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Chapter 984: Huo Yaos High-Grade Firewall

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“…In reality, it is not that we did not try to repair the firewall.

Each time we tried to get in, we got kicked out.” Zhao smiled sadly.

From the moment they realized that their network was under attack till it proceeded to collapse, they had tried to get into the firewall countless times.

Unfortunately, they instantly got kicked out the moment they tried.

They knew a virus was wreaking havoc on their system, but there was nothing they could do about it!

Huo Yao pressed confirm before she said airily, “Okay then.”

Zhao could not help lowering his head in embarrassment.

If there was a hole in the ground, he would probably want to hide in it.

He stood behind Huo Yao the entire time as she worked, so he saw her effortlessly getting into the firewall.

In that instant, he almost thought that they were working on a different firewall.

Although Zhao was not the best computer technician around, his skills were pretty decent.

He was not alone, the rest of his peers at the Ministry of National Security were equally capable.

They were all top 5 in the country in the industry and ranked top 20 internationally.

Despite their standards, they were unable to get into the firewall.

Just thinking about it made him feel embarrassed.

Huo Yao ignored Zhao.

After she was done fixing the firewall, she recalled Min Yu mentioning that there was money in it for her.

She suddenly raised her head and looked at Zhao.

“Shall I make you an even better firewall”

To be honest, she had never seen such a lousy firewall.

It was no wonder it could not withstand the cyber attack.

Despite Huo Yaos disdain, Zhao was genuinely impressed and did not take it to heart.

He hurriedly nodded.

“Thanks so much!”

Huo Yao raised her brow before she started typing on the keyboard once more.

A brand new firewall instantly appeared on the Ministry of National Securitys network.

The security program consisted of layers and layers of security interlocking to form the firewall.

Just cracking it was hard enough, let alone hack it successfully.

It was impossible to crack the firewall in the short term.

Huo Yao stood up from the chair so that Zhao could take a look at it himself.

Zhao took the mouse from her excitedly and tapped on the source code.

A look of shock appeared on his face.

He remained stunned for such a long time that his face turned numb altogether.

He really wanted to curse out loud.

This was no firewall! It was clearly a mind game!

Also, no pro would last longer than ten minutes playing it!

Judging from its difficulty, even the number one hacker in the world would probably have trouble cracking the firewall.

Zhao wiped his face.

He felt the years he had spent as a coder had been a complete waste.

He was not alone, everyone else in the control room was equally demoralized.

They had never seen such a young computer pro.

The moment the firewall got changed, the internet security problems got effortlessly resolved.

Huo Yao did not even have to actively help.

The people at the Ministry of National Security were completely capable of repairing the internet on their own.

Meanwhile, Yang Yi finally came back from the parking lot.

The moment he entered the control room, he could sense something different about the atmosphere.

He glanced at the technicians as they repaired the internet and could not help feeling surprised.

Was even Miss Huo unable to fix it

He hurriedly walked up beside Zhao.

After taking a closer look, Yang Yi noticed that Zhao was not working on the internet and was looking at some code.

He could not help looking at Zhao.

“Why did you stop”

Zhao was deeply engrossed in studying the incredible coding Huo Yao had done.

The moment he heard Yang Yi, he snapped out of his thoughts and raised his head to ask quizzically.

“Is there anything left for me to do”

Yang Yi went quiet for a couple of seconds before he asked.

“Is the internet working already”

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