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Not long after Zhou Han disappeared, four figures rushed over.

“Brother Ritian! Lets enter too! Hehe, the ancient inheritance is waiting for us!” A look of longing appeared in Ye Chens eyes.

“This damn Blood Sacrifice Array almost killed us! If we dont even get an inheritance, wouldnt we have suffered so much for nothing”

Long Ao said with lingering fear.

The Blood Sacrifice Array deducted a percentage of their health.

They spent a lot of recovery potions and finally survived.

“According to our mission notification, this is the palace where the Soul Control Sovereign used to live!”

“If we randomly pick up a Dharma treasure or something, we can take off.”

Liang Feifan said, his eyes burning.

“Everyone, its better to be careful.

There are many experts here! Not only are there natives, but there are also many players who cross servers.”

“Im afraid were not the only ones who received this mission.”

Zhao Ritian looked a little worried.

After all, they did not know what was going on in the palace.

Soon, after the four of them discussed, they entered the Imperial Palace.

“Very good, beautiful palace!”

Johnson, who was blond and had white wings on his back, had calm and confident eyes.

Looking at the magnificent Imperial Palace, he exclaimed.

“Boss, the mission shows that theres a powerful secret treasure here.

We have to get it this time.”

“Of course.

Boss has the inheritance of an angel.

No one is his match.”

“Then what are we waiting for Lets take the sacks and store the treasures!”

Standing behind Johnson were the ten Guardian Knights, all of whom were powerful.

However, they called Johnson their boss.

It was obvious how powerful he was.

“Hmph! Lets go! Its just an Imperial Palace ruin.

We must gain a lot this time!”

A relaxed smile appeared on Johnsons face as he led the way into the Imperial Palace.

[Your current special territory is theImperial Palace Ruins.]

[All targets within the range will endure the Sovereign pressure.]

[Those whose levels exceed the Hundred-Star King will be suppressed below the Hundred-Star King.]

After the notification, a terrifying will emitted and floated on Zhou Han and Mei Ji.

It quickly disappeared again.

Zhou Han did not feel much change, and his strength was not restricted.

“Looks like I havent reached the level of a Hundred-Star King.”

This was because he had to reach Level 50 before he could go to the Heavenly Dao Hall to activate the combat strength assessment.

Therefore, Zhou Han did not know his current combat strength and only had a vague concept.

He looked up at his surroundings and felt an old aura.

Even the most gorgeous palace could not withstand the erosion of endless time.

There were many broken Dharma treasures and weapons on the ground, and many had already turned to dust.

“Master, the Sovereign pressure has caused many super experts to be unable to unleash their powerful strength.”

“This is a good thing for us!”

Mei Ji said with a smile.

Although she did not have a system, she had learned about it.

It was not surprising that she knew.

“In your opinion, which area are we going to now”

Zhou Han asked.

He had coincidentally encountered the opening of the Imperial Palace today.

It could be said that he was not prepared at all.

“Master, the places with the greatest gains in the Imperial Palace are naturally the Alchemy Room, the Scripture Depository, and the Dharma Treasure Palace.”

“Next are the [Painting Soul Pool], [Spiritual Herb Garden], [Training Hall], and other places.”

“The greater the gain, the more intense the competition.

It depends on how you choose.”

Mei Ji spoke frankly.

Clearly, she had done a lot of homework.

“Naturally, Im going to a place with greater gains.

The strong have to constantly challenge their limits and step on the corpses of countless people to ascend to the throne.” Zhou Han said domineeringly.

Without hesitation, he made his choice.

“As expected of my master.

I like your domineering aura.” Mei Ji winked with admiration.

“Be serious.

I dont have time to talk nonsense now!”

“Master, lets go straight to the Dharma Treasure Palace!” Mei Ji suggested.

“Why did you choose this”

Zhou Han asked curiously.

Actually, he liked the Scripture Depository more.

From the name, he knew that it contained abundant classics and secret manuals.

After all, he had the Divine-grade skill [Skill Combination].

As long as he had a large number of skills, he could constantly fuse them.

Why would he be afraid of not obtaining a powerful cultivation technique

“Because on the way to the Dharma Treasure Palace, we will pass by the Training Hall and the Melody Pavilion!”

“This can maximize benefits.

Of course, the final decision is still up to you, Master.”

Mei Ji explained with a smile.

After all, ten hours was not enough.

They had to explore more areas in a limited time.

This way, they would naturally gain a lot.

It was obvious that she had now perfectly immersed herself in the role of a maid.

Her first reaction was to seek her masters benefit.

So that was it.

It seemed that it had been a wise move to bring her in.

A smile of admiration flashed across Zhou Hans eyes.

This Demoness was becoming more and more likable.

“Alright, Ill listen to you.

If I get something big, I wont treat you badly.”

“Thank you, Master.

Then lets hurry!”

Soon, the two of them had their bearings.

They raced against time to accelerate forward until they reached the first pass.

“Master, although there are many routes in the Imperial Palace, this pass is on the path we have to pass.

We have to think of a way to get through.”

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