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Chapter 1317: The Truth Would Come To Light

The staff came out of the storeroom before long.

Yuan Huan composed himself and looked at him.

“Im so glad you asked.

Otherwise, I would have made a mistake.

All the cardiac stimulants are there and nothing is missing.

This means that I must have entered the data wrongly,” said the staff as he revised the numbers on the computer.

Yuan Huan frowned.

“Was there a mistake”

“Uh huh.

Ill have to be more vigilant in the future if I dont want to get into trouble,” said the staff sheepishly.

He raised his head and looked at Yuan Huan.

“Is there anything else you need”

Yuan Huan glanced at him again.

Since he did not seem to be lying, he shook his head.

“No, thanks.”

“Youre welcome.” His colleague smiled.

Before long, Yuan Huan left the storage facility and walked to the lift unhurriedly.

The institute did not order cardiac stimulants in bulk.

Would the staff make a mistake when he first added them to the system

He had trouble buying it.

Something smelled fishy to him.

After entering the lift, the door closed behind him.

Yuan Huans gorgeous feminine face could be seen as the door closed slowly, but it was cold and bereft of any expression.

It did not matter if Huo Yulin was genuinely the culprit, someone had to take the fall for it.


The next day, at the hospital.

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When Huo Yulin opened his eyes, he had trouble focusing.

The things that happened before he passed out gradually came back to mind.

A white ceiling could be seen overhead and he could smell hospital disinfectant in the air.

Even though his chest no longer hurt, he felt numb from his little sisters acupuncture technique.

He was still alive.

Huo Yulin turned his head sideways.

Chen Ming was standing at the window with his head lowered, sending text messages and giving out orders.

Chen Ming seemed to detect someone looking at him, so he loosened his grip on the phone and looked at the hospital bed.

He was beside himself with joy to see Huo Yulin conscious.

He quickly put away his phone and walked over.

“Young Master Yulin, you finally woke up.

Are you alright”

Huo Yulin parted his lips as he opened his eyes weakly.

After some time, he was still unable to utter a word.

Chen Ming hurriedly said, “Dont worry.

You just woke up, so you should focus on recuperating.”

Huo Yulin closed his eyes again.

He recalled getting help from a stranger at the institute previously and agreed to leave with the man when he mentioned his little sisters name.

After resting slightly, he asked in a hoarse voice.

“Where is Yao”

Chen Mings expression froze the moment he brought up Huo Yaos name.

He promptly composed himself and poured Huo Yulin a glass of warm water.

“Miss Huo is at school, of course.

Dont you know”

Huo Yulin frowned in return.

If Chen Ming had mentioned this immediately, Huo Yulin would have believed him without hesitation.

However, he could detect Chen Ming hiding something from him now.

He knew the institute security system inside out.

Since the man was sent by Huo Yao, this meant she knew what he had done.

This also implied that she also knew about him breaking into the institute and getting hurt.

Something was bothering Huo Yulin previously, but everything seemed to gradually make sense now after he connected the dots.

The person talking to him on the mike using a voice changer was his little sister especially since she was an excellent computer hacker.

The medicine he had been taking ever since the surgery also came from his little sister.

It was impossible for the hospital to prescribe this medicine for him.

Despite his suspicion, he made no attempt to check it.

Now, there was no need for him to confirm this.

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