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Chapter 261: An Accident

Huo Yao sighed in her heart before she sent the same reply to both of them: [Okay, you big babies.]

Both her older brothers were appalled by her response.


They were offended.

Huo Yao put her phone away before she raised her head to see a motorcycle speeding over in their direction.

Huo Yao narrowed her eyes and moved her feet slightly.

Just as she was about to pull Min Yu away, he surprisingly beat her to it and pulled her aside to safety, instead.


The motorcycle could be heard screeching to a halt.

Before she managed to regain her balance, the impact of the collision sent Min Yu tottering a couple of steps to the side.

Huo Yao raised her head to see the motorcycle lying on its side with its wheels still moving while the motorcyclist lay on the ground.

The perpetrator seemed intent on dodging the responsibility for the accident.

He stood up and apologized hurriedly before pulling his motorcycle up and riding off.

He disappeared into the streets in a blink of an eye.

The entire accident and his escape occurred in less than three minutes.

Huo Yao narrowed her eyes.

It certainly did not look like an accident.

“Are you okay” Min Yus voice came from over her head.

At first, he was holding Huo Yao by her shoulders, but he slowly let go of her as he spoke.

Huo Yao did not appear startled.

Instead, her eyes landed on Min Yus calf, which had some abrasion marks now.

Although his pants were not torn, the impact had been very strong.

His calf was definitely injured.

Huo Yao said, “Im fine.

Your leg…”

Before she finished her sentence, Zhuo Yun drove over after witnessing the entire collision.

His heart constricted anxiously.

He pulled the car on the side and ran at top speed to reach them.

“Boss… Yu, are you hurt It was all my fault for parking the car so far away.

There was a jam when I took a u-turn.” Zhuo Yuns eyes landed on his bosss leg with a look of self-blame.

He should have stayed close to his boss.

Min Yus face was a little pale, but he seemed unperturbed.

He calmly replied.

“Im fine.”

He did not allow Zhuo Yun to look at his leg.

Instead, he said to Huo Yao, “Lets go.

Ill send you back to the hotel.”

Zhuo Yun stared at him with imploring eyes when he heard this.

His face was conflicted.

He said immediately, “No way.

You have to go for a checkup.”

Min Yu frowned.

Huo Yao went silent for a few seconds.

“You should get your leg checked.

The impact was pretty strong.

Although you might not have a visible external injury, your bone may have been hurt.”

Zhuo Yun hurriedly nodded when Huo Yao said this.


Miss Huo is right.”

Zhuo Yun paused briefly.

He was worried that Min Yu would insist otherwise, so he gritted his teeth and turned to Huo Yao.

“Im sorry, Miss Huo.

Ill send someone to take you back to the hotel.”

Min Yu looked at Zhuo Yun with a frosty expression but Zhuo Yun did not dare look at him.

Despite the clear sign of Min Yus displeasure, Zhuo Yun could not afford to put Min Yus health at risk.

He turned around and took out his phone to call his subordinates, and gave them the order.

In a few minutes, a black car drove over.

Huo Yao was shocked for two seconds before she composed herself and stepped in the black car shortly after.

Before getting into the car, she told Zhuo Yun.

“Let me know if anything goes wrong.”

Zhuo Yun assumed that Huo Yao was worried about his bosss condition and wanted to know about his check-up results.

He nodded without putting much thought into it.


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