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Chapter 753: From The Looks Of It, No.1 Middle School Is Going Downhill

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Complicated emotions swept through Jiang Mingyues heart.

No wonder Principal Yu wanted to invite them to motivate the third years.

From the looks of it, this years students must be pretty average in comparison to the other batches.

She had never seen Principal Yu invite school alumni to give a speech at No.1 Middle School while she was studying here.


Jiang Mingyue shook her head.

She raised her head and glanced at the canteen.

It looked a little older than when she graduated two years ago.

She commented sadly as she sighed.

“From the looks of it, the school is really going downhill.”



Yi Feiyu glanced at Jiang Mingyue.

His cousin had already told him over the Chinese New Year that No.1 Middle School was no longer the fifth school in the country.

Instead, it rose two ranks in a row and was now third.

Since it had risen in rank, how could it be going downhill

Yi Feiyu cleared his throat and wanted to defend his alma mater and said, “No.1 Middle School has already…”

Jiang Mingyues phone suddenly rang before he could finish his sentence.

“Excuse me,” said Jiang Mingyue to Yi Feiyu before picking up the phone.

“Mu Qing, are you here already Okay.

Feiyu and I will come over and meet you.”

Jiang Mingyue hung up the phone with a smile before she raised her head and said to Yi Feiyu, “Mu Qing just got here.

He is waiting for us at the office.”

Yi Feiyu stopped talking about No.1 Middle School and stood up.

“Lets go find him then.”

“Uh huh,” acknowledged Jiang Mingyue softly.

The two of them quickly left the canteen and headed to the Office of Academic Affairs.

Mu Qing was at the office chatting with the Dean of Students.

His dark blue coat accentuated his fair complexion.

He had handsome features and a perfect jawline.

Also, he had a great posture and a well-refined aura about him.

The moment Jiang Mingyue saw Mu Qing, her eyes gleamed.

She went over and greeted the Dean of Students politely before looking at Mu Qing.

“Are you here already”

Mu Qing pursed his lips and smiled.

“Uh huh.”

Yi Feiyu nodded to the both of them after he walked up from behind.


Yi Feiyu did not know Mu Qing well since he was two years older than Yi Feiyu.

He simply knew that he was famous at school for having excellent grades.

He had ranked second in the country when he took the college entrance exam.

Mu Qing was in a different faculty at Tsing University.

He majored in Civil Engineering and had a minor in Genetic Engineering in the Biology department.

If the principal did not invite them to give the speech, they probably would not have had any contact at all.

However, Jiang Mingyue was in the biology department and was one of the department heads favorite students, so she was acquainted with Mu Qing.

The dean told them to make themselves comfortable before he left the office to look for the principal.

Yi Feiyu sat down on his seat.

Every now and then when Mu Qing asked him about Physics, he would respond.

Jiang Mingyue and Mu Qing chatted among themselves most of the time.

They naturally chatted about Biology.

Even though he did not know Biology, he recalled Huo Yao mentioning she wanted to major in the subject.

Yi Feiyu dug his fingers into his knees.

He recalled what happened when he went to the department head to take leave to give the speech today where he happened to encounter a very important professor.

The moment the professor heard he was a No.1 Middle School alumni and was friends with Huo Yao, he tasked him with a mission.

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