewhat lonely expression.

The two of them finally understood that Captain Wang was telling the truth.

The big shot from the 300th floor was not even qualified to shake his hand.

So, those were the terrifying big shots

The gap between the two sides was too big.

They were not from the same world at all.

That accidental encounter was a beautiful fated encounter.

If they missed it, they would never be able to keep up with the other partys footsteps.

Zhang Lanlan held her boyfriends hand.

Her eyes were hazy with tears, but she could no longer open her mouth to call out to Captain Wang.

Mo Ran looked at Wang Wen with a grave expression.

“I didnt expect the situation to be more severe than what we know.

From the looks of it, it must be a fight to the death situation.

I suggest that you meet with our young master as soon as possible.

Only after you have agreed to lead him to the tower can you use your identity to request help from the group.

Otherwise, it will be too hard for you to rely on yourself!”

Chen Hansheng saw another group of people surrounding Wang Wen and exclaimed, “Drunk In Battlefield, youre here too! Hey, isnt that Team Leader Luo Miss Tong Why are the two of you What Old Mo”

He looked at Mo Ran with a sudden realization and said, “Old Mo! The First Consortiums intelligence departments most mysterious team leader is the immortal-like Mo Ran! You hid it from me for a long time, Team Leader Mo!”

Mo Ran coldly denied it.

“I did not hide it.

Youre just too stupid.”

Mi Lailai, dressed like a little white flower beside Chen Hansheng, frowned and said, “Can we cut the crap and get down to business”

Mo Ran looked at her.

“Who are you”

Mi Lalai gently lifted the hair on her forehead and said, “You might be immortal-like, but I am just an immortal.”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Suddenly, Mo Rans eyes widened at a rare sight.

“The Third consortiums elite team Old Chen, are you planning to fight them head-on”

Chen Hansheng smiled bitterly and said to Wang Wen, “I thought you were joking with me on the phone yesterday.

I didnt expect the actual situation to be even scarier than a joke! ”

Wang Wen was about to speak when his ears twitched.

Suddenly, a black shadow whistled past the window of the private room.



“Get down!”

“Protect the Director!”


The sky had fallen.

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