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Chapter 639: Huo Tingrui Could Not Embarrass His Little Sister

Fang Chen stood up and walked up to Huo Yao with a smile on his face and greeted her politely.

“Hi, Miss Huo.”

Huo Yao nodded to Fang Chen before pointing at Huo Tingrui while he was in a daze.

“This is my older brother, Huo Tingrui.”

Fang Chen reached his hand out.

“Im Fang Chen.

Nice to meet you Mr.


Huo Tingrui went into a daze as he shook hands with Fang Chen.

Before long, they took their seats.

Huo Tingrui pulled his little sisters sleeve while they ordered.

He asked her quizzically.

“How did you get to know Mayor… Fang Chen”

Before they came, he was certain that Fang Ting was trying to get close to Huo Yao.

From the looks of it, he had clearly assumed wrongly.

Huo Yao picked up her teacup and took a sip before she replied unhurriedly.

“I treated his illness.”

Huo Tingrui was not around when Mrs.

Fang came back to ask about Fang Chens condition, so he was unaware about it.

It sounded unimaginable for her to get roped in to treat the city mayor.

Were his little sisters medical skills that remarkable

Huo Tingrui quietly looked at his little sister.

“Miss Huo, I heard that my mother visited you a couple of days ago.

Sorry about causing the disturbance.” Fang Chen recalled Huo Yao saying she did not appreciate unnecessary trouble when she last visited to treat him.

Huo Yao waved her hand nonchalantly.

“Its fine.”

Fang Chen smiled before he chatted with Huo Tingrui courteously.

Although Huo Tingrui was a highly acclaimed lawyer, it was his first time eating with a top city politician like Fang Chen.

Initially, he was a little nervous.

But he slowly calmed down when he saw his little sister sitting nonchalantly as though Fang Chen was an ordinary guy.

He could not embarrass his little sister.

After lunch, Fang Chen took the initiative to exchange numbers with Huo Tingrui leaving Huo Tingrui deeply flattered.

He felt shocked to have eaten lunch with the city mayor in the first place.

Fang Ting looked at Huo Yao after they left the private room and headed out to the corridor.

“Are you free Shall we go hang out”

She had invited Huo Yao for lunch to thank her when she found out Huo Yao had treated her older brother.

Huo Tingrui had gone to the bathroom.

Huo Yao turned her head sideways and replied to Fang Ting.

“Im sorry.

I am busy revising for my college entrance exam.”

Despite Fang Tings disappointment, she did not force Huo Yao.

Fang Chen had already put on a mask and half of his face was covered.

Fang Ting turned to tell them.

“Im going to get the cheque.”

Fang Chen was often in the news and everyone recognized him, so he had to conceal his identity when he went out on his own, especially in public places like a restaurant.

“Sure.” Her brother nodded.

Fang Ting quickly went to the reception.

Only Huo Yao and Fang Chen remained in the corridor.

Fortunately, the restaurant was not very crowded, so barely anyone noticed them.

Since Huo Tingrui was not back from the bathroom, Huo Yao casually chatted with Fang Chen with her hands in her jacket pocket and her head lowered.

She seemed to detect something and suddenly raised her head to look out of the French window.

Someone was sneakily standing outside with a camera pointing at them.

Huo Yao frowned at the sight.

Fang Chen glanced in the same direction when he detected something amiss with Huo Yao.

The person outside realized that they might have noticed his presence, so he hurriedly turned to leave.


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