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Chapter 335: Failed To Hack

Song Ning was clueless.

“What system”

“A CCTV security system,” explained Huo Yao.

“Oh, sure.” Song Ning nodded before she recalled something and quickly said, “But we already installed a security system.”

Huo Yao picked up her soup and took a sip before responding.

“Its fine.

Let them check it anyway.”

Song Ning did not turn down her daughters offer.

The technician her daughter hired could just go through the motions and check their system.

After all, they had already installed the best security system available in the market.

Huo Yao went upstairs after dinner.

Before long, the preoccupied Huo Yanxi followed her.

Huo Yao had just sat down at the table when a knock came at her door.

She raised her brow before she walked over to open it.

Huo Yao interrupted him indifferently.

“You dont have to apologize.

I didnt take it to heart.”

Huo Yanxi instantly felt stifled in his heart and clenched his fists.

If his little sister had questioned his actions or complained about them, he might have felt better.

Instead, it seemed that she did not care at all.

Only a stranger would say things like that.

The look in her eyes felt like sharp daggers cutting through him.

He was only her biological older brother and nothing else.

Huo Yanxi sensed his throat going dry and darkness swept across his eyes.

A while later, he finally said, “Im sorry for being judgmental about you.

Whether or not you choose to forgive me or disregard it like you said, I will accept the outcome.”

Huo Yao acknowledged his words softly.

She tucked some stray hair behind her ear.

Then she glanced at her watch and said, “Its getting late.

I have homework to do.”

Huo Yanxi did not carry on with the conversation.

He apologized once more before turning to leave.

Huo Yao glanced at him but felt nothing after he left.

After closing the door, she went back to her table.

She turned on her laptop, and opened a document.

A command box popped up on her screen.

She typed a string of characters on the keyboard, and the monitor went dark.

Shortly after, characters moved quickly inside the command box.

Huo Yao stared at the symbols coldly and pressed the keyboard occasionally to halt the process and revise the coding.

Three hours later, she zipped and encrypted the modified SOC drivers before restarting the computer in safe mode.

She typed quickly in the safe mode, but a red exclamation mark appeared before long.

“I failed to hack into the system!” Huo Yaos fingers paused.

Her lips curved into a ruminative smile.

After contemplating for a few seconds, Huo Yao opened another command box and used a different method.

A few minutes later, she forcibly sent out the encrypted, compressed files.

Then, she covered her tracks and turned off the computer.

She got up and retrieved her pajamas from the closet before going to the bathroom.

A minute later, her phone started beeping with text notifications on the bedside table.


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