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Moreover, this divine spell was not only used as an attack skill.

It could also gather endless Thunder Power and launch even more terrifying attacks in the form of an ancient seal.

Apart from the attack of Thunder Power, it also had the additional ability of theseal.

It could suppress and imprison.

Not only did it possess a violent Thunder Power, but it could also enhance Li Xiangs strength.

Although the attribute panel didnt show all of it, a divine spells potential was naturally unquestionable.

Right now, this divine spell was still at the divine grade, but its potential was incomparably huge.

It had unlimited room for improvement in the future.

Besides, the Thunder Power was born to have the ability to purify.

Not only could it suppress and purify the demons and evil in the outside world, but it could also refine the genuine Qi, body, and even soul.

Once he condensed the Thunder Mark into a physical form, it would be tempered by the Thunder Power at all times.

Although the effects wouldnt be very strong in the short term, they would become extremely terrifying as time passed.

Even now, Li Xiang felt that his body had at least doubled in strength just after he had been tempered.

This was even the most conservative estimate.

But now, his punch would have at least 200 thousand kilograms of force without any support effects, which was 200 tons!

This power, gathered on a small fist and erupted from it, could instantly shatter a small mountain.

As his comprehension of the Law of Thunder improved and his strength grew, the Thunder Mark would continue to transform and improve, becoming stronger.

However, the Law of Thunder had yet to fully condense into a form for now.

It had only condensed a rough outline, and its form was still illusory.

“Thats great! With this Thunder Mark in hand, Ill have another trump card.

Although its hidden now, itll have the effect of turning the tide once its revealed.”

Ever since he became the Lord of Dawn, Li Xiang had always spared no effort in increasing his trump cards.

The better you hide, the more the enemy cant figure out your depth.

Often, the unknown was the source of fear.

It could make people afraid and not dare to act rashly.

Even if the others wanted to make a move, they would only do it as a test at the beginning.

They wouldnt have thought that he had so many trump cards that it would make them despair.

Only with strong trump cards could he lead the Kingdom of Dawn and the human race to survive and develop in this chaotic world.

Only with enough trump cards would they not be looked down upon by their enemies and they wouldnt dare to act rashly.

This was extremely important.

“Ive completed my comprehension of the law and even nurtured a divine spell.

I hope that the Law of Thunders divine rhythm that Ill absorb in the path later will allow the law to take form!”

Li Xiang still had a lot of thoughts in his mind.

Otherwise, it wouldnt be difficult for him to pass through the path of thunder and lightning quick.

The reason why he walked so slowly was to devour more Thunder Power and perfect the Law of Thunder in his mind.

“Did you guys feel that Brother Lis aura has changed a lot He seems to be much stronger than before.”

Ye Qiu had been paying attention to Li Xiangs every move.

After all, this person had attracted all the Thunder Power from the sky.

It wouldnt be good if the distance between them was too far.

However, as he looked at him, he felt that something was wrong.

Why was Brother Lis aura getting stronger and stronger as he walked He seemed to become a great man with awe.

This feeling was very strange, and he had never felt it before.

“Yup! He had indeed become stronger! Its unbelievable, but it happened right in front of our eyes.

Weve no choice but to believe it,” said Fu Mingxue who was also shocked by Li Xiangs change.

His expression was one of disbelief.

“Aint I walking on the Myriad World Continent for the sake of finding a safe place for my human race Perhaps this Brother Li and the country hes in can become a paradise for mankind!”

“Perhaps I can lead more people to join the Kingdom of Dawn!” A determined look flashed through Fu Mingxues eyes.

The Kingdom of Dawns reputation among the human race was already at its peak.

Now that they had seen the strength of the King of Dawn with their own eyes, they were even more amazed and believed in their thoughts and judgments.

The number of people who descended to the Myriad World Continent was uncountable.

However, those who were able to establish their nations, defend them, and develop them were few and far between.

Even if there were many who had succeeded in establishing a nation, it was unknown how many would be left after the black tide.

It was almost impossible for them to remain intact.

Boom! Boom!

The lightning continued to fall, and the Thunder Law Runes were still being perfected.

Looking from behind, there was a figure shrouded in lightning front of them.

It was terrifying and mysterious.

With the appearance of the Thunder Law Runes, Li Xiang didnt encounter any threats along the way.

It was as if he was taking a stroll in a courtyard.

Not long after, when he saw the exit of the path of thunder and lightning passage not far away, the Thunder Law Runes in his mind finally completed its condensation.

It then turned into a star and entered the Starlight Shrine.

All the other laws that Li Xiang had comprehended also turned into stars at this time.

They appeared on the dome of the Starlight Shrine, shining with a strange light.

At this moment, his comprehension of the Law of Thunder had already reached the lowest entry threshold, turning from illusion to reality.

The system interface officially showed a progress bar of 1% for the Law of Thunder.

However, he had already reached the end of the path of thunder and lightning.

If he wanted to improve his Law of Thunder, he could only look for other opportunities.

The moment he stepped out of the path, he heard two long exhales behind him.

He could tell from the voices that it was Ye Qiu and Fu Mingxue.

The two of them didnt know much about him, and they hadnt known each other for long.

Hence, it was understandable for them to be a little nervous.

Unlike Alice and Alicia, who trusted Li Xiang very much.

They were not worried at all whether Li Xiang could lead them out of the path of thunder and lightning, nor were they worried that they could not withstand the attacks of the thunder.

“Ive finally made it out.

If this path had been any longer, Im afraid that all my hair would have turned into ashes.

Wouldnt I have become a bald monster then Those who dont know might think that Ive become a monk!”

Ye Qiu touched the top of his head and said with lingering fear.

Fu Mingxue made a rare joke, “If a cultivator shaved his head, wouldnt he be punished by burning”

“Burning My master will chase me until my hair grows out at most.”

“Thats still quite tragic!”

Li Xiang laughed and echoed.

In reality, both Ye Qiu and Fu Mingxue were at their limits.

The two of them were not as powerful as Li Xiang.

The genuine Qi in their bodies was already at its limit to deal with the lightning that shot out under their feet.

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