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Chapter 952: Are You Interested In Joining My Research Team

“You need to be more low-key.” Huo Changfeng cleared his throat and reminded Chen Ming.

Chen Ming smiled happily as he picked up the box of tissue and placed it on the table.

He gestured okay.

“Dont worry, Chief Steward.

I know what I am doing.”

He was an expert at secretly causing trouble for others.

Huo Changfeng acknowledged him softly.

Moments later, he said, “Dont tell Master Jinyan about what happened last night.”

“Got it.” Chen Ming nodded.

After all, Master Jinyans wife had already severed ties with the Song family ages ago.

If they found out about this, it would only serve to annoy them.

The Huos certainly did not consider familial ties and forgive someone for crossing the line.

Familial ties only mattered when they were equals.

Moreover, some people were not fit to be family.

“Oh yes.

Something strange happened,” said Chen Ming when he recalled the matter.

Huo Changfeng looked at him.


“Although Young Master Min got to Miss Huo before we did, as I understand, she left the place on her own accord.

Also, the butler and family doctor from the Song family both landed in the hospital.”

Chen Ming gave Huo Changfeng more details about the situation.

Huo Changfeng was rubbing his wooden beads when his actions suddenly froze.

“Huh Did Miss Huo do it”

“I am not sure myself.” Chen Ming shook his head.

“Song Zhi has surveillance in his villa.

I already sent men to check the surveillance footage.

The footage for the time Miss Huo was at the place, was deleted.”

This was why he felt it was strange.

Huo Changfeng narrowed his eyes for some time before he finally said, “With Young Master Min around, this is nothing.”

Chen Ming scratched his head.

Although Huo Changfeng was right, Chen Ming had a nagging feeling that something wasnt making sense here.


Meanwhile, Huo Yao went over to return the computer at school.

The moment Zhao Lian took the computer from her, he turned it on to check out Huo Yaos work on the computation which he asked her to do.

Huo Yao sat in the chair with her eyes lowered as she played with the post-it on the back of her hand.

Zhao Lian finished reading her work in ten minutes and raised his head to glance at Huo Yao with delight in his eyes.

“How long did you take to work on quantum computation” asked Zhao Lian.

Huo Yao pondered and replied.

“I worked on it after I went home from school yesterday.”

Zhao Lian knew she was lying, but he did not expose her.

He pondered before he asked.

“Do you know what this is for”

Huo Yao had simply worked on it on her way to school today, so she did not spend much time researching it.

However, quantum computation had a wide array of applications, so she wasnt sure about its intended use and simply shook her head.

“The research institute is researching cancer medication.

This quantum computation is an analysis of molecular mechanics for the project,” said Zhao Lian as he placed the computer on the table beside him.

Huo Yao knew Prof Zhao was a member of the national research institute, so she rubbed her forehead.

“I really dont think you should be talking to me about this.”

Cancer was a hot topic among academics internationally.

All the research institutes projects were top secret.

It seemed as though Zhao Lian did not know what Huo Yao meant.

He cleared his throat and asked hopefully.

“Are you interested in joining my research team”

She was a rare talent since she was good on paper and could apply her knowledge effortlessly.

How could Zhao Lian resist staying away from a genius like her

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