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Chapter 1: The Beginning of Glory

“Did you hear Last week, a second-year senior got a treasure on the 30th floor of the World Tower.

After she left the tower, she sold it for hundreds of points!”

On the lush green path in the academy, a few young and beautiful girls were chatting while walking with books in their hands.

“Are you serious Im so envious! A few hundred points My monthly allowance is only 500 points.”


“Youre amazing! Youre only in the second grade, but youre already on the 30th floor!”


“Amazing, my *ss! Everyone knows its all thanks to her physically-fit boyfriend! With a 100th-floor expert, even a dog can get onto the 30th floor!”


“A guy who can get onto the 100th floor before graduation is exceptional.

Its amazing that theyre still together!”

“Why are you guys so b*tchy I think its useless to rely on others! When Im in the second grade, Ill get onto the 30th floor by relying on myself! ”

“Nannan, you are the best! Remember to take me with you! I love being taken care of!”


It was unknown when the world became more technologically advanced, but resources became even more scarce.


No one knew when it started, but an ordinary-looking tower suddenly appeared in the world.


Everyone knew the tower had 1,000 floors, but from the outside, it did not look like it.


The tower was well-known worldwide.

Over the weekend, the largest financial group in the world held an extremely grand and luxurious celebration at the mountain-top Villa Hotel in the south.

The guests included elites from all over the world.

There were celebrities, wealthy businessmen, government officials, and many authorities and experts in various fields, as well as the deans and professors of various colleges.

The most striking central figure in the venue was the main target of the celebration—Wang Wen.

“Congratulations, Wang Wen.

You have reached the 699th level of the World Tower, currently the highest level yet.”


“Wang Wen, your team has given us a difficult problem.

We need a new batch of teaching materials for the 699th level.

Its hard to imagine how you guys did it.”

“We agree with Professor Li.

We have been stuck at the 659th level for decades.

Who would have thought that they could reach 40 levels in one go Its a miracle!”

“A miracle Thats Mr.

Wangs extraordinary strength! Mr.

Wang, allow me the liberty to invite you.

The Tiansheng Group is preparing a wine party at the Northern Manor this week.

We sincerely look forward to your and your team members arrival! ”


“It looks like Tiansheng is getting impatient.

Theyre now poaching people at the celebration party.”

“Watch your mouth.

What do you mean by poaching Were eager to be friends with Mr.


No matter who they were, they crowded toward the center, trying to chat with the star of the moment.

They did not mind if they could only shake hands with them, raise a toast, or even congratulate him.

“Everyone.” Wang Wen, dressed neatly and standing in the center, smiled faintly.

He raised his glass and looked around, saying, “Thank you for your care.

The teams achievements are only possible with everyones support.

However, please forgive me for not being able to accept any invitations because we will continue to charge into the World Tower next week.

Time is limited, so my teammates and I need to rest.

My apologies to the Tiansheng Group.”


Wang, what are you talking about Im the rude one.

You just need to focus on charging into the tower.

The Tiansheng Group will always keep our door open for you, and we will always be waiting patiently.”

“Not arrogant, not impatient, never stopping.

Good job, Wang Wen.

If you have time, you are welcome to return to the academy to give lectures to your juniors.”

Everyone raised their glasses, and there was another round of flattery and praise.

“Captain Wang, Captain Wang, look here! Captain Wang, I am your loyal fan!”

“Yo! You turned into a fangirl in front of such a big star!”

“Of course! Who wouldnt admire a big hero like Captain Wang” A beautiful woman in a gown and elaborate makeup squeezed into the center of the crowd.

Disregarding her bearing, she took a large pen and then pleaded pitifully to Wang Wen.

“Captain Wang, can I trouble you to sign an autograph for me”

Wang Wen smiled, put down the wine glass, and took the pen.

“Im not a hero, but where do I sign”

“Ah, I forgot to bring a notebook! Sign on my chest, please!”


A group of people was laughing so hard that they were almost sprawled on the floor in the hotels back hall.

A skinny young man, who appeared dazed, was eating delicacies while laughing at the massive screen.

“Captain Wang looks dashing in a formal suit.”

With her head held high and her chest puffed out, a great beauty who resembled a fairy from the mortal world gazed at the female celebrity on the screen.

She snorted unhappily and said, “Acting all flirtatious—you have no sense of shame.”

Immediately, someone beside her jeered.

“Is Xiao Yi jealous”

“Next time, I will be the last one to help you solve the 600th-floor hanging mechanism,” Xiao Yi said, raising her hand to examine her nails.

The crowd laughed again.

The mans face paled.

He bowed and apologized, pleading with XiaoYi to be merciful.

A few days later.

It was a new week.

A few people emerged from the light door at the base of the tower.

Many people were eagerly waiting outside.

Some were happy, some were sad, some were confused, and some convulsed and passed out.

In a manor on a large natural lake in a circle in the north, a middle-aged man in a long, soft robe was sitting lazily by the lake.

He was fishing.

Many people were standing around him respectfully.

As soon as he caught a fish, someone would come forward and take it.

Then he dashed to a distant pool to slaughter and clean the fish, then returned and handed the cleaned fish to the chef.

The chefs, who had been waiting for a long time, skillfully divided the fish into several portions and cooked the various parts using the cooking method they knew best—steamed, boiled, grilled, and fried dumplings.


A small cart quickly pushed a small plate containing various fish dishes to the most convenient spot next to the middle-aged man.

While fishing, the middle-aged man casually picked up the small plate and poured its contents into his mouth.

He would nod and take a sip of the pale golden liquor after eating something to his liking.

Then one of the chefs in the group would crack a happy smile.

When he was dissatisfied with the dish, he would frown slightly.

He would quietly put the plate back on the cart, and a particular chef in the group would be sweating and trembling.

Finally, he tasted another fish dish.

He took two bites and chewed.

Then, he threw the fish to the little black cat at his feet.

The little black cat ate happily.

A particular chefs face instantly paled.

A good-looking woman wearing a shirt and a straight pencil skirt took her tablet for some notes.

She was on the left side of the middle-aged man.

She waved her hand behind her back.

Immediately, a group of tall and powerful men approached them and dragged the chef away.


In the afternoon, the middle-aged man would usually eat fish until he was full, then nap on the recliner set up by the servants.

He did not, however, take a lunch break that day.

Instead, he sat on the chair and sipped wine while admiring the view.

It was as if he was waiting for something.

When the woman got the message from her subordinate, she approached him and said, “Boss, the result is out.

Our tower climber has successfully completed the 700th floor.

“Good!” The middle-aged man, who had remained calm, slapped the chairs armrest and exclaimed, “Thats great!

“The 700th level! Tiansheng finally has a team that can beat Wang Wen! The First Consortium no longer dominates the World Tower!” He stood up and entered the manor quickly.

“Prepare the vehicle.

I want to greet our great hero personally!”


At the Regional Guards headquarters.

“Sir, something bad has happened!” A person stumbled into the headquarters office.

He did not have time to adjust his hat as hereported in a panic, “The big boss in the north who loves to eat fish is dead!”

The uniformed officer behind the desk calmly reached out his hand and pointed at him.

He criticized unhappily, “Why are you panicking Calm down and explain clearly—who is this big boss who loves to eat fish”

The man swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

“Tiansheng Groups boss.”


The officer stood up abruptly, his face full of disbelief.

He was tongue-tied for a long time.

He said, “F*ck!”

The man closed the door behind him, isolating the group of people who had heard the commotion and poked their heads out to see what was happening.

“Have you found the murderer” inquired the officer behind him.

He shook his head helplessly and said, “The murderer did not flee.

He just stood there waiting for people to leave.

He was rumored to be planning to take over the entire Tiansheng Group.”

“Too arrogant!” The officer slammed his fist on his desk.

“Have you caught him yet I want to kill him!”

“I couldnt catch him.” The person shook his head, smiling bitterly.

“That person is a tower climber who has reached the 700th floor.

They said he was avenging his father.

His father was a chef who worked for Tiansheng Group many years ago.”


The officer was no longer in the mood to continue listening to the report.

He sat in his seat dejectedly and waved his hand impatiently.

“How many times have I told you Do you think we can interfere with a tower climbers affairs 700th floor Then hes already the worlds number one climber! Get out! Dont bother me with such matters in the future.”


The World Towers 900th floor.

“Captain! We have to retreat!”

“Captain, Xiao Yi is dead! She avoided everyone on the second day after coming out of the reincarnation illusion and committed suicide.”



The 909th floor.

“I cant hold on anymore.

Its too hard!”


“Without Xiao Yi, the team lacks a mechanical expert.

We wont be able to hold on for long!”


The 919th floor


“Wang Wen, I cant hold on anymore.

It hurts so much.”

“Go away, dont bother me anymore.”


The 929th floor


“Wang Wen, get up! You can only leave the tower when you are awake! Speak to me! Do not give up! Just open your eyes!”

“Where is it Found it! Reincarnation, maximum 20 years.






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