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Chapter 106: Worthless Broken Might Level

Mo Ran really wanted to punch that seemingly innocent face that deserved a beating if it were not for the fact that he knew he might not be able to win.

Even so, he could not help but tighten the glove on his hand.

Wang Wen noticed the faint light on the glove and recalled the duo they had met.

The glove in the short mans hand seemed to look like that.

It appeared extremely powerful, as it knocked out a lion monster with a single punch.

Wang Wen would have fished it out and tried it on himself if it had not been taken away by the short man and could not be found near the food distribution point.

He had not had much experience with that type of glove in his previous life.

He only knew that it had the effect of protection and enhancement.

His fighting tools were mostly swords and sticks.

He could only say that he knew how to use them, but he was not very good at using weapons such as claws and fists.

However, considering that he had yet to obtain a World Tower tool-type weapon, he had to make do with the gloves.

It was better than nothing.

Mo Ran noticed his gaze and did not know what he was thinking.

He thought he was provoking him, so he immediately raised his fist and growled, “The Dharma Hand, a rare tool from the 390th floor.

Do you want to try it”

Wang Wens eyes lit up when he heard that.

He thought,That man can read my mind!

He quickly nodded and said, “Is that okay Im sorry!”

As he said those polite words, he stretched out his hand to take the gloves under Mo Rans stunned gaze.

Mo Ran stared in shock as he watched him take off his gloves.

He asked in confusion, “What are you doing”

“Huh” Wang Wen looked back at him in confusion.

He immediately reacted.

“Oh, right, right.

Im trying it on.

Look at you.

Why are you so anxious”

He did not notice Mo Rans darkened expression at all.

Wang Wen happily put on the 390th-floor rare tool, the Dharma Hand.

He opened his fist and clenched it to test the fit.

Then, he raised his hand and punched the wall next to him.


The gloves protective properties were excellent.

Even when he punched a pineapple-sized hole in the caves hard wall, he felt no pain.

Wang Wen took off the gloves and returned them to Mo Ran with satisfaction.

She gave him a pertinent analysis and said, “The protective properties were okay.

The enhancement was average.

“Why dont you use a glove with more than 400 layers”

Mo Ran was about to explode.

He turned around and could not be bothered with Wang Wen at all.

Wang Wen thought he was embarrassed to bring up the topic of not being able to find any high-level relics.

Wang Wen removed the gloves and gratefully returned them to Mo Ran.

He provided him with insightful analysis and said, “The protective properties are satisfactory.

The enhancement is average.

Why dont you wear a glove thats from above the 400th floor”

Mo Ran turned around and waved his pot-sized fists.

He growled, “Are you a f*cking novelist Do you live in your fantasy world all day long”

Wang Wen asked in surprise, “How do you know that My hobby is writing novels! Im thinking of writing an autobiography when I retire from climbing the tower.

Ill call it Coming Back From The 900th Floor! How about it Too weird”

“The 900th Floor” Mo Ran snorted and sized him up.

“If you have nothing to do, sleep more.

You can have anything in your dreams.”

While the two were chatting happily.

All kinds of strange little creatures around them kept kowtowing.

One with the toothpick also kept squeaking.

Seeing that Wang Wen had punched a hole in the wall of the cave, it squealed even more happily.

Zhu Xingguo carried Ren Ruoruo, who was naked with only a piece of clothing on her back, and walked forward.

He asked Wang Wen, “Captain, what should we do next”

Wang Wen shrugged and said, “Leader Mo said we shouldnt rush the progress.

We have to ask him what to do next.”

So Zhu Xingguo turned to look at Mo Ran.

Mo Ran glanced at the little creature kneeling on the ground and shook his head.

“Its not that.

My dismay comes from other sources.”

Squeak, squeak, squeak!

When the old creature saw Ren Ruoruo carried by Zhu Xingguo, it cried out as if it was about to die.

Wang Wen felt embarrassed to continue to ignore it, so he followed up with a few words of nonsense.

The old creature pointed at Ren Ruoruo and then pointed at the Body Health Water in Wang Wens hand.

Wang Wen thought for a moment and tried to pass the Body Health Water to the creature.

The old creature cried and jumped.

The basketball-like things surrounding it reached out with their tiny claws to take the Body Health Water bottle.

Then, the old creature walked under Ren Ruoruos body, took out a wooden stick that looked like an arrow, and blew at Ren Ruoruos back.

A transparent, short needle flew out.

It was blocked by Wang Wens wooden board while still in the air.

He tested the short needle and the purple-black blood on Ren Ruoruos ankle.

He found that the purple-black blood that the transparent liquid had scratched on the short needle returned to its normal color.

Wang Wen held the short needle with a pair of tweezers, pointed at Ren Ruoruos ankle, and said a few words to the little old creature.

The old creature pointed at the water bottle and said a few words.

Wang Wen nodded thoughtfully and applied the transparent liquid on the short needle to the wound on Ren Ruoruos ankle.

The purplish-black faded.

Ren Ruoruos face turned pale.

Her body stiffened, and she immediately stopped breathing.

Zhu Xingguo turned pale with fright, and his hands and feet did not know what to do.

Mo Ran was stunned, and his eyes were focused on the ankle and the short needle.

Wang Wen held the short needle and frowned.

“You took the water, but you killed my team member,” he said as he looked at Ren Rourou.

“What is the meaning of this”

The old creature was chattering.

Zhu Xingguo carefully said to Wang Wen, “Captain, I have a prop.

Its a bit like the synchronous translator.

Do you want to try it”

“A translation prop” Wang Wen asked, “Why didnt you say so earlier”

Zhu Xingguo summoned the drone to retrieve the stored prop and handed it over.

“Its because you were so engrossed in talking with them.

I thought you could understand their language.”

Wang Wen had tricked himself.

He speechlessly took the earpiece-style prop and put it on.

He tried to say, “Hey, Hey, can you hear me How do I use this thing”

His voice did not change, nor did his words.

Zhu Xingguo was about to explain when he heard the little old creature on the ground chirp.

Wang Wen hesitantly asked, “You mean, feed her water”

The little old creature was stunned.

It seemed happy, and it chirped.

Wang Wen nodded after listening to it.

He took a bottle of Body Health Water from the drone and turned around to pour it over Ren Ruoruos ankle wound.

A person who has stopped breathing should be dead.

However, just as he poured half a bottle, Ren Ruoruo suddenly took a deep breath as if she was drowning.

Her body also slowly regained its softness.

Her face turned a little redder.

The little old creature looked very happy.

It danced around in circles and chirped.

Wang Wen looked at it with a complicated expression.

Zhu Xingguo asked curiously, “What is it saying”

Wang Wen raised the bottle and said, “It says that water is the source of life.”

A few minutes later.

Ren Ruoruos breathing returned to normal.

He fed her some more water.

A person who had almost died not long ago slowly opened her eyes.

Looking at the people around her, she asked curiously, “Whats wrong”

Her voice was still a little hoarse.

But it was clear that she was conscious.

Wang Wen asked, “How do you feel”

“What do you mean Whats wrong with me” Ren Rourou had no idea what had happened.

Zhu Xingguo said, “You were poisoned by the monsters.

They might have cooked you on a barbecue and eaten you.”

Ren Ruoruo was shocked and immediately realized that she was naked.

She quickly grabbed the clothes she was wearing.

Seeing that she had returned to normal, Wang Wen nodded and said, “Its good that youre awake.

Hurry and leave the tower.

The poison had already been cured.

If youre still worried, you can go to the hospital.”

“If the poison had already been cured, then why would I still leave the Tower” Ren Ruoruo nimbly put on her clothes.

“Do you have any extra pants I feel that I can still continue climbing the tower! I feel strong.

I reckon I should be able to break through a few time-limited secret rooms.”

On the other side, Mo Ran was puzzled.

“Break through what Is she breaking through to a master level”

Wang Wen shook his head.

“Shes about to break through to the Broken Might master level.”

Mo Ran was taken aback.

“Just a hundred floors, and shes already a Broken Might Master Are you guys kidding me”

The old creature did not care about their conversation.

It grabbed Wang Wen and rambled on.

After Wang Wen heard it, his expression became complicated.

Wang Wen said, “It told me that if I could help them solve the water problem, it would get my poison-making skills to a higher level.”

“Your poison-making skills are—” Mo Ran widened his eyes and looked at him.

“To the Broken Might level”

Wang Wen shrugged.

“Yeah, dont you think its a coincidence”

Mo Ran covered his face and wailed, “What the f*ck! When did the Broken Might level become so worthless Then why havent I reached that even though Im already on the 439th floor”


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