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Chapter 1042 - Chairman Wang Loses Composure

Lei Xiao\'s heart skipped a beat upon hearing the question.

He promptly turned to look at the section chief calmly.

Aren\'t we banned from doing it Why did you suddenly bring this up


Just asking.

I\'m glad you didn\'t do it. The section chief waved his hand and did not continue with the subject.

I definitely didn\'t do it.

I am the most honest employee here, promised Lei Xiao.

Since he felt guilty inside, he quickly left the room.


After Fang Chen learned of Huo Tingrui\'s predicament, he came over to the hospital to visit in the afternoon.

After chatting for over ten minutes, he did not continue disturbing the patient and bade him farewell.

Huo Yao walked Fang Chen out of the hospital ward.

Don\'t worry about your brother.

The procuratorate is already investigating the case internally.

Once I have the results, I will notify you right away, said Fang Chen as he stood in front of the door.

Huo Yao nodded and thanked him.

There was a profound look in her eyes.

It did not really matter.

Even if Li Zhensheng was gone, for now, more people like him would show up.

Her second older brother just had to take a case against No.

1 Pharmaceutical Group.

Huo Yao gathered her thoughts.

She thought about Li Fang and asked.

Oh yes.

We should meet soon in a couple of days.

I will need to treat your teacher again.

Sure. Fang Chen nodded and thanked her repeatedly.

Just as he was about to leave, he asked again.

My teacher\'s friend, the chairman of the Apothecaries\' Association still insists upon meeting you.

Huo Yao was stunned.

She automatically wanted to say no, but she changed her mind and nodded.

Will do.

Fang Chen did not expect Huo Yao to agree so readily this time.

When he snapped out of his surprise, he said, Can you make it in the afternoon the day after

That works for me. Huo Yao raised her brow and nodded.

Before long, Fang Chen left the hospital.

He gave Chairman Wang a call to confirm the meeting time and date.


Time flew by quickly.

When Huo Yao was due to give Li Fang a second treatment, she took leave from school in the afternoon and did not go to the laboratory.

After class, Lin Shuwen came over to pick her up from school.

Wang was already waiting at the Li residence.

Since Huo Yao was not there yet, he kept looking at the door repeatedly to check.

He usually had a stern demeanor while he was at work, but it was nowhere to be seen at this moment.

Li Fang watched as Wang waited anxiously and could not help making fun of him.

Why does it look as though you are the one waiting for treatment

Wang was walking around the living room with his hands behind him when he heard this.

He promptly looked at Li Fang.

The man simply did not get it.

If it were ordinary A grade or S grade medication, he would not have taken notice of them.

They were important because they were created using ancient prescriptions!

After researching ancient prescriptions for dozens of years, he only had a 10 to 20% level of understanding.

Ancient prescriptions did not come by easily to begin with.

Moreover, it did not help that it was very difficult to master the dosage.

Now, he had finally encountered an apothecary who knew how to use ancient prescriptions.

How could he keep his cool

Moreover, the apothecary was highly skilled in using ancient prescriptions.

This was simply incredible!

Meanwhile, the doorbell rang.

Wang inhaled deeply to contain his excitement.

He lowered his head to check his clothing.

He was afraid he would make a bad first impression on the apothecary.

Wang and Li Fang went out into the front yard and answered the door together.

Lin Shuwen stood right in front when the door opened.

He almost lost it when he saw Wang standing beside Li Fang.

It was such a once-in-a-lifetime honor for the chairman of the Apothecaries\' Association to open the door for him.

He would never forget it.

Lin Shuwen nodded politely to Li Fang and Wang.

Hello, Mr.

Li and Mr.


Before Li Fang was able to speak, Chairman Wang waved his hand and looked behind Lin Shuwen.

Where is she

Lin Shuwen moved aside slightly and made way for Huo Yao behind him.

He made the introduction politely..

This is Miss Huo.

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