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The cave where Xia Wanyuan was standing was surrounded by rock walls on both sides, barely able to accommodate one person.

Jun Shiling turned his body and held Xia Wanyuans hand, signaling the person standing behind to retreat.

The professional technicians built a passageway that could withstand the collapse of the mountain just in case.

Under heavy safety protection, Jun Shiling gave Shen Qian an order.

“Open it.”


The people who had been prepared carefully followed the route they had long studied and slowly dug.

The rock layers here were much harder than outside.

The staff dug for a long time but could not break through.

Xia Wanyuan had been standing at the side and watching.

The mountain here was black, and the sound of digging was very crisp.

Just as the staff was about to change directions and continue digging, Xia Wanyuan walked over.

She looked at it seriously and drew a large circle.

“Get rid of all the soil on this.”

Although the staff were puzzled, she was the boss, so no one could say anything.

They followed Xia Wanyuans instructions and removed the soil on the entire stone wall.

As the soil and rocks fell, the rock layer hidden behind the soil and rocks gradually appeared in front of everyone.

This rock was completely black and had spiral patterns, inexplicably revealing a sense of mystery.

]The moment she saw this rock, Xia Wanyuans expression changed slightly.

Growing up in the Xia Dynastys royal family, she was quite familiar with this rock.

This was a type of ink stone produced in Yuxu Mountain.

Because the stone wall was hard, it would not be corroded by rain mosquitoes.

It was used for the wall of the royal tomb in her previous life.

Furthermore, because the production was scarce, only emperors were qualified to use such a thing.

The staff collected a sample and tested it on the spot.

They were immediately shocked.

This kind of rock could not be found in the current records.

In other words, this was a brand new type.

Furthermore, from the test results, this rock was abnormally hard and could not be chiseled open with existing tools.

No wonder they could not open it after working for so long.

“Madam, CEO Jun, Im afraid we cant enter today.

We have to study the digging tools to enter the rock wall again.”

With that, the staff was about to get up and pack his things when Xia Wanyuan walked to the side, picked up the digging tool, and knocked on the rock.

Then, everyone saw that cracks had actually appeared on such a hard rock wall.

Xia Wanyuan handed the tool in her hand to the staff.

“Knock ten times in the middle of every spiral pattern, then chisel along each spiral pattern.”

Everyone took the tools and did as Xia Wanyuan said.

There was actually a crack.

Some of the professionals present looked at Xia Wanyuan with shining eyes.

Because Jun Shiling was standing at the side, everyone suppressed their curiosity.

Everyone chiseled for nearly two hours before finally cracking the rock wall.

The staff pulled open a large protective shield and let the others retreat a little.

He pulled the mechanism and the entire rock wall collapsed.

After testing that the air released by the other party was not poisonous, everyone removed the protective shield and the scene opposite appeared in front of everyone.

At this moment, even Jun Shiling could not help but be shocked by the scene behind the stone wall.

Behind the rock wall was a long corridor.

What surprised everyone was not the corridor, but the countless burning lights that extended to the end.

In such a deep underground, bright red flames jumped on the lampstands, inexplicably making ones heart turn cold.

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